Rants That Rhyme

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5/16 and It Doesn't Rhyme

Did you hear me?
I called out to you with my mind.
Numbers 1:58 branded into the backs of my eyeballs.
And my mind screamed out.
Put me in a bubble.
Surrounded, trapped, but alone.

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They Brought Back Vanilla Coke

It's short, but it was in my head today. I'm not having a great day but on the same hand it's not horrible. There's really nothing worse than indifference. I hate it when I stop caring.

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Black Burnt Buttered Toast

Baby, baby, why you gotta be so mean?
Why you gotta throw curve ball after curve ball at me?
Why you gotta take the sun and scorch my eyes?
Baby, baby, why you always gotta tell me lies?

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Kimberly Austin

Dug my hand into a pocket of memories
Pulled out a piece of you
Every time I think I've found blindness
I discover shades of blue.

Fingerprints scattered
In places still unseen

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Jog On

I want all of the special feelings
All the memories
And late night chest heavings

I want them all to fade away.
Not return
Never see the light of day.

I want big fake smiles

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Based on a true story

I came in the shower
At five past the hour
And immediately started to cry

My legs weren't through quaking
My clit remained aching
Still I howled at the tiles, "Why oh why?"

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When the Getting's Good

You send a conflicting message
At least on this receiving end
You think you're getting through to me
Accuse me of not getting you
But getting you has nothing to do

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Sometimes I Even Surprise Myself

People have some strong opinions about me. It's been going on my entire life. I wouldn't say that I aim for people to either love me or hate me, but I will admit that I loathe indifference. Perhaps that's why so few people fall in that middle ground where I'm concerned.

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Goodbye and Fuck Off

Just your distraction
Called into action
Opened up your sexual doors
Made you relearn
How to crawl on all fours

Would it have been your choice?

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The Fighter In Me

The fighter in me
Hands raised
Fists clenched

The fighter in me
No longer fearless

The fighter in me
Feels a scream
Within her gut
Ripping flesh

The fighter in me

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Awesome Rhymes

Another lazy Sunday...woo! I'm going to be back to my Awesome self tomorrow. Look forward to: "Ain't No Lie, Baby... Bi Bi Bi." I'll let you try and guess what that one is about.

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Silence, If You Don't Mind

Stop talking

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And..... Freeze

If I could capture that moment forever...
That one where you smile at me
That one where I feel whole
That one where everything else is forgotten

If I could capture that moment forever...
I would share it with all of the empty

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I might lead.
And point.
And wave.

But it is best that you don't follow.

I play my pipe.
I act the piper.
My melody enraptures you.

But it is best that you don't follow.

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Some People

Some people are happy
Being so similar
Some people are satisfied
Living emotionally comatose
Some people are complacent
With the boredom that prevails
Some people are all these things
These things that I am not.

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Empty With a Full Heart

It's bad enough

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Drunken Rambling Poem Thingy

I drank some wine
The phone just rang
I think like time
And you can't hang

Mom is nuts
and Dad just sighs
I think I'm drunk
That make me wise?

Blah blah blah
words are shit
people lie
and thats about it

shel silverstein book
falling up
read to me
the little pup

voice is deep
horny I am
debra wilson
green eggs and ham


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Not Without My Permission

You were supposed to love me forever,
Even when I stopped loving you.
You were supposed to pine for me,
While I didn't give you a second thought.
You were supposed to be heartbroken,

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The Liars Have Their Reasons

Don't make me into something I'm not
Because I'll fall short of your expectations
Don't praise me like I'm worthy
I just might like it a little too much
Don't blink your eyes and gasp

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Blah Blah Blah... Sometimes I Ramble

Tell me why you're stupid
Explain to me why
I can't seem to fathom it
Got no will to try

So many out there
All just like you
Fucking self-involved morons
I can't bid adieu

To common courtesy
Oblivious and blind
Tunnel visioned asshole
You straight blow my mind.

Do I have a problem?
Yes, indeed-y, I do
With all of your brethren
And especially you.

Yet you're nothing special

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The 12 Days of Myspazz

On the first day of Myspace, my Top 8 gave to me.....

A brand new emo haircut!

On the second day of Myspace, my Top 8 gave to me.....

2 "Whore Me!" Bulletins
and a brand new emo haircut!

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I Was Feeling the "Pissed" When I Wrote This

I'm not pretty,
Or so you say.
I'm not skinny,
I wouldn't want to be, anyway.
I'm not funny,
No baby, not today.
So don't you call me honey
Or I'll make you pay.

Makes no sense,
No sense at all
How'd a short girl
Learn to stand so tall?
There's no reason
That you can see
Why I'm so happy
Just being me.

Bullshit bitches
Got your head undone
They might be easy
But they're no fun

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An Open Letter to the Masses

Make it easier
Make it more simple
Make life as emotionally deep
as a 3 year old's dimple.

No more questioning
No more ploys
No more rules for girls
and a different set for boys

Say what you're thinking
Say it out loud
Say it from the depth of you
make Mommy proud

We'll discover freedom
We'll discover bliss
We'll discover a sense of unity
even more than when we kiss

Just be honest

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Come See? Did Zara Write About Thee?

Because I'm feeling all silly, I shall revisit my love of the lymeric. (WARNING: These are uber lame in some cases, so bear with me, I'm feeling rhyme-y, not necessarily talented.....)

There once was a girl named Heather,
On grammar, it's wise not to bet her,
She knows the P's and the Q's,
Proper tenses to use,
Fuck 'em up and she'll whip you with leather.

Been reading the Blogs de Vin,

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It's Official!

I'm done.
I'm through.
I'm over with you.
What I need.
You can't give me.
What you need.
I've been there for.
It's uneven.
It's unfair.
I'm cheating myself.
I'm done.
I'm through.
I'm over with you.

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