Baby, I'll drive you like a car

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Once I wondered
Is he out to get me?
Is he hiding behind the 1s and 0s
like so many other devious souls?

I believed it to be true
Yet never outright accused
Never point blank drew my weapon
and aimed for that vague mark

Now I find myself trusting
Reasoning factoring little
If at all

You smoke them wide
Afraid to touch your eyes
Your wide, blue, intense eyes
Driven by forces unknown

Your sparing words
The volumes that they speak
Your naked honesty
So hard at times to drink
When most waters run stagnant and worrisome.

I'm yearning for your ride
The miles that stretch across your smile
Gathering my rappelling gear
Spelunking blind into your heart

I'll fly across the sky
To drive by your side
To lie next to your lanky warmth
To melt into the endless joy of you.


Naked honesty...might do you

Naked honesty...might do you some good. Thoughtful words, all under the guise of someone who is still just fighting the tide. We want to take you seriously. But only if you take yourself seriously, and not masquerade under the guise of a poet detached from the everyday paltry concerns of everyday life

You aren't above them, or below them for that matter. Is it too much to ask you confront them head on? I don't think so. I don't think it would be easy to ask too much of you, as you already demand a great deal too much from yourself.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we like what you write. Especially here. So, I don't know, write more? Draw more out of yourself? Logic dicates you should have a great command over all the letters at your disposal, since you exist at the end of the spectrum (Z).

Your emotions belong with us. You can pathetically fight this all you want, but we all know where this particular Cali girl oughta be focusing her good.


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