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The point of fucking is to have an orgasm, right?

I've argued this concept many times, trying to explain that my orgasm shouldn't be the focal point of a sexual encounter, but with all of the headlines blaring from the covers of Cosmo, etc, men are really beginning to believe that sex isn't complete until the girl has gotten her cookies.

Which brings me to a question that I received from a reader. He wanted to know why it was that some women could only achieve climax from certain things. Why was it that women couldn't have orgasms from intercourse?

Let me stand up right now and say that I've been wondering the same thing my entire sexual life.

I have never had an orgasm from strictly vaginal penetration. I am one of those women who needs clitoral stimulation in order to cum. My orgasms are stronger and more defined when I couple the penetration with the clitoral stimulation, but suffice it to say, unless the two are working in tandem, I can't get off from dick alone.

Well, unless it's the dick that's doing the clitoral stimulating. Mmmm.... but I digress.

I've detailed in past posts that I'm not a big fan of receiving oral. I can really live without it. It's not an issue of not being able to orgasm from it, I can eventually, but it takes longer than if other methods are employed. I don't relax enough to enjoy it fully and spend the last couple of minutes being close and thinking nothing but: "OK, will you fuck me already??"

Kinda funny when you think about how the fucking alone won't get me off either. I am of the belief that most women need stimulating in general. It's not just one thing alone that will do it for the fairer sex. We need conversation to loosen up our minds, kissing and fondling to soften our flesh to your touch and some clit action to push us over the edge.

I've wondered what it would be like to be one of those women who can cum from intercourse. I had a roommate once who was loud in proclaiming that it was easy for her. As long as she was in the riding position, astride her man, controlling the depth of the penetration, she was set. I once asked if she had a big clit. She looked at me like I was insane.

But really, I've always been curious about that. Being that I am a fan of porn, I've noticed that some women have larger or longer clits than other women. I've also read my copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves, a feminist book detailing how women should embrace their sexuality. I've taken a hand mirror and viewed that which is my cunt. My clit peeked back at me with a pink little wink. Maybe it was just feeling shy that day, I'm not sure.

Men have it so easy, not needing to worry about if they can cum. With men, it's more a question of HOW SOON they'll lose their load and trying to avoid that loss of load too prematurely. Although I will give men this, just because you're always hard doesn't mean you have it easy.

Positions, endurance, dealing with women not being happy with your size. All concerns you gentlemen have to go through. Mainly though, the burden of delivering her orgasm comes down to you. (Great pun.) If you don't, you are supposed to feel like less of a man, a huge change from back in the day when you weren't supposed to acknowledge that women were capable of orgasms too, let alone that you were supposed to help provide them for her.

The most daunting fact to face is that most women will fake. If you think that you've gotten a woman off simply by fucking her into oblivion with your rock hard member, chances are, she was faking. Most women report not being able to climax unless you go at least somewhere in the vicinity of her clit. If you think that it just takes fucking her long enough to get her there, it's even more likely that she faked because she just wanted to get your sweaty ass off of her.

So why do women fake? Partly because they don't know any better and are trying to preserve your egos. Partly because they don't want to be perceived as that one freak who couldn't get off from your vigorous deep dicking. Essentially, it is women who perpetuate the cycle of faking through faking to keep from looking like a freak, neverminding the fact that we really are more of a freak if we don't know what it takes to get ourselves off.

I think the responsibility of the orgasm should be on the shoulders of whomever it is that is trying to achieve it. Girls, that means speaking up and telling the guy what you want, even if that's not just a thorough pounding. And stop faking!! If I have to hear one more clueless moron tell me: "Well, every OTHER girl I was with came from me just fucking her!" I'm going to lose my damn mind. Stop coddling their damn egos, will you?!?!

And guys, stop pretending as if sex isn't sex unless you've gotten the girl off. Just be in it to take care of yourself and make sure that you're both having fun. An orgasm isn't the only thing that dictates whether or not the sexual experience is fun for you. It's about the whole enchilada. The flirting, the foreplay and the main course.

Make a meal out of it. If you've still got room left over, enjoy a tasty dessert.

Discussion of the Day:

Is it possible for intercourse to be fulfilling if orgasms are not achieved by both parties?

Women: Are you able to have an orgasm from strictly vaginal penetration or do you require a little "more"?

Men: Do you feel disappointed if a woman doesn't have an orgasm during penetration?


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Ya I have twice, and they were both with the same guy. I don't why, but he was that good. The 1st time it was so good that after it happened i started laughing and couldn't stop. I don't know why I was laughing but he looked at me like i was crazy!!!! Ya not a good time to laugh when you couldn't breath a second ago. But its good (most of the time) even if you don't get off.

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