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Tie Me Up

She is asleep when you arrive home. Stretched out over the length of the couch, one arm curled over the top of her head, the other arm clutching a book to her naked stomach. She appears to have taken a bath or shower before settling in with her book, as her hair is still damp. She is naked save for a pair of light pink panties. Her nipples jut out from her chest, stiffened from the cool air.

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She crawls on all fours, one hand moving in front of her at a time, her fingers curled under forming make-shift human paws. Her limbs move fluidly, the smooth skin of her dipped back glows in the dim light of the room. You survey the soft sway of her ass and imagine grabbing it firmly.

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The Show

"Why do you think you feel this way?"

The man has his fingers laced and they are resting lightly in his lap. She has answered all of his questions politely. She has been honest. His face is impassive as she fills out his oral survey.

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(Insert Title Here)

She can hear the water dripping off in the distance. It's annoying but not what's keeping her awake. Lying in her bed, staring at the ceiling that she cannot see in the darkness, there is only one thought.

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I feel really sad right now.

I'm just feeling... well... ick.

Once I get to work, everything will iron itself out. I can never really be all that sad when I'm at work. I really do love my guys.

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For Old Time's Sake

I pretend to be asleep as I feel your fingers work their way between my thighs. They move up slowly as they wedge themselves between my legs. I groan and shift my weight, bringing my knees apart and giving you better access. You stop for a second, uncertain as to whether your actions were waking me.

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Shit on a Stick

It's another Friday and I'm feeling... well... ill.

Midget made me sick. At least the cold medicine that I took too much of has me feeling stoned.

Whoa, and lest I forget to mention: Depressed.

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Vote for Meis

I know I posted this as a bulletin on the Spazz, but in case you're one of those few people who read here and yet are not on my friend list, I'd like it if you wouldn't mind going to:

Jones Cola Photo Contest

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Suck It Up

Suck It Up...

Such a silly phrase. When you think about the physical aspect to it, it can be rather dirty. It refers to taking whatever bad thing is being thrown at you and not letting it affect you.

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It's started again.

All of the attention from the stupid rankings. People sending me bizarre e-mails, threats, odd comments.

No, I do NOT want to "hit you up" or "hit you back." At least, not in the sense that you are hoping for.

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Awesome Review of Clerks 2

First Half:


Second Half:

Fucking lame-ass cop-out.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. *shakes head* You made Randal PANDER??? What the fuck were you thinking? Has parenthood made you soft?? I... *sigh* I don't have the words.

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... which one of you Motherfuckers broke Myspazz?

11:30 my time and nothing is loading. So it's been down for me around 4-5 hours.

Talk about a damn addiction. If I'm busy doing something else, it really doesn't matter all that much, but I'm bored, so it's driving me crazy that I can't get into it. I really should write some new chapters to Building Friction, but it's hot and that's not entirely conducive to my creative juices. Maybe to other juices...

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I was fucking emo last night.

And I only got through a little over half the bottle. Jeez.

That autorefresh program that I talked about in that one blog apparently is getting some hefty use. I haven't been in the top ten in months, and I fucking HATE it after only 2 days. Constant friend requests from people I couldn't give 2 fucks about. Invitations to blogs.

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It's about win or lose.

NOT how you play the game.

Motherfucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I have Jaeger. I cracked it open. It tastes a little funny with the diet energy drink, but not a bad funny, just a different funny.

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My Idol

Yeah, I got in touch with Jay again. This ought to be a strange thing to be writing in here since I've given him the link for the site.

Hey Jota!

When I was a senior in high school, I went with my mom to some orientation that they were having at Cal Lutheran University, this college that I had taken Saturday classes at when I was in GATE classes as a grade schooler. I always like the campus, and I was also lazy as fuck, so I decided that this was the only place that I wanted to attend after graduation. As I was waiting for my mom to get out of some lecture on how much it was going to cost her from my tuition, I picked up the college newspaper. It sucked like high school newspapers sucked, but there was a brilliant column written by some long haired guy who looked cool.

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Hey Lookie! I'm All Over the Fucking Place

Zara's Writing Awesome Reviews

I found another writing gig. Well, it came to me. In the form of some wicked Canadian fellow who was vacating the spot. I never would have even known about joblo had he not told me about it.

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Hello Website That I Have Been Neglecting...

Yeah, I never seem to write on here anymore. I'm not sure how many of you have noticed, but I thought I would take a moment and fill in a few blanks.

I was continuing to post my pieces at Myspazz regardless of the fact that I hadn't been ranking for about a month. Last night I went to randomly check and see if Joel had ranked (and where) and thought I'd check out the entries for the category I'd been posting in (writing/poetry). There I was.

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Fucking Bastards!

Yeah, I'm getting really sick of not ranking on Myspazz anymore. I don't know what the glitch is, I know I'm not the only one going through it right now, but it's been happening for a week and a half.

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Man... Do I know how to pick 'em or what?

I thought that perhaps things were ironing out with me. Hell, there was even someone that I was beginning to have feelings for. Real feelings for, not just the bullshit crap that happens from time to time.

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Mess with the Bull... Get the Horns

It's been awhile.

The depression seemed to pass. I needed to get over something that was going on in another friend's life in order to move on. I'm empathetic that way.

Now I've got another friend going through something the opposite. Instead of gaining a girlfriend (man, I really hate when you fuckers do that) he lost one. He'd lost her quite a bit ago, but it was one of those toxic relationships, so upon seeing her again after time spent apart, things kicked up again.

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I wanna be in Charlotte. Or dead. Someplace other than here.

In my head.

Gah.... why does it hurt so bad? Where is my loose wiring? My broken plug? Just tell me. Show me! I'll fucking fix it.

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It's Midnight on a Friday... do you know where your life is?

I almost broke down in tears today.

OK, so that's nothing surprising. I break down in tears if there is something particularly sad on the radio. I break down in tears if I get frustrated in traffic. I break down in tears simply because I have the ability to do so.

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I Wish

That sleep wasn't a necessity.

I always feel as if I am going to miss something when I go to sleep. As if something monumental is going to occur and everyone else will be a witness to it but me. The reality, of course, is that nothing happens. Well, nothing in my time zone. I'm sure somewhere else on this planet there is some major shit going down while I snooze.

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Yes, PT, I Agree

Fuck people.

Fuck their assumptions.

Fuck their passive aggressive statements.

Fuck their need to "win" a game that no one was playing.

Fuck their insistance that you have to play a role in their life while they get pissy with you for thinking that they should play a certain one in yours.

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I Need a Cigarette

More people stealing stuff from me. Seems like the newest thief decided to take down my stuff as well. Makes me concerned that she's stolen more stuff of other people's. Blah. People are such morons.

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I'm drunk.

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Even More Blah Blah Blah

Do I tell you readers enough how much I appreciate all of the feedback that you give me? Do I let you in on how your words and thoughts give a deeper understanding to what I write about? Do you know that your interest helps to keep me excited about writing, and that without you, I wouldn't have the drive to do this like I do?

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I've got thoughts in my head for that book I keep threatening to write, and should I get the vacation time that I requested off, I'm going to get started on it.

It's inspired somewhat by my personal life, although will remain fictional for the most part.

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I really think....

of the weirdest things sometimes.

I like to use the phrase "snoo-snoo" a lot when cheekily referring to sex. The phrase comes from an episode of Futurama, and has to do with a computer using Bea Arthur's voice and sentencing the men to "death by snoo-snoo!"

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Exploits Explained

The following is a copy/paste of an email that I sent to a friend, explaining my actions of the last few days. This is my story, do with it what you will.

"The heart of what I did remains in questioning the "government." Anytime there is a small group of people on top and a large group of people following... it's time to stop and question what's going on.

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