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The pink, she may stay

Mondays mean that I'm in the mall with my guys. And since it's post 10/31, it means I get to hear Xmas music already. Which gets stuck in my head, I won't lie.

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And Your Point Is?

It's been too long since I've posted here, especially after I promised that I was going to be better and do something once a week.

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Sometimes, just sometimes...

... people can be OK.

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Bang the Gavel

I was standing in line today at some (insert random retail name here) store, dressed as I normally am, simple t-shirt and jeans. There's really nothing all that spectacular about me.

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I'm not the world's most conventional parent.

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You Don't Need Braces & Acne to Still Get a Crush

I don't know if the boobs gave it away or not, but for those of you who may not have noticed: I'm a girl. I've been a girl for the majority of my life (there was that moment in utero when things could have gone either way) and I have a tendency to be rather girly at times, despite my best intentions. I don't wear a lot of make-up or fancy clothes. I curse too much and prefer straight shots to froufrou drinks.

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Just a Slightly Abnormal Friday

It's the last Friday of 2006. Normally I reserve Fridays for my simple little lists, posting a picture and a brief comment. I had a problem with it today. See, I've been on holiday all this week and haven't plotted out my posts in advance like I normally do. I've just been getting up, thinking about something to post and then writing it. (Well, aside from yesterday.)

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Hell is Like a Sandwich and the Mall Parking Lot is Its Mayo

If there is a hell, I believe I've already seen it.

It's in Ventura, California. Sure, some people might simply refer to it as the Pacific View Mall parking lot, but I know better.

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You're Never Going to "Get" It (When Mommies Attack!)

We're drawing to a close on the writing adventure that I proposed. In fact, when I first proposed it, I was so enamored with myself for thinking it up, I didn't look at the finer details. I didn't consider just how many people would want to be involved. It was incredibly difficult picking one person so I ended up picking several. Even then I ended up leaving some people out.

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You're Never Going to "Get" It (The Religious Vs The Atheists)

I'm an atheist who was raised in an agnostic setting. I was baptized Catholic to appease my maternal grandfather, but never went to church until I was around 4. Even then, it was only because my parents wanted some Sunday "alone time" and would send me with my paternal grandparents who would take me and stick me in Sunday "school." Thankfully, I don't remember much of any of it.

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You're Never Going to "Get" It (Lesbians Vs Breeders)

The wonderful world of men, how I love it so. It's hard for me to imagine that there would be creatures out there who wouldn't adore a man's veneration, yet - shockingly enough - there are. We affectionately refer to them as lesbians.

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You're Never Going to "Get" It (Men Vs Women)

There are some things that, no matter how well I try to explain them, people are just not going to "get." You'd have to wait until your life span was up and see if you were reincarnated as a heterosexual atheist mommy of one, if you happened to believe in reincarnation.

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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send the Breeders Right Over!

I'm driving around a couple weeks ago, the local Top 40 radio station blaring some advertisement for the 10 o'clock Fox 11 news when the stupidity went through my brain and almost made me pull over and scream.

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ABC's, 123's and SAT's

My kid can't read.

Alright, so maybe that's an exaggeration. She can read short words which have been repeated to her over and over again, although it seems more like she's just saying them out of memory than really being able to read them. Her teacher says that she is on schedule with her reading skill. My mom (an English teacher) tells me that she's normal. I, however, am frustrated out of my gourd.

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Come on, I Know You've Taken it Off for Less

On Sunday, I played a bit of a game in my post. I allowed people to ask me questions and gave them a question to answer in return. There were simple and stupid questions, queries over what they would do for the love of a friend or relative and pure questions of curiosity to me.

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Stereotype or Stereotypo?

Blonde women are stupid.

Asian men have little penises.

People from the South are rednecks.

Black men don't go down.

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"All your suits are custom-made in London..."

So, tomorrow's Halloween. I'm not one of those adults who enjoys getting all dressed up and trying to go to extreme lengths for the holiday. No, I now have a kid to get my kicks from. You've never really experienced Halloween until you've seen it through the eyes of a child. Well, a child that wasn't you.

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Mean People Suck, Nice People Learn to Deal

There are different opinions as to when exactly it is that our childhoods die. Some people believe it's when you lose your virginity. Some others believe it's when someone close to you dies. I have a different thought in the matter.

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Everyone's Pro-Choice, You Just Might Not Know It Yet

So… come on. Let's "go there."

Is it possible to be pro-life and also be pro-abortion? Most people are going to automatically answer that with a no. I think it's possible. I think that people can be for "saving babies" and yet see the benefits to having abortion stay safe and legal.

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"The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child."

I'm sure that most of you watch DVDs, so I'm sure that you've seen the reprimand that they've got heading most of the current releases. The one where they mention that you would never steal a car, so you'd never steal a movie... or would you? The ad launches into how downloading or purchasing pirated films is stealing.

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Payless Should Sell More Crap

I'm a cheapskate. I love clearance sales, 99 cent store and buying anything that says it's "75% off or more!!"

There are some things, however, that I believe it is better to pay a premium for. Sure, there are the obvious selections, such as an education, a car and condoms. But there are also those non-essential things that I prefer to plunk down a little more money for.

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"The filter's the best part. That's where they put the heroin."

I had my first cigarette when I was about 12. I rifled through my grandfather's ashtray to find one that was mostly intact. We were at my grandparent's house for the holidays and I wanted to give it a try.

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Is That REALLY What You're Wearing?

I was recently at Knott's Berry Farm with Midget. The weather was good as it usually is for Southern California, past the blisteringly hot days of mid summer, but still warm enough to be wearing clothing that was somewhat revealing. The amusement park adheres to a dress code, so there weren't people with any naughty bits hanging out, but I did notice a trend.

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Damn You Anthony! (My Downward Spiral Into the Starbucks Inferno)

I've never been a very big coffee girl. There's something about spending $4 for caffeine that annoys me, so it's usually a special treat that I do on the very rare occasion. I have quite a few chuckles at the expense of my friends who were addicted to their regular beverages, all while sipping my Diet Vanilla Black Cherry Coke. (Fuck you, Coke, for discontinuing Vanilla Coke in the US!)

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I'm Feeling Zoolandish

The movie Zoolander was released on September 28th, 2001. Why would I be bringing this up? Well, it was one of the first major studio releases after The Towers were hit. Movie studios were pulling their movies off the market left and right, too scared that they were going to offend anyone. Well, at least that was the logic that they explained to the news.

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If Barbie Was So Popular, Why Did You Have to Buy All of Her Friends?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ started talking about the 45th anniversary of the release of the Barbie doll. Instead of heralding the milestone, she used it as an opportunity to launch into a diatribe on how Barbie set a negative body image for young girls all across the nation.

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What the Hell Did You Just Say?

"Hit me back."

I fucking LOATHE this phrase and any other variation of it. I was being kind and included capitalization and punctuation when I quoted the most commonly seen phrase in my inbox messages. I see this so often that I want to reach through my computer screen and scream:

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And No More Scooby Snacks For You, Either!

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work the other day and the DJ was mentioning that there is this new consumer activist group advocating the removal of any smoking references in old cartoons. Their claim is that there is no need to "glorify" or "romanticize" the act of smoking, and that if cartoon characters are doing it, then young kids will want to copy them.

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Will You Kindly Shove Your Ghouls Down Someone Else's Throat?

It's fucking August 26th.

A "DUH!" moment if there ever was one, I'm sure, but I wanted to start by pointing that out first. Then I want to launch into the time-old tradition of bitching about how the retailers get a jump on shit just a little too early.

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