Building Friction (Part 19)

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"I was thinking that I could rent a movie and bring it over to your place. How does that sound?"

It was Friday and Matt had called me to see if I was up for hanging out. I knew that there would be something going on at Steph's house, but didn't know if I would be in the mood to deal with the questions that everyone seemed to be asking these days. Everyone had figured out that something was still going on between me and Geoff but also knew about Matt. It felt as if they were all waiting to see what my next move was going to be and wanted to be around when the drama reached its pinnacle.

"That sounds pretty good, actually. When do you get off of work?" School was getting out earlier for me because there was a pep rally that day.

"Around 4:30 as long as Aaron doesn't call in sick again. He's my friend, but if he doesn't stop with all of the nonsense with his girlfriend, I think I'm going to strangle him." Matt had detailed the relationship drama that was going on with one of his co-workers when we last talked on Wednesday.

"So we could get some dinner if you want," I suggested.

"How about I bring a pizza with that movie?" He asked.

"Sounds perfect. What time to you think you'll be by?" I still needed to write up something for the next day, but I was going to be home by 2:30 as long as nothing out of the ordinary popped up, so I figured on having enough time to get it done before Matt came by.

"Well, I'll want to go home and shower and get all pretty for you first," he laughed. "So after all of that, the pizza, the movie... say 7?"

I agreed to it and hung up. Traffic was bad, so I didn't end up getting home until close to three, but it still left me with a decent amount of time to think up something to write and get it pounded out. I was in the middle of a piece when I heard the ding from my IM letting me know that one of my contacts had signed on. Shortly after that, Geoff's screen popped up.

"I won't lie and say that I'm not disappointed. There was a part of me that was hoping when we had our little dalliance that something might come out of it. But if you say it's not to be, then I can deal with that. But don't expect me to be jumping for joy if I see you again. And don't think that I'm going to take it easy on you with any of your idiotic displays of self-indignation over what you perceive as... fuck it. Just don't expect me to be nice."

I read the screen and contemplated what the hidden meaning could be. Before I got a chance to answer, Geoff signed off. I sat in stunned silence and reread the statement over and over. He didn't have to send me a message and he certainly didn't have to promise me anything, even if the promise was to not be nice for the sake of being nice. As much as I wanted to shake a fist and argue, I decided to take it as it was. I finished writing the piece and then went to take a shower.

After my shower I stood naked in my room and tried to figure out what would be appropriate to wear. We were staying in, so there wasn't a need to get too dressed up, but I was interested to see if I could entice Matt into partaking in a little more than hand holding and basic kisses. I dug around in my closet and found a loose, knee-length wrap-around dress. I smoothed lotion over my legs and then decided I had enough time to paint my toenails.

Matt rang the doorbell at almost exactly 7, and when I opened the door he was holding a pizza box in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other. I took the bag from him and motioned for him to come in. Looking over my shoulder, I assessed his apparel. Baggy jeans, nice dress shirt unbuttoned to the neck. When he got to the table, he put the pizza down and then swooped up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I've missed you," he said softly, resting his head on my shoulder and planting a tender kiss on the side of my neck that sent shivers down my side. I reached up and placed my hand on his head, then listened to him sigh.

"I've missed pizza," I joked. "I haven't had any in the longest time."

He spun me around so that I was facing him. "Well, I've got your pizza. It's hot, it's fresh, and it tastes pretty damn good. Wanna taste?" His smile looked devilish. The dimple was prominent. I sighed internally. That dimple won my heart over every time.

He moved in and kissed my cheek, letting his lips linger. He placed another kiss on my face, this time moving closer to my mouth. He continued with the light kisses until he got to my lips. He stopped for a second and looked me in the eyes. I studied his eyelashes, mesmerized by how they framed the gorgeous blue peepers he had.

He moved in and kissed me on the lips, harder than he had up until that point. I reached up and let my arms encircle his neck, pulling him closer. When he parted his mouth to let out a tiny sigh, I darted my tongue inside. His tongue responded instantly, matching mine. He made a "Mmmm," noise and pulled me even closer. Our bodies were pressed tightly against each other. He smelled clean and tasted like peppermint. I closed my eyes and let my senses drink him in.

He pulled away slowly, glancing over at the pizza and sighing dramatically. "It's getting cold," he observed.

"Mmmm, yeah," I responded noncommittally.

He let me go and moved to the kitchen. "Do you eat on plates or paper towels?"

"It doesn't matter," I picked up the pizza and walked to the front room. "We can eat it straight out of the box, I don't mind."

"Alright," He was grabbing paper towels and then digging in the bag he'd brought with him. "I also brought libations." He pulled out a carton of orange juice and a bottle of
Tanqueray. "It's old-school, I know, but it sounded good."

I giggled. "I'm fine with old-school. The glasses are in that cabinet." I pointed to the right one and he went digging in it, producing two large glasses which he filled half with gin and half with the orange juice. "Whoa! If you're not careful, you might get me drunk you keep pouring that way!"

Matt raised one eyebrow as he joined me in the living room. "Aha. You've figured out my master plan!"

"What did you rent?" I asked. He returned to the kitchen and produced two DVDs from the paper bag.

"Well, since you're OK with old school, I'm sure you won't mind The Karate Kid or Footloose. I know I said I'd rent some movies, but when I got home and was getting dressed, I got inspired on the whole nostalgia thing and thought I'd bring some from my own library. Is that alright?"

"Totally fine with me. Let's watch some Macchio." I sunk down on the couch and flipped open the lid of the pizza box. Pepperoni and olives. Very traditional. It was almost too fitting.

Matt popped in the disc and we sat side by side and munched on our food, occasionally trading jokes about the hairstyles and the "What ever happened to...?" questions on the actors. Half way through the movie we were done eating and I was lying across the cushions with my bare feet in his lap. His hand rested gently over them, periodically stroking the tops and giving me shivers.

When he went to change the movie to the other disc, I excused myself to use the bathroom. When I returned, he was sitting in the same spot and patting his lap.

"Get those puppies back on here and I'll actually rub them this time," he offered.

As I sat down on the couch, I twisted my body in the opposite direction than it had previously been and placed my head in his lap. "If it's alright with you, I'd rather be in this position."

He shifted slightly and gave me an uncomfortable smile. "Chloe. Um.... Chloe, if you only knew..." He closed his eyes and pressed his lips together.

"Oh, I know, that's why I'm doing it. I did tell you I'm evil, right?" I winked up at him and settled my head carefully in his lap so that I could look up at him.

He bent forward and struggled to kiss me. I reached an arm up and pulled him down at the neck. "OK," he said. "That's just a tad uncomfortable."

I sat up and straddled his lap before he could protest. I dove in and covered his mouth with mine. After a few seconds, his hands were at the back of my head and he was pulling me onto his face. I figured that the liquor had relaxed him enough, as he started to kiss harder and with more ferocity. Before long, he was angling me to lay back on the couch and moving his body over mine.

The movie played in the background as we made out on my couch. I let my legs drift open and be sank down between them. My heart was thudding in my chest. He kept his hands on my face and shoulders, but didn't flinch when I moved my own hands down over his ass. After about twenty minutes of intense kissing, I got brave enough to lift the hem of his shirt and slide my hands inside of his pants. The skin was smooth and the muscles jumped when I grabbed at his cheeks. He broke from my mouth, panting.

"Um, Chloe, this... this... it can't go too far, OK?" I could feel how hot his body was and see a light sheen of sweat forming on his brow.

"I know. I'm OK with that. I'm just getting a small sample of the goods." I smiled up at him and he returned it with one of his own.

"OK, that's fine then," he said and started to close in on my mouth again. Before he could cover it, I spoke again, grabbing his hands.

"It's only fair that you get your own sample," I said. I moved his hands down over my breasts and rested them there. I'd opted not to wear a bra, and after the friction from his body weight on me, my nipples were standing at full attention through the thin material of my dress. He bit his lower lip.

"Nice," he appraised. "Very, very nice," he continued as he allowed his fingers to gently massage. The front of my dress dropped open slightly and he suddenly pulled his hands off and seemed embarrassed. "Shit, sorry."

"Don't be. Nothing popped out.... yet." I smiled wickedly. With that, his mouth was on mine again. We alternated between kissing hard and kissing soft. I bit at his lips and his face contorted in a look of pure bliss. We were still going at it as the movie ended. By then, my lips were beginning to feel raw. The glare from the TV and the looping sound from the main menu jolted us back to reality.

Matt sat back at ran a hand over his hair. "Wow. Well, yeah. Wow. That's about all I've got right now."

I giggled. "Not bad, I agree. A damn good start. Who knows what trouble we'll be getting ourselves into in a few more weeks."

"The way that was, I'd be partial to a few more days," Matt dove back down and positioned his body over mine again. "I could stay right here and die a happy man right now."

It was corny, but it made me smile, both on the inside and the out. "So, you're not going to be leaving any time soon then, I take it?"

He lowered his head to my chest and rested it there lightly. I placed a hand on his head. "I don't wanna," he remarked in a little kid voice. I laughed.

"Well," I suddenly was feeling very brave. "Then don't. Don't leave. Stay."

His head came back up and he shot me a pleading look. "Chloe, I really can't. I mean, I can. I could. But I can't." He closed his eyes and exhaled hard. "I really want to, but I can't."

"I didn't mean fuck me. I meant stay over. You've been drinking. And I respect your rules. I was thinking about sleeping... JUST sleeping. Clothes on. Over the covers. It's warm enough. And I know this might make me sound lame, but I think it would be really nice to fall asleep with you. Maybe a little spooning action. Lame, I know." I glanced to the side and avoided his gaze.

"Oh," he said softly. "Actually, that sounds really fucking good. I'd love that." He smiled. The dimple made its reappearance.

"Then let's do that. Let's sleep together." I pushed him up off of me and swiveled my legs out from under him. I grabbed the remote for the TV and clicked it off. The room went instantly dark. I stood up and turned toward my bedroom. "You coming?"

Matt smiled widely. "No. But I'll follow you to the bedroom," he quipped.

I took his hand and lead him to my room. He stopped for a brief second and stared at my bed. He watched as I stretched out over it on my side. "Come on," I beckoned. "Don't be shy."

He jumped onto the bed, making it shake, then settled in next to me. He draped his arm over my side and I pulled his hand up and hugged it to my chest. He restlessly shifted around behind me. "Settle down back there!" I scolded.

"Sorry, it's just that... well, I needed to, um, readjust." He settled in and put his face against the back of my neck.

"I already felt the Pheonix in its full glory back in on the couch. Don't sweat it here," I reprimanded him.

He laughed hard. "That wasn't even full glory," he whispered.

I smiled in the darkness. "Oh, it wasn't now?"

"Nope. But like I said. A few more days... and who knows where we'll be?" And with that we both giggled like little kids and snuggled into each other for the night. His body molded to the back of mine. I wiggled my ass up against him and he pressed into me. I snuck his hand on the inside on my dress and he slowly fingered my nipple, humming against the back of my head. Within 20 minutes we'd settled into place and fallen fast asleep.

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