Rants With Plot (stories)

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Building Friction (Part 11)

We opted to get coffee before the movie started, and sat out on the patio, smoking and sipping at our iced mochas. Our conversation started out slowly, talking about Zoe and then the snakes that Matt owned. He had apparently adopted a snake as well, a albino python named Pandora. I laughed when he talked about having to let her out of her box from time to time.

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Building Friction (Part 10)

I  received a call offering me a six week subbing gig at a local high school, filling in for a World Civics teacher who was out on maternity leave. The income was going to be a great addition, so I signed on and showed up the next morning,  then instantly regretted the decision. The students were unruly and the teacher apparently taught the lousiest excuse for college prep kids that I'd ever seen. They assessed me in 10 seconds and decided that I was too young to be doing what I was doing. The girls barely hid their catty remarks behind their hands, and by lunch I had been "accidentally" brushed across the ass by 4 different male students.

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Building Friction (Part 9)

The dream was the same as before. We were back along the side of the house, arms entwined around each other, lips glued together. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" blared from inside, serving as our soundtrack. It seemed so cliche, I could sense my eyes rolling behind their closed lids.

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Building Friction (Part 8)

"Oh no, he isn't!" I exclaimed in a hushed tone. Lilly had spotted our table and was dragging Casey by the hand over to greet us. Alex hung back with Geoff and then made a motion towards the bar. Geoff saw me and instantly that smirk began to ooze across his mouth like maple syrup across a hot pancake. "Nooooooo!" I repeated. "Why is he here??" I demanded of Lilly.

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Building Friction (Part 7)

I waited most of the night at the computer for Geoff to make a reappearance on messenger. I added his screen name and then spent three hours alternating between a card game and my buddy list. I went to bed reeling with an empty sense of confusion and wonder in my stomach.

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Building Friction (Part 6)

My first stop on my list of errands was to pop into the local Pet Barn and pick up a rat for Zoe. I hadn't stepped through the door and been there 5 seconds before Matt approached me. I'd been patronizing the same store for almost a year, and Matt was seemingly always working whenever I stopped in.

"Hey Chloe!" he greeted in his usual friendly manner. "Let me guess. One rat, preferably the ugliest that I can find?"

I laughed. Matt had my routine down. "Yeah. I forgot to pick one up yesterday, so Zoe's about ready to take off my right hand!"

I followed Matt over to the tanks holding the rats and waited patiently as he dug around in the pile of rodents, producing a fat brown and white specimen. "How's my girl been doing?" he asked as he scooped up the rat and placed it gently into a cardboard box.

"She finally got over that respiratory infection. Now she's gone from not wanting to touch a rat to acting like she's a starving maniac," I explained.

"Oh, I never knew you were a rat connoisseur," he chuckled softly, then handed over the box.

I suddenly felt a strong blush heat my face. "Me? When did I become your girl?"

"Oh, come on! You're always coming in when I'm working! I was finally accepting the fact that you were stalking me and deciding that I'm perfectly OK with that." He smiled warmly at me.

In reality, Matt pretty much covered all of the physical requirements that I usually set for a potential interest. He was tall, blonde and athletic in build. He was always friendly, but never aggressively so, putting me at ease within the first few weeks after meeting him, a rarity where anyone was concerned. I wouldn't mind admitting that he was perhaps correct in assuming I could be interested in him.

"Yeah, you're not conceited in the least!" I laughed nervously. I was suddenly hyper-aware of the other customers and employees in the store moving around. I shifted my weight nervously from foot to foot.

Matt laughed loudly, bringing attention to us. I began fidgeting even more. "Alright, I don't want to make you uncomfortable, Chloe." He started walking towards the registers and I trailed sheepishly behind him. He clicked in some numbers, then told me my total. As I was handing him my money, he spoke again. "I was just thinking that it might be nice to see you outside of this place sometime."

"Oh?" I almost dropped my change as he slipped it into my hand. "Like at night?" I instantly felt stupid for asking.

He laughed again, much softer this time. "Or during the day. Just not when I'm wearing a uniform and shiny plastic name tag." He smiled again. A dimple appeared in his right cheek. I fought the urge to lean over and trace it with my tongue.

I shook the image out of my head and tried to speak. "Well... my friend Sean is playing an open mic at the Good Bar tomorrow night. Are you free then? I could meet you there." I couldn't believe I was throwing out an invitation. Normally I made excuses and hightailed it away from men who showed any attraction to me. A bizarre habit for someone who wrote columns filled with romantic advice.

"That's on Main, right?" he asked. I nodded. "What time?"

"They usually start around nine, but he'll be on a list, so we're usually there for a couple of hours." This much was always true. Sean would play for 15 minutes and then we would sit around bullshitting and mocking the other performers for the remainder of the evening.

"Yeah, I'd like to do that," Matt was smiling again. We stood there, staring at each other in an odd silence until another customer walked up with a large bag of cat food.

"OK, then. Tomorrow night. The Good Bar. Around nine." I repeated all of the pertinent details as if I were reading a memo. I managed a timid smile. "I look forward to seeing you there."

"Same here," Matt said, ringing up Mr Cat Food, but keeping his gaze on me. After the unwelcomed attention from last night, I found myself appreciating the glance of this handsome guy I'd known for so long, yet obviously not paid enough mind. I walked out the door with a bounce to my step.


After running the rest of my errands, returning home to slowly drop the frightened rat to its demise in Zoe's terrarium and then fixing and eating my own late lunch, I pulled up in front of my computer again and clicked open my messengers. I was in the middle of telling Sean that I wasn't going to be his only supporter tomorrow when another chat window popped up.

"I need some advice." the screen blinked at me. It was from a user named AntiDigital, someone who was not on my contact list.

"Who is this?" I typed in, then waited for a response.

"A reader."

"How did you get my contact information?"

"Through a friend."

"Well, you're going to need to give me more information than that."

"Stephanie. But she didn't want me to tell you that it was her. She said you'd get pissed."

I paused. This much was true. Steph had a habit of trying to fix me up online since she knew it was the one place that I could always be counted on to be. She also knew how it grated on my nerves when she did it.

"Fine," I started typing again. "What exactly did you need advice on?"

There was a drawn out pause, during which Sean's window kept pinging, asking me what was going on. I typed in "BRB" and waited in anticipation of this stranger's question.

"I'm finding myself attracted to a woman who is completely the opposite of what I normally look for. Not to sound shallow, but I tend to not pursue women who are any great mental challenge. A smart woman is too much grief in the long run. But there's this one now who I can't stop thinking about."

"Before you go on," I interrupted. "Can I ask if she has shown any interest in you? There's no point in chasing someone who isn't going to reciprocate."

"See, that's where I beg to differ with you. I think that some people just don't know what they really need, let alone what they really want."

"Is that so? I'd like to think that I'm pretty clear on exactly what I want and need."

"Yes. I've read your numerous lists. You're very good at making them."

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. "If you're going to mock me, then I'm not all that certain I care to offer you any advice."

"I didn't mean to offend you, Chloe. I just think it's one thing to make a list and another thing entirely to live by one."

"Alright. You've got exactly 5 seconds to get to the damn point before I block you."

"Fine, fine, fine. My question is this: How do I get this woman to let down her guard long enough to allow me inside?"

"Why should she let her guard down? Have you done anything to be trusted enough to that point?"

"No. In fact, I approached the situation aggressively and tried to trap her into opening up. Which backfired."

"What exactly did you do?"

"More or less, I was rude to her. I insulted her."

"Well, that's a great way to go about getting a woman to open up."

"I didn't set out for it to be that way. I was actually intimidated being around her and wasn't entirely sure how to act. And she certainly wasn't receptive to even the feigned manners that most people use when meeting new people."

Now I was cringing in my seat. I typed the next sentence in slowly, hitting each key with a great deal of deliberation.

"What's your name?" I posed.

The screen was blank for a long time. Finally the line came through.

"Does it really matter?"

"Yes. To me it does, yes."

"I'd really rather not say."

My heart was thudding heavily in my chest. I typed the next 5 letters out very slowly.



I looked at my own name in disbelief, as if it was not my name but someone else's. Some other woman who was sitting in front of her computer, typing messages with a stranger. Only it wasn't another woman and it wasn't a stranger.

"Why are you doing this?" I entered the line without knowing if I wanted to know the answer.

"Because as much reason as I have to turn my back and despise you and everything you stand for, and as much as it pains me to admit this, I've spent the last 12 plus hours doing nothing but thinking about you."

"You were such an asshole!"

"Well, you weren't some party favor yourself."

"I didn't HAVE to be nice to you."

"I didn't have to be nice to you either."

"It didn't mean that you needed to be an asshole, though!"

"Look. Chloe. We could go round and round with this for days. Let me try and explain it in clearer terms. Remember when you were in school and there would be that little boy who would pull your hair and throw rocks at you during recess?"


"I'm sure you'd run home crying and your mother would comfort you by saying that that was his way of showing you that he liked you."


"Well, consider me a grown up version of that little boy."

I was shaking my head in disbelief when Sean's window began to ping again. It had been a long time since I had typed in the be right back message without any explanation. I typed in "Hold On," only to get "No, tell me what's up!" in response.

Geoff's window pinged again. "You still there?"

"Yes, hold on, one of my other friends won't leave me alone."

"Oh, well if you're preoccupied I can always let you go. I've got other things I should be doing."

"No, wait. Give me just a second." Sean's window kept pinging. "Dammit, Sean! One second!"

"I'll talk to you at some other point, Chloe. Have a nice night."

And with that, AntiDigital, aka Geoff, signed off.

I groaned loudly and buried my face in my hands before attempting to explain to Sean what had just happened. "How do you feel about that?" his screen blinked at me.

"I don't know." I replied. "I really don't know."

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Building Friction (Part 5)

By the time that I made it back into the house, Geoff had apparently decided to take off. I wasn't even sure what I was planning on saying to him, but knowing that he was gone left me with a strange sinking feeling. Even though he had proclaimed that he was through with the situation, I still felt as if there was more to be said.

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Building Friction (Part 4)

The side of the house was cloaked in darkness, thanks to the light that had been burnt out for as long as I could remember. It was common to stumble out to this spot for a smoke and happen upon a couple of party-goers making nice with one another, but tonight the area was empty. I went to pull out my pack of cigarettes and light one when I felt his body close in on mine.

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Building Friction (Part 3)

We sat around, finishing off the bottle of Jaeger until Steph's other roommate Casey called us in to eat the spicy chicken wings he'd made. People crowded around the kitchen vying for plates full of the delicious grub. If there was ever a reason to come to a party at the white house, it was for the food above all else.

I was licking sauce off of my fingers when Geoff approached me again. "Better watch that oral display you've got going on," he commented. "You might actually make yourself attractive to those with dirty enough minds."

"Fucking enough already!" I protested. "You're too new around here to be giving me this much shit!"

"Something tells me that you could benefit from a healthy dose of shit-giving." He sucked the meat off of the wing he was working on and then burped loudly.

"Too bad whatever is telling you all this isn't giving you any instructions on proper manners." I dumped my plate in the near-by garbage can and headed toward the table to pick at a veggie platter. He followed me over and persisted with his antagonizing.

"Seriously. You come off like you're some kind of badass, but my guess is that you're a innocent little kitten under all of this false bravado." He grabbed a handful of chips and scooped some dip onto his plate.

"You seem to have an awful lot to say about shit you know nothing about," I rolled my eyes and pushed past him into the living room.Joshua was perched on the couch, packing a pipe with durka. I settled down next to him and gave him a nudge to let him know I wanted a hit when he was finished. He offered the pipe to me after taking a healthy hit.

I inhaled deeply and held the smoke in, then noticed Geoff as he sank into a recliner near-by. He nodded in my direction for the pipe. "I don't know if we want your germs on here," I coughed out the words as I exhaled a thick stream of smoke.

Joshua laughed deeply and then liberated me of the pipe. "Chlo, you are so kick-ass!" he bellowed.

Geoff laughed hard. "Oh, I'm sure you've had far dirtier things in your mouth," he quipped.

"Dude," Joshua started. "Lay the fuck off. She's been trying to avoid you. Get a fucking clue." He clicked his lighter and lowered the flame to the pipe's bowl.

"I'm aware of her lame avoidance tactics. What I want to know is what I did to become so tantalizingly avoidable. Is it because I'm saying things you don't want to hear? Perhaps hitting a little too close to home? A dose of reality is proving too much for the kick-ass Chloe to handle?" He smiled at me, his eyes gleaming. Fucker really did have some nice eyes.

Joshua started to stand, but I placed my hand on his back to stop him. "I can handle anything that's thrown at me," I started. "Let me ask YOU something, though. There are a good dozen other females that you could be bothering tonight, some of whom might be a little more receptive to your attention. So are you just a glutton for punishment chasing after the one who has absolutely zero interest?"

His lips smoothed into a coy line, his lip curved just slightly at the corner. "Why spend time on a sure thing? The harder to achieve a goal, the more worthwhile the reward."

We stared at each other silently for a couple of minutes until Joshua elbowed me and passed me the pipe again. I took another hit and decided to pass it to Geoff. He took a large hit of his own and passed the pipe back to me. The durka was working its magic. My mind began to float. Geoff's eyes were piercing. I made a decision when he took a pause to blink.

"HEY STEPH!" I yelled across the room. She was busy nuzzling the neck of her girlfriend, Cara. "Wanna play some foosball against the boys?"

"Anytime!" She yelled back and grinned. "Who we playing?"

I smirked at Geoff. "Find a partner, Mr Know-it-all. Me and Steph will play you and your choice. If we win, you don't let another smart-ass word come out of your mouth in my direction, capiche?"

"Gotcha," he allowed. "But if I win, you have to kiss me. Not some lame ass kiss, either. A mini make-out session. And I want tongue."

I narrowed my eyes. The durka was swirling its way through my system. Joshua tapped me on the leg and shook his head. "It's OK," I assured him. "How long are we talking?"

Geoff chuckled. "You want to time it? I was thinking until I was satisfied that your mouth was good for something other than self-righteous indignation over my attempts to be friendly, but I guess I'll settle for 3 minutes."

"That sounds do-able." I stood up and steadied myself. "STEPH! We're on!"

I made my way over to the foosball table and took my place next to Steph, who was eagerly awaiting the game already. Geoff called over Alex and enlisted him as his partner. They positioned themselves on the opposite side of the table from us. Geoff tossed the little white ball in the air. "You ready? Got your breath mints close by?"

"Fucking play. I want to get to the part where you're no longer allowed to talk to me." I coughed into my fist and blinked hard twice. Perhaps this wasn't the best of ideas. The durka was suddenly weighing heavily on me.

Geoff pushed the ball through its slot and the game was on. Steph was the best player who had ever graced the table and we easily made 3 successive scores. Geoff smiled like an idiot throughout it all. "I wanted you ladies to get a head start and a false sense of security."

"Gee, how sweet," Steph mocked. Her focus was always dead-on no matter how much alcohol she'd imbibed. She was the most competitive woman I'd met. With her dark hair, flawless skin and sparkling eyes, it wasn't hard to compare her to Courtney Cox's character Monica on Friends. The woman never had a night where she didn't play to win.

The next 2 goals went to us as well. We were up 5 to nothing before the guys managed to score, and sure enough, it was on me. My left hand was never as coordinated as my right, and it was the one controlling the goalie. Geoff knocked two goals in, then began to gloat.

"A wrinkle in your defense, I see," he beamed.

"I wouldn't get too cocky just yet, Happy Boy," Steph narrowed her eyes, dropped the ball in and then slammed it directly into their goal. "That makes 6 to 2 now. We're only 4 away."

"Peace and quiet, here I come," I giggled right at the moment that Geoff dropped the ball in and scored an easy goal on me. "FUCK!!"

"Don't get too happy just yet, Little Miss Swears A Lot." Alex threw his head back and roared with laughter.

As the game continued, the crowd around us grew. It seemed to be gender divided, with the females in the house on our side and the males on Alex and Geoff's side. The guys brought their score up and tied us at 8. Lilly came up behind us and gave me a nudge. "Pull the twins trick," she whispered.

Steph glanced over at me and I nodded. When she went to drop the ball in, she bent deeply at the waist, letting the front of her shirt dip forward and allowing the guys a nice view of her cleavage. Alex huffed. "I've seen those plenty of times before, Steph. I live here, you know."

Geoff didn't take his gaze off of me. "What? I don't get a peep as well?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

I took my hands off the handles in front of me and slowly dragged them up my chest, then grabbed at my assets, pushing them up so the rounded tops were visible above the neckline of my shirt. Geoff cocked his head in appreciation. "Nice," he said..... then knocked a goal in.

"Fucker! I didn't have my hands on the bars!" I yelled.

"Hey, all's fair in a battle like this, right?" He was looking sideways over at Steph. She sighed deeply and then reluctantly nodded. "You two try and show your tits to distract and it backfired on you. Deal with it."

"Fine," I said sharply. "Let's finish this shit and get it over with." I grabbed the ball from my goal and dropped it in.

The ball knocked back and forth between the little plastic men, veering dangerously close to our side until I caught it and passed to Steph, who promptly carried it over to the guys' goal and shot it in. Tied at 9, my head suddenly felt very heavy and my feet felt extremely light. I took a couple of deep breaths and tried to block out the noise of the room. People were laughing and cheering. Joshua was standing behind me and whispering that he'd be more than willing to kick Geoff's ass for me if it came down to it.

Alex dropped the ball into play and the battle for control began again. As the ball fell under Steph's power, my heart sang. It would soon be over and this guy would no longer be up in my face. I knitted my brow and fought for concentration.

"So I hear you're a writer," Geoff directed the question at me, but kept his eyes on the ball in play.

"At times," I replied. "I write online."

"Yeah, that's what Alex was telling me. I think I've seen your stuff." He arched his back and spun the bar in his right hand hard. I blocked it and kicked it back out to Steph.

"Really? I wouldn't have thought that you'd read the kind of stuff that I write," I blew at a strand of hair that had fallen over my eyes.

"Oh, it isn't. I'm not really a fan of trite, self-indulgent nonsense. But I thought I'd look into you before I came over tonight." He let out a small whoop as Alex blocked Steph's attempt at another goal.

"Trite bullshit, huh? Because it deals with actual emotions, something that I doubt you have and therefore would have great difficulty at relating to," I could feel the ire rising within me. I'd be willing to bet that he'd read one piece, if that, and was making another snap judgment as to who I was.

"Your type of writer is a dime a dozen. 'Oh, the angst!' The kind of posts that really make a person think." His eyes followed the ball, unwavering. "Come to think of it, maybe not. In fact, I think you'd be lucky to even get that dime. Probably have to settle for a nickel."

"What the fuck do you do that's so great?" My heart was racing now. This fucker didn't know Thing One about my writing or who I was and all of his claims were beginning to piss me off.

"Definitely nothing as great as chronicling the finer details of how to give a killer blow job," he said, then lined up his shot.

The room filled with that "Ooooooo" noise that occurs whenever someone has dared to utter something everyone else was thinking but no one else had the nerve to bring up. All around I saw my friends averting their gazes and turning away from me. Then I heard the clink.

He'd scored the last goal on me.

Noise crashed from all around. Steph leaned over and hugged me, then shook her head in dismay. The guys were high-fiving one another and holding up their watches and cell phones. "3 MINUTES!!" they all boomed in stereo.

Geoff held up his palms as he'd done when he'd gotten caught staring at my ass. "You WERE the one who turned this into a bet. Don't glare at me now."

I twisted my mouth up and started to open it to say something, then thought the better of it. Shaking my head, I relented. "Fine, I'll meet you outside. Side of the house where the light's broken." I turned to face the rest of the room. "And no fucking witnesses! There was no agreement to that!"

"She's correct there," Geoff conceded.

And with that, I stepped back out into the balmy night and headed towards the side of the house with this cocky stranger on my heels.

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Building Friction (Part Two)

Lilly was holding her lighter out towards me when I stepped onto the concrete patio. "What was that shit about?" she asked, after taking a long drag on her cigarette.

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Building Friction (Part One)

I should have known from the first time we met that things were going to be tense between us.

I was sitting on Steph's couch when he walked in, beer in hand from the get go. He was tall and decent looking, but far from what I considered my type. There was a brief introduction made by Alex, Steph's roommate. Geoff Petersen was his name. He worked in Alex's office. He nodded toward the people littering the room. Everyone was there for a pay per view fight. There were people sitting on couches, chairs, even the floor. The only available place to sit was next to me, and that was only after Steph stood up and vacated her spot.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 18)

Even I sat in an awestruck kind of horror that night as I watched Bryan fuck Rochelle's rapidly cooling body.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 17)

The next time was so much easier and all for one simple reason.

Rochelle looked like Katie.

Or how Katie would have looked if she had been allowed to mature another 4 years. Rochelle was medium in build, with dull blonde hair and a set of crystal blue eyes. Bryan met her at a rally against some new set of rules that the college wanted to enforce which had been deemed constitutionally unfair. I could've given a fuck, but this was something important to him. Rochelle was there by herself, lending her support but clearly alone. She bumped into Bryan on the way out the door. She laughed. They always do.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 16)

The breeze blowing in from the open car window was chilly and helped keep me alert. I'd been driving for about 2 hours now, headed in the direction of our parent's home. The radio was set to a classic rock station, and was currently blasting Guns N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle." I shook our head at the thought that the song was now considered a classic, although I calculated it had been at least 15 years since it was first released. I had always figured that classic rock referred to the bands that our parents used to listen to.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 15)

I woke up that morning with a strange sense of peace. It was as if all of the horror locked away inside of my brain had been purged. I couldn't fully comprehend why I had dreamt all that I did, but it felt like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders. I lay very still in the bed and watched her sleep. She was lying on her side, her shoulder was rising and falling gently as she breathed.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 14)

When I awoke, there was a minor sense of relief that washed over me. I could feel the fullness of my bladder pressing heavily in my abdomen, and it seemed a signal that the nightmare was over, that I could get up, use the bathroom and crawl back into bed with the warmth of her.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 13)

When I come to, I'm not even sure if I'm alive anymore. I'm surrounded by total darkness. My arms and legs are curled up tightly against my body and my muscles are aching.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 12)

I'm in the car, trees are passing along as we drive. The radio is blaring a Goo Goo Dolls song, one that makes me smile. I look over and see myself sitting next to me, hand resting lightly on the top of the steering wheel.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 11)

I closed my eyes and let my chin fall to my chest. I could feel myself on the edge of tears. It felt as if my brain was going to explode out of my skull.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 10)

I had to convince her to come to me. She was crying, her body shaking softly as she coughed up a series of sobs. She flinched when I touched her hand, but as I began to lightly stroke her arm, she eventually gave in and leaned into me. Her sobs were muffled against my chest. They turned to whimpers then finally petered out to sniffles.

I helped her out of the hot tub and we raced down the hallway to the bathroom, trying not to drip too much water onto the carpet. She stood shivering as I started up the shower. I allowed her to step in first, pulling back the curtain like I was introducing her onto a stage. She smiled slightly at this. I soaped up her body, scrubbing longer than was necessary in certain parts. She giggled in her throat. I washed her hair, rinsed it, applied conditioner and rinsed again. The tension that was in her swirled down the drain with the suds.

Cradling her face in my hands, I kissed her mouth tenderly. I planted kiss after kiss over her face, from her mouth to her chin to her cheeks to her eyes, which had fallen closed in a trance-like state of bliss. She ran her hands up and down my chest. One of her fingernails unintentionally nicked one of my smaller scars.

A bright flash cracked through the back of my head, as if someone had whacked me with an industrial flashlight. I was scrambling, digging, trying to claw my way up. My fingers ached, the muscles in my arms were on fire. I was dizzyingly frantic. Rasping hard, trying to somehow, someway get to where the light was coming from. I could sense that I was still trapped in that dark place, that hole in the ground. Where it was, I hadn't a clue. When it happened was even less clear. But I was trapped. I was bloody. And I was losing my mind.

Lips on my nipple brought my attention back to her. She was licking and sucking around my right pec, her eyes peering up into my face as she did. "Where did you go for a second?" she asked softly. "It almost seemed like you weren't there." She had a wicked little hint of a smile. She assumed that she had been the one to put me there. In a sense, she had.

I shrugged lightly and then drew her face back up to mine. I closed my mouth over hers and we kissed under the steaming water. She didn't appear to be in the slightest bit scarred by her incident from only a short time earlier.

We exited the shower and kissed our way down the hall, back into the bedroom. I was gentle with her, subtle as an adoring lover. She was compliant, her trust in me returning, if not growing. I licked the backs of her calves, trailing up the backs of her thighs. I kissed the crescent moon curves of her ass cheeks. I rolled her over and kissed her inner thighs. She moaned softly.

Then I began to glide back up her body. Her brow knitted in confusion, but softened as I returned to kissing her, licking her belly. I stuck my face between her tits and closed them in on my face, feeling their weight. I turned my head and licked the inner sides of this sandwich. I lifted my face and began to lick, nibble, and suck on her nipples alternately. She sighed.

I kissed up to her face and began to nuzzle at her neck. She grabbed my back and gently ran her nails down to the top of my ass. She smelled sweet. I kissed down to the hump of her shoulder and then bit down hard. She moaned. She was spreading her legs underneath me, and I sank down between them. I could feel warmth emanating from her crotch, singing to me. I reached down and grabbed my cock, now fully engorged, and shoved up into her.

I slowly thrusted and she bucked her hips up against me. I fucked her smoothly, deliberately. Her mouth was open, her breath was hot in the hollow of my neck. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the rhythm. Her pussy flexed down my length. The heat of it felt like it could melt me. Our bodies rocked together, skin meeting skin with effortless skill. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She was gazing up at me in that adoring fashion. She reached a hand up to my face and ran it down my cheek. I came inside of her.

We laid quietly, our bodies pressed tightly against one another's until we'd fallen asleep.

The dream started with bright skies. I was in a park, reading a book. There were people picnicking nearby, the sounds of children's laughter tinkled in my ears. A body approached me, a male's. I knew him and he knew me. We chatted, but none of the words reached my ears. It was a casual dialogue. He put his hand on my knee and I didn't fight it off. It, in fact, made me feel comforted and secure.

The wind blew across my face, ruffled my hair. It was spring, late April or early May. How I knew this, I wasn't positive, but the timing felt right. The male next to me tentatively raised his arm and then draped it across my shoulders. I felt similarly about it there as I had about his hand on my knee. I leaned against him. I closed my book, settled it in my lap, and closed my eyes. I raised my head upward and felt the sun across my face.

The male was saying something to me again, in a soothing tone. I was nodding. We both stood up together. We walked at a laid-back pace. When we reached his car, he unlocked and opened my door for me. I got in willingly. He circled behind the car and entered on the driver's side. The engine turned over, he backed the car out, and we were driving.

The roads looked familiar. I sat with my forehead against the glass of the passenger window. The air conditioner was blowing a steady stream of cool air across my chest, mildly agitating the material of my shirt. I felt my nipples harden. I moved a hand to discretely stroke one, attempt to soften it. As I did, I felt the weight of a breast. I looked down and saw that I not only had a set of B-cups, but was also wearing a skirt that came to just above the knee. I looked over at my driver.

I saw my face look back over at me and smile.

Suddenly I was back in the bedroom with her. My eyes had snapped open, and I had shot up to a sitting position. My head was pounding. I felt a trickle of sweat run from the base of my neck down my spine. It stopped midway down my back and turned cold. I folded my left arm behind me and batted at it, trying to wipe the icy feel from my skin. My heart thudded dully in my chest.

She rolled over and glanced up and me, instantly taking stock in my expression and knowing something was wrong. "What's up? What's happening? Are you OK?" She sat up on her elbows. I could do nothing more than shake my head.

"I had a weird dream," I replied, my words feeling foreign. I looked down to check my chest. Flat. My hands went between my legs and squeezed at my limp cock. I needed to reassure myself that I still had one.

"Weird? Weird like how? Weird like funny? Strange? Scary?" She lightly rested her hand on the top of my thigh.

"Weird like I don't fucking know how to explain it! Weird like weird!" I picked up her hand and tossed it aside, then got off of the bed. "I need to take a piss." I strolled down the hallway and into the bathroom. I could hear her sigh as I did.

I rested my weight on the balls of my feet and pointed my dick down into the toilet, relishing the odd pleasure that comes from emptying your bladder. My piss escaped me in a steaming hot stream. The smell was strong and drifted up into my nostrils.


The screaming echoed in my ears and I fell back against the wall behind me, spraying urine wildly as I struggled to regain my footing. Someone was screaming. I finished up as quickly as possible then threw a towel on the floor to soak up where I'd wet the floor. I raced down the hallway. She was laying silently on her side, fondling her tits.

"What the fuck was that all about?" I demanded.

She sat up, somewhat embarrassed at being caught playing with herself. "What was what?" She cringed up against the headboard. Fear shined from behind her eyes.

"What the fuck were you just screaming about?"

"I wasn't screaming."

"Someone was screaming. A girl. Screaming that they wanted something to stop. Screaming like they meant it."

She shook her head. "It..." she hesitated. She could sense that something was seriously wrong. "It wasn't me." She held her palms up to me. "I swear."

I ran both of my hands over my face and back up over my head, raking through my hair. "I know I hear someone screaming. It was so loud that it could've been..." I let my voice trail off. I couldn't say it. I'd sound completely nuts.

"Could've been what?" she asked, coming off of the headboard and crawling towards the end of the bed where I was standing.

"So loud that it could've been in my head." She stopped advancing.

"So loud that it could've been ME."

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 9)


I recalled a high pitched screaming, deep from within my chest, burning at my throat, tearing out of my body.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 8)

I grabbed my shirt and started to slip it back over my head, covering my torso and attempting to avoid the impending questions. She sat back on her heels and cast her gaze downward. Slowly she reached down and removed the vegetables. Her hands folded across the tops of her legs. I paced the floor, trying to decide what to do next. I toyed with leaving, but there was a desire still gnawing at my belly. There were still things that I longed to do to her. I wasn't quite prepared to let this opportunity pass.

She glanced up at me again tentatively. I sank down onto the couch, feeling somewhat defeated.

"The.... scars?" She started slowly, the words hanging in the air. "Um.... where... uh.... what...."

"I don't know," I replied.

Her eyes searched my face for a fuller explanation. "You don't know?"

"No. I don't know."

"You don't know if you want to tell me?"

"No. I just don't know."

She took a deep breath and considered her words carefully. "You can trust me, you know. Well, I don't know if you know that, but...."

"I said I DON'T KNOW!" I stood up, spitting the phrase out at her. She winced at the ferocity of my tone. "I don't know where they came from! I don't know how I got them!!"

Confusion clouded her features. "You don't know how you got them?"

"NO!" I growled. "I.... I don't remember."

This statement haunted me the most. There were times when I was in high school, showering after P.E. and the looks would come. The eyebrows would be raised and the questions would hang in the air, yet remain unspoken. I always hurried to dress and sped out of the locker room as quickly as was possible. I didn't want to confront having to answer. The truth was, I really DIDN'T remember where they came from. There was a huge chunk of my memory missing, and I didn't care to go digging around trying to figure out what was lurking in the blackened depths.

She stood up and approached me slowly. I was partially exposed, having yet to pull my pants back on. My shirt hung limply from my body. She came up very close to me and stood there, not moving and not meeting my eyes. Finally her hand reached out, stopping halfway on its route to my shirttail. She looked up and I saw deep into those blue eyes of hers. They begged me wordlessly. My chin fell to my chest and I let out deep sigh.

She lifted my shirt and exposed my belly. For a minute she just looked, scrutinizing the markings. Then her other hand reached forward and began to lift my shirt over my head. I obliged, raising my arms and allowing her to remove it from me completely. She dropped it to the floor, never looking away from my chest and stomach. The pointer finger on her right hand drifted forward and traced one of the medium sized scars, one marked jaggedly over my belly button. Her touch was cool against my skin. I closed my eyes and pretended that she was gracing me with a lover's touch and nothing more.

She placed both of her hands on me and ran her fingers over the markings, spreading out her fingers and flattening her palms against my skin. Soon there wasn't an inch of me that she hadn't touched. I kept my eyes closed and waited, holding my breath. I felt as her hands ran up my pecs and over my shoulders, not stopping until they were cradling my face. It was then that I became aware of the hot tears pouring down my cheeks.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her. Her face was quiet with understanding. There was no look of pity. No hint of horror. Just her smooth skin, those delightful freckles and her ever adoring eyes. Her thumbs caressed my cheeks, wiping away the tears. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, then her nose, and finally placed my lips gingerly on hers. She ran her hands to the back of my head and pulled me down towards her. I allowed my arms to encircle her and hugged her tight to my body. She tasted like compassion. I drank her in.

We kissed for a seemingly endless amount of time before I realized that we were both coated in the cooking oil that I had poured over her chest. I broke from our liplock and took her by the hand, guiding her to the bathroom. I ran a hot shower and we both stepped in, allowing the water to rain down over us. We alternated soaping each other up, slowing wiping away the oil and the confusion of the prior situation. We kissed under the hot water, letting it stream down our faces. We became cleaner in more ways than one.

There was only a twin bed in the guest room, so we decided to sleep in the homeowners' king instead. I picked her up and carried her from the bathroom to the bedroom, laying her gently on the mattress. I laid next to her and cradled her body in my arms. She nuzzled against my throat. We fell asleep, entangled.

I awoke several hours later, drenched in sweat. I glanced down and saw her sleeping perfectly still, her eyelashes fluttering on the tops of her cheeks. I rose from the bed and walked down into the kitchen, shaking with every step. I ran the tap and filled a glass with water, then gulped it down hard. I had to grip the sink to keep from buckling under my weakened knees. My head fell forward and my eyes closed for just a second, the images instantly returning.

Hands over my mouth, stifling my breathing, smothering my screams. Being thrown into darkness, surrounded by the overpowering stench of human waste. Not being able to stand, having to crouch on all fours. Someone opening a hatch, jabbing at me with a stick, cutting through my skin, bringing blood in a steady flow. The stinging pain. Suddenly being drenched in wet warmth, the acrid smell of urine accosting my nostrils. The hatch slamming shut. Darkness choking me again. Weeping tears of fear, hot and bitter.

I'd woken up at that point and was now here. I'd never experienced a dream like this before, not that I could manage to recall. What door had been unlocked? Did I even want to know? And could I manage to get it shut again?

I filled another glass with water and drank it down. My stability was beginning to return to me. I made my way back down the hallway to the bedroom. She stirred slightly as I laid back down, then flipped over and nestled up against me. Her hand lazily reached down and cupped my balls. Her nose was tucked behind my ear and I could feel her breath disturb the fine hairs on my neck. She gently fondled me and my manhood began to respond. There were no dreams in existence that could stop the biological function of that.

As she leaned in closer, the inner length of her arm grazed the largest of my scars, the eight inch long wicked protrusion. I flinched and withdrew from her. She startled and awoke faster than she'd intended. Her eyes questioned me. I grabbed her hand and removed it from my crotch. I shook my head sternly at her. I rolled her over onto her stomach then stretched my body out over hers.

Keeping her legs as closed as possible, I managed to cram my dick between them and glide into her pussy. I opened my legs and planted my knees on the outside of her thighs, wedging them together. I pushed her face into the pillow with both of my hands, pressing on the back of her head. My body bounded up and down on hers and I relished the tightness of this position. I was so into the moment that it wasn't until I was unloading into her that I caught sight of her arms flailing, her hands frantically attempting to grab at me, any part of me.

I lifted my hands from her head and she turned it rapidly, heaving for air. She wrenched her body over, flipping me off of her. She was taking huge gulps of air and clutching at her throat. I simply sat and watched in bewilderment.

"Too..... much...." she gasped. "Too.... hard..... couldn't...... breathe....." She was trying to push herself up on her elbows, into a sitting position. I tilted my head and enjoyed the sight of her breasts bobbing up and down on her chest, her nipples jiggling as if a piece of fruit floating in Jell-O. She blinked hard at me. "Did you hear me?" she was finally reclaiming her voice.

"Yeah. Yeah, I heard you."

"Please don't do that again," she stated, then looked hard at me, willing me to meet her gaze.

I let my eyes drift up from her breasts to her face. "OK," I slowly drawled, then reached out and tweaked her left nipple hard. "OK." I repeated for effect. She raised an eyebrow at me, suspicion clouding her face. I leaned down and kissed her softly. After a couple of seconds, she stopped resisting and returned the kiss.

"It'll be OK," I spoke softly against her mouth. "You'll be fine. You can trust me. You'll be just fine. I promise that won't happen again." She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and pulled me into her.

The scar on my right side began to itch.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 7)

I ran her a bath, adding the scented oil that I found in the cabinet below the bathroom sink and told her to get in. I'd allowed her to rest after our encounter, made her sit on the edge of the tub and finger herself to orgasm while I flipped through a magazine and pretended as if I could've given a damn. Once the water was filled to the brim of the tub, I ordered her to get in and began to scoop water over her head. I washed her hair, gently massaging in the shampoo. I rinsed the suds from her mane and started to glide the washcloth over her body. She closed her eyes and fell silent. I washed her slowly, observing the steady rise and fall of her chest.

Once I was finished, I ordered her out and grabbed a thick white towel from the linen closet, then vigorously rubbed her body dry. I led her around the house, into the homeowners' bedroom where I found a pair of stiletto heels and strapped them to her feet. I had her parade around the house for me in nothing but those shoes. She prepared dinner for me in front of the stove, completely nude. I grabbed a long handled spoon from one of the kitchen drawers and slid it in and out of her ass as she stirred my meal in its pot.

I made her sit on the floor by my feet as I ate, forcing myself not to look down at her. She wrapped her arms around my leg and lowered her head to rest on my foot. She planted kisses on the top of my shoe and stayed silent until I was done eating, then gathered up my dishes and washed them in the sink. I stood behind her while she worked and cupped her breasts. I bit her on her shoulders and neck, leaving a trail of teeth marks on her flesh.

When that was through, I collected her books and started the tutoring again. I lounged in a recliner while she sat on the floor and obediently answered all of my questions. Her eyes were beginning to droop. I reached forward and grabbed her by the chin. "No sleep for you," I scolded. "Go make yourself some coffee." As she was preparing the coffee maker, I placed my hands behind my head and sighed. This was something that I could get very used to.

The coffee brewed, I allowed her to only drink it black, and forced her to gulp down 3 steaming mugs of it before returning to the living room. I had her start a fire in the fireplace and then instructed her to lay on her back on the floor in front of it. I retreated to the kitchen and began to root around, looking for more available toys. I gathered up a carrot, a cucumber, a spatula and a pair of BBQ tongs, then returned to the living room.

Her eyes widened slightly as I approached, my hands cluttered with objects. She rolled her head to the side and swallowed hard. "Get on your hands and knees," I told her and she folded her body into position. Her ass swayed at me. I hunkered down and stroked it with both hands. I placed my face against it and licked the length of its curve, biting down in the middle of the cheek. She whimpered softly.

I licked the end of the carrot and then inserted it in her ass, fucking it in and out of her for a couple of minutes and watching her ass cheeks clench and relax. I pushed it up as far as it would allow and then left it there, halfway protruding out of her. I ran the cucumber up and down her slit, jamming it against her swollen clit before inserting it into her pussy. I fucked her with it with one hand and then began to fuck the carrot in and out of her ass again with the other hand. She moaned softly and I watched as the cucumber became more and more glossy. I stopped with both of the vegetables planted deeply inside her orifices.

I raised the spatula to her ass and smacked her with it, watching her flesh quiver under the blow. Her head was dropping forward, her hair blocking my view of her face. I lifted the curtain of curls with the spatula and caught a glimpse of the flushed color of her cheeks. I lowered the hair and then began to deliver blows to her thighs, calves and bottoms of her feet. I circled around her and smacked her back and upper arms. Her elbows dipped. I grabbed the tongs and lowered myself onto my back, sliding under her like a mechanic under a car. Her pendulous breasts swayed beneath her. I nipped at them with the tongs, pinching small bits of her skin between them and twisting. The utensil left red dots in their wake. I caught one of her nipples between the metal and clamped down. She uttered a small cry and then her body convulsed.

I pushed her over onto her back. She was panting heavily and flushed from the roots of her hair down to her belly. I stood in a lightning fast motion and ran into the kitchen. I threw open cabinets until I found the cooking oil. Returning to her, I opened th bottle and poured it over her chest. I quickly undid my fly and took off my pants, then straddled her. My cock stood out before me, the head bright pink and ready to explode. I grabbed her tits and crushed them together. I rammed my cock between them and pumped my hips, fucking them with glorious ease, aided by the oil. I managed to pinch her nipples between my fingers and looked down to see them turn cherry red in color. Her mouth was hanging open, her tongue was extended, trying to touch the tip of my cock as it would dart up close and then retract. On the last stroke, it connected with my tip and my cum shot out, spurting into her mouth. It dribbled out over the corners and down the sides of her cheeks, into her hair.

She licked at my spilt cum, attempting to catch what she could. I sat back onto her hips and held my softening dick in my hand. It had nearly killed me earlier to discontinue fucking her and pull out, not allowing myself to orgasm. Now, all of that pent up fury had escaped me, and it felt as if it was more than just my erection that was fading. I dismounted her and stood, then removed my shirt. I'd been sweating profusely for so long, I could no longer bear the feel of the fabric clinging to my tacky skin. I'd completely lost track of where I was as I inhaled deeply and tried to mentally assist my body in cooling down.

Then I heard her gasp.

She was looking up at me with her eyes wide, her pupils dilated into a pinpoint. As I regained my senses and looked down, I realized what she was looking at. My torso was covered in jagged scars, starting at the breastbone and working their way down to my hips. Some were more pronounced than others, some were mere whispers of a mark. They crisscrossed in some sections, but none surpassed the affect the main one did. She rose to her knees and extended a hand to touch the line on my right side, ruby in color and raised like an embossed curve on a fancy invitation.

I jumped back before she could run her fingers over it and grabbed my side protectively. Her mouth quivered in unasked questions, her hand still lingered in the air. She looked up at me with wet eyes.

My mouth was sapped of all its moisture, and as I tried to swallow, my throat felt as if it was filled with sand. I'd managed to keep my shirt on in every other sexual situation that I'd been in, save the one time with my second girlfriend, but it had been dark and we'd been drunk. This was the first time someone had seen my scars in the light. Someone other than another male in a locker room. Men don't ask questions. Men don't care to hear ugly answers. Men just leave well enough alone.

But not women. And from the the look of it, this one wasn't about to either.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 6)

The days between our study sessions we had no contact with each other. I tried not to think about what she filled her days with, and everything that happened in my own life seemed to be under a hazy finish, just waiting to be graced again with her luminescence. I attended classes, talked with friends, ate and slept. I tried to keep myself occupied until we could meet again.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 5)

I drove her home in silence that night, pulling up in front of her dorm and letting the engine run. I felt as if there was something that I should say, that there was supposed to be some kind of appropriate phrase to use after an evening like the one we'd shared. I looked over at her. She was staring straight ahead. She lowered her head before looking over at me.

"I think I'm going to need to study more often. Once a week just doesn't feel like it's quite enough," she spoke softly and smoothly. I wondered how long she'd been thinking of what words to use.

We agreed that we'd meet on Tuesdays in addition to our normal Fridays. I spent that weekend wrapped in an air of intoxication. I let my mind drift to that night at the hotel as I was taking a shower, letting my eyes close as I stroked myself and remembered the sight of her curves, the sound of the brush when it connected with her flesh. I was satisfied with these memories and yet craved to make more.

Tuesday we met in the library during the early evening. The halls were quiet and sparsely littered with other students. Most were off eating dinner or attempting to squeeze in some social time. We settled at a small desk near the north corner on the second floor. I spent 20 minutes quizzing her innocently enough before noticing that there was a male student at the far end of one of the stacks, staring in her direction. It was obvious that he knew her somehow or was one of the many that desired to know her. Her face was on mine, ever the obedient student.

I reached my hand toward her knee and slid it up her thigh. She gasped sharply at this, unaccustomed to my touch, especially one so intimate. I let my fingers trail up to her pussy and discovered what I was looking for. She wasn't wearing any panties as had been the case the night in the hotel room. I glanced up slightly to see if our observer was catching what was going on. From his position, he should have had a clear view right under the desk. I saw him glance around nervously and then raise the book he was holding until it almost covered his face.

He could see.

I continued to quiz her while my hand yanked her legs wide apart. My fingers dipped in and out of her. She was having difficulty speaking. "Answer the question," I raised my voice to the sharpest possible level without attracting attention. Her eyes scanned my face and she softly bit at her lower lip. I let my middle finger graze her clit and began to stroke it in a small, insistent circle. She closed her eyes, but continued to speak.

"No, look at me when you answer me." Her eyes opened. Her gaze was feral now, her eyes wild and dizzy with arousal. I asked another question. She answered. I looked over and saw our peeping tom pressing himself closer to the stack of books he was standing next to. One of his hands had disappeared inside of his pants pocket.

"We have an admirer," I said to her. Her eyelids fluttered. "No," I snapped quietly. "Don't look at him. Don't let him know that you know." She fixed her eyes on me tightly. "I want you to lick your lips." Her tongue flicked out and traced her lips. "Now open," her chin dropped. I reached my other hand up and stuck my thumb in her mouth. Her eyes closed and she licked and sucked at it, purring in her throat. I could feel her pussy begin to drip with wetness and the muscles within her clench. I removed my hand.

Her eyes snapped open and she shot me an imploring glance. "You finish yourself," I instructed and removed my thumb from her mouth. Her hands, which had been resting on the table, lowered. I watched her slight motions above the table. I continued with my tutoring, idly flipping through the pages of the book in front of me and asking more questions. Her eyes began to close again, her breathing turned to a animalistic panting. "Keep looking at me," I lectured. She fought to keep her gaze on my face as she stroked and prodded at her cunt. Her breath came in short gasps and I watched as her shoulders convulsed and her head dipped forward. One of her feet tapped the top of one of mine.

The slam of a book hitting the floor came from our onlooker's direction. I looked up to see him scrabbling to retrieve the text that he'd dropped. I spied a dark stain on the front of his neatly pressed chinos. He averted his gaze as he caught me noticing his presence. He turned tail and raced down the aisle away from us.

She was gathering herself, slowly closing her legs and straightening her posture. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked. A small nod of her head. "Did you cum?" Another nod. "Taste yourself." A hand disappearing below the table again and then returning, glistening. She slowly licked her fingers, savoring the juice. "Taste good?" A curt nod. "Give me some." The hand disappearing and reappearing once more. Tentatively rising to my face, curling at the knuckle, approaching my lips. The smell was musky, the taste was almost sickeningly sweet. I licked her finger and then bit down on it lightly. Her hand jerked, but stayed in my mouth. I chewed lightly on the pad of her finger, almost absentmindedly. Finally I opened my mouth and allowed her to reclaim it.

We continued to study for the next hour. Students began to pour back into the library at a steady pace, and soon the noise level increased to the point where I could no longer tolerate my annoyance at it. We gathered our respective belongings and exited into the cool night air. It was early winter, and chilly for a Northern California evening. We walked in silence, and her body began to drift over to mine as we progressed. There was a short alley between two of the larger buildings, occupied only by a garbage dumpster. I yanked her into the darkness and pushed her up against the concrete wall.

She stood in silence as I ran my hands over her breasts and then up through her hair, pulling it back so as to see her face. She was wearing far less make-up than she had on the numerous other occasions that we had met. My prior instructions to her had made a dent. I could see the spray of freckles, even in the dim light. I leaned forward and licked up over cheek and nose. She sighed softly.

"On your knees," I barked. She dropped instantaneously. Her gaze traveled up my torso and I stared down into her perfect blue eyes. I blinked hard. I was becoming addicted to them, to the way that they would stare up at me so adoringly. I unzipped my fly and took out my already rock-hard cock. She leaned in with her mouth parted open and motioned towards me in that familiar way. "NO!" She recoiled at my shout, her eyes swimming with confusion. "You're not allowed," I explained. "Not yet." She blinked silently in understanding. I began to pull at the skin of my cock, squeezing tightly at the tip. "Just watch," I instructed. I stroked slowly and evenly with my right hand and placed my left hand flat against the wall behind her to keep myself propped up. My rhythm sped up and I needed only to look back down into those eyes of hers to completely lose myself. The first spurt landed across her partially open mouth, the second flew up and hit her in the forehead. There were three more smaller dribbles that floated down and bubbled on her chin. As I felt the last of the orgasmic waves crash through me, I shook the final drops loose from the head of my cock. She blinked up at me. I brought the tip down to her chin and lips and smeared my cum about her face. I lowered my left hand from the wall and rubbed in the streak that had landed on her forehead. Her face was shiny with my semen and the sight of it almost started to make me hard again immediately.

I pulled my cock back into my pants and quickly zipped up. She went to wipe at her face. "Did you ask permission?" Her hand dropped down to her side. "Did I tell you that you could clean up?" A small shake of her head. I reached down and grabbed her by the back of the neck, hauling her to her feet. I pushed her back up against the wall and moved in close. I jammed my nose into the side of her neck, letting my lips rest on her ear. "Do you do anything without my permission?" Another small shake no. "Good girl." I stepped back slightly and looked at her through the darkness. Her face was blank. Her eyelashes fluttered downward slowly.

"Clean yourself off. Lick it up like a cat." She brought the back of her hand up to her face and licked it. She ran it over her forehead, mopping up my cum. She licked off her gatherings and then ran it over her cheek. She repeated this grooming motion until her face was sparkling clean. "Good girl," I repeated, coming in close to her again, this time filled with warm affection. "Very nicely done." I nuzzled at her neck, placing one small kiss on her collarbone. She sighed and let her head fall forward onto my shoulder. We stood in that odd embrace, neither placing hands on the other, connected only at the neck and shoulder. Even in the cold air, the heat from our bodies radiated like a sunburn.

My heart skipped a beat.

I pulled back from her sharply. The palms of her hands hit the wall behind her, steadying herself from the sudden detachment. I took her by the hand and began to lead her back down the ally. When we were out in the open once more, I released her hand from mine and put it on the small of her back, guiding her. She moved wherever I directed her body to move. I kept her in front of me, not allowing her to see my face. To see my smile.

To feel the love growing inside of me.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 4)

I didn't ask if she wanted to come to the hotel room with me, I didn't wish to risk speaking the generalized statements that men make to women when trying to entice them into bed.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 3)

"Do you always get your way?"

She shrugged indifferently then brought the steaming slice of cheese pizza to her mouth.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 2)

As remarkably unremarkable that she was, I was just plain unremarkable. The middle son of three sons from a middle class family in Central California.

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The Dawn of Darkness (Part 1)

"Tell me something nice."

She is up on her elbow, her fingertip is tracing circles on my chest.

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