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I don't like 'em.

Strike that. I pretty much hate the fucking things. (Best pun EVA, by the way.)

I could launch into one of my patented long entries on why condoms are necessary. Why they need to be used each and every time you have sex with someone that you're not in an exclusive relationship with.

Everyone knows all that. I rag on my friends who make the idiotic decision to have sex with someone who is practically a stranger and do so unsheathed. I also make it a point to practice what I preach.

But I hate them. Dear Awesome Almighty, I hate condoms.

I hate taking the time to put one on. I know that there are people out there who spout the nonsensical bullshit of how it's romantic to help your partner don a rubber, but it's just that: BULLSHIT. It's no fun to be in the thick of things and have to pause even for a second to get a condom out of the wrapper and properly put it on. That shit just isn't romantic at all.

I hate that there is a temperature difference when a man penetrates you wearing a condom. As much as you fellas feel less when you put one on, we women actually feel more. The chill on the latex, the feeling that something is definitely there when you fuck us.

There is nothing better than having a man sink balls deep into you unadorned. The warmth of the skin, the sensation of his blood pumping through his cock, the feeling as if you have entered negative space between you… all of it.

There are more diseases out there than just HIV/AIDS. All of the good old-fashioned STD's like herpes and HPV are still rampant. Employing condoms whenever you fuck someone is key in helping to cut back on those numbers.

Most everyone knows this, but if we were all actually implementing this thought process, the transmission rates would be decreasing.

In stark reality, these numbers never really will go significantly down. Because condoms suck. While I know that most people understand their point and purpose, I also recognize that while in the heat of the moment, even the most educated people will cave.

In which case I would say: If you really hate using condoms, at least don't fuck people you don't know. Oh, and don't just go around fucking all your friends. I don't know about you, but my friends (even though I love them) are some of the dirtiest people I know.

The plus side to condoms is when you don't want to develop a romantic attachment to the person you're fucking. Hey! What better way to keep up an emotional barrier between you two than to use a synthetic barrier between your naughty bits?

I can't speak for all women, but I also feel that letting a man cum inside of me is an honour. The ultimate symbol of my trust and/or respect for who he is. While a condom allows a man to somewhat cum within, it also doesn't leave that cum dripping out from within. The absolute biggest drawback to sex that I can think of. The damn drip.

Where was I? Shit, everyone knows the statistics. Much like everyone knows that you vastly increase your chances for cancer if you smoke, you vastly increase your chances for nasty diseases if you fuck without a condom. But much like smoking, people do what they really shouldn't be doing all the time.

But since I smoke, I consider that my one major infraction in not taking care of my health. I feel like I can say in that condescending little voice that people use: "I might smoke, but at least I use condoms!"

But fuck it, we're all going to die eventually, right? Just make your choice over whether or not you want to die with your genitals shriveled up, festering and oozing when you do.

Me, I'd rather take the lung cancer.

Discussion of the Day:

What are your personal thoughts on condom usage? Have you ever had someone give you shit because you refused to have sex with them without a condom? Conversely, have you ever compromised and had sex with someone without one because they refused to fuck without one?


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No glove No love.....well actualy no

I agree I hate condoms. I loved it when my ex would cum in side me and that feeling of warmth was awesome. That moment when they cum and then they collapse on you because they don't have to go and take off the damn thing. Maybe that's why so far the best sex has been with him. Iam not with him anymore so back to condoms I go. The next relationship that Iam I will just have both of us tested and then I will be on the pill. Then I can enjoy that great moment the first time they say "you want me to cum in you"?

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