Building Friction (Part 33)

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The ride home was awkwardly silent. After the kiss, we'd pulled back from each other, stood quietly for a minute and then headed to the car wordlessly. Geoff proceeded to drive me home, and I shifted nervously in my seat until we got there.

He walked me up to the door, the silence trailing after us like dissipating smoke. Once at the door, I turned to face him. I twirled my key chain around in my fingers. I couldn't think of what to say, and wasn't sure how much more there was to say. I turned back to the door and unlocked it. I turned the knob and pushed the door slightly ajar and then turned back to Geoff again.

His eyes were still searching my face. There was something that he wanted me to say, but I couldn't think of any words. I sighed and glanced back down at the keys in my hands. When I felt him step closer to me, I looked up again.

His mouth covered mine softly at first, applying just the slightest pressure to mine. I started to walk backward, stepping over the threshold and into the apartment, Geoff moving along with me. The kiss began to turn feral, and once his body had moved past the door, he kicked it closed with a backward swing of his foot.

I was running my hands up and down over the front of his chest, grabbing at his shirt, devouring his mouth. His hands tugged at my skirt, lifting it up. His hands found my ass and gave it a rough squeeze, then pulled apart the cheeks. My hands ran up into his hair, my fingers wove through the thick strands.

He was lifting me up, and I was parting my legs to allow him between them. We crashed to the floor with a painful thud. My breath knocked out of me, I lay still on the ground as he pulled down the front of my top and yanked my breasts free of their strapless cups. His teeth grazed my nipple and the fire that was building between my legs became a full-blown inferno.

As his head alternated between breasts, I reached down and unzipped his pants. He was hard. My memory shot me back to the time between us in the restroom, remembering what it felt like as he slammed into me, how full he made me feel. I wiggled beneath him trying to angle my hips.

He kept his mouth on my chest and reached down. His hands dug under my skirt and forced it up around my waist into a crumpled mass of material. He viciously yanked down my panties. I could feel them cut into my hips as he worked them off of me. My legs writhed and helped him get them down to my feet where I kicked them completely off.

I was expecting to feel him bury his cock in me at that moment, but instead was greeted with the sensation of his middle finger gliding in and out of my pussy. It hooked far up and massaged my G-spot, unleashing more wetness from me. As soon as I felt him withdraw the one finger, I felt him return it with a second. The pressure increased inside of me. A torrent was on its way.

He fucked me rapidly with the two fingers for a half dozen strokes and then withdrew them and returned with three. My muscles clamped down on them, trying to hold them in place. As he fucked me steadily with those fingers, he moved his head up and bit tenderly at my neck. I started to scream incoherently. He murmured praise into my ear.

Then the fingers were increased to four. He began to fuck me with them slower, with a greater amount of deliberation. His thumb pressed down on my clit as he managed to spread me open with his hand. His other hand, still and useless up until that point, came up and rested on my mouth. He parted my lips with its middle finger. I sucked hungrily at it.

The orgasm built up, as if I were watching a car wreck in slow motion. I could see it coming, see it coming, knew it was coming and my eyes clenched shut. My lips quivered with the digits between them. My legs began to shake and my knees feel apart even wider. My juices gushed out over his steadily working hand, coating his fingers, pooling in his palm.

As he withdrew the finger from my mouth, I couldn't control the fury that spewed forth from inside of me.

"Fuck me! Get your cock in my pussy and fuck the ever-loving shit out of me, right the fuck now!!" I screamed.

He tore at his pants, pushing them down over his hips. Within half of a second he was in me, thrusting. I bucked up toward him, returning every downward motion with an upward thrusting one of my own. I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around his waist, bringing him into me deeper. He batted at my knees, forced me to unhook my feet and then grabbed at my calves.

He lifted me up higher, raising my ass off the floor, resting my ankles on his shoulders. His own body rose to its knees. With every pounding motion, my breasts bobbed up and down on my chest. On the more intense thrusts, I thought they would bang into my chin.

My inner muscles worked the length of him, slithering down his shaft. I could feel every inch, every bit of his length, every stretch of his girth. The sound of our skin slapping together bounced off the walls. He was quiet, too quiet for my liking. He bit his lower lip and breathed through his nose. I could almost see the hot streams of air flowing from his nostrils when I looked up at him.

Suddenly he began to hum. He was no longer biting his lip and was instead pressing them tightly together. His eyes fell closed. The eyelids fluttered. When his mouth opened again, he was speaking.

"Ah, yes!" Came forth from him. "Ah, yes! Ah, fuck! Ah, fucking yes!!"

He dropped my legs at that moment and they slid down his sides and landed on the carpet. He fell forward onto me and pumped his hips against mine, grinding me into the ground. I felt my pussy flood with warmth. Geoff's mouth found mine and placed upon it a lazy, after-orgasm kiss before sliding down my cheek and resting in the curve of my neck and shoulder.

We were panting, lying very still on the floor, aside from the chaotic rising and falling of our chests. Geoff's body fell off to the side of mine and his hand rested between my breasts, his thumb twitching over my breastbone. I fluttered my fingertips on his belly, toying with the fine layer of hair right below his belly button.

Quite some time had passed before he spoke. "You're not mad?" he asked softly.

"Why would I be mad?" I turned toward him, pressing my chest to his.

"Oh, you know. This isn't what you really wanted. I'm not the right guy. Blah blah blah, etc, etc." His gaze went over my shoulder to the wall behind me.

"No, none of that. Not anymore." I reached up and placed my hand against the side of his head, turning it into a blinder and forcing him to return his gaze to my face. "I'll be honest. I won't say that this is 'right.' But you're not going to hear me say that it is wrong."

He stared at me, unblinking. His mouth was slack and his expression was child-like. He was trying to read me, to determine if I was feeding him a line of bullshit, yet all of the smug nature that usually clouded his features was gone. This was a man who wanted to know that what he was being told was serious, because what was being talked about was a subject close to him.

It occurred to me in that moment that while I knew how Matt felt about me without asking, he had never once looked at me in this way. Geoff lay beside me, wrapped in vulnerability. If pressed, he would be man enough to admit it as well. But there was no need to press him for it. I understood him. The feeling of that sunk deep into my stomach and sloshed around.

I started to push myself up on my elbows, into a sitting position. "Where are you going?" Geoff asked.

"The shower. I feel the need to get clean," I replied. I winked down at him. In an instant, he was on his feet, following me.

I turned on the water and watched it come streaming out of the shower head for a minute, entranced by the flow. Geoff stood behind me, wrapping an arm around my waist. My skirt was still bunched up and as I moved a hand around to find the zipper, I felt him grab my wrist and stop me. He smoothed the material back down and pulled at the zipper, undoing it all the way. I stepped slowly out of it.

Geoff began to run his hands over my hips, moving them around to my ass. The feel of his skin was cool against mine, and I let out a small sigh. He ran his hands toward the front of me and pressed them into my crotch. I pushed back against him, feeling him harden once more.

He then moved his hands upward and hooked his fingers under my top, running it under my armpits. I raised my arms and he lifted it off over my head. He undid my bra, one hook at a time until the cups fell free from my breasts. My nipples stiffened when the air hit them. He cupped my them in his hands and squeezed firmly.

I turned around and started to unbutton his shirt, taking my time, until every button was undone. I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and it fell to the floor at our feet. I ran my hands back down his chest to his pants, which he had rebuttoned but not zipped. I yanked at the button, unleashing it. I pushed his boxers and pants free from his hips and they thumped to the floor. He slowly worked one foot at a time out of them, then stood naked before me with his smirk plastered in place.

I lifted my hand into the flow of the water, checking the temperature before stepping into the shower. Geoff followed after and stood quietly, watching the water run over my back and shoulders and down over my breasts. He leaned his head down and licked at my nipples, getting his face wet in the process.

I held his head in my hands and moved it back and forth over each breast, delighting in the feel of his tongue. When he stood straight, I looked down and marveled at the thickness of him, now jutting straight out from his body and pointing at mine as if marking its desired destination. I maneuvered him until he was the one under the stream of the shower head.

The water ran down his body, soaking his skin. I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth again. The skin still smelled faintly of our sex and the flavor drove me on. My mouth worked him over, licking at every angle. The muscle in him flexed and his cock jumped around in my mouth. When I looked up, he'd tilted his head back and was resting the crown on the shower wall.

The moaning coming from him drove me on. I moved one hand up to cup his balls, gently fondling one at a time, testing the weight and fullness of them. When I gave them a light squeeze, a gargled noise emerged from his throat. I kept my eyes on him, and he looked down at me. When his eyes met mine, he began to shake. I could tell that the moment was seconds away, so I released him from my mouth and began to stroke him with my hand.

"No!" he cried. "Don't stop!"

I dove back on him, returning to the task with a frenzy. The sound of my wet slurping echoed in the room. He pounded the wall with his fist. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, allowing him to enter the extent of my mouth. His cum filled me at that moment, pushing around and under my tongue, filling the cavity to its capacity. I gulped at it as quickly as I could, but a small bubble escaped the corner of my lips and trickled down my chin, only to be quickly washed away by the shower water.

He remained hard after his orgasm, and grabbed my wrist, yanking me to my feet. He whipped me around and pushed at the back of my neck, folding me over. I felt him enter me swiftly. The water was cascading off of him and onto my back, running forward and streaming from my breasts. He pounded away at me mercilessly.

My pussy clenched tight, the muscles moved spastically. He leaned forward and wrapped an arm around my waist. I felt his fingers dig at me, find their way between my lips and go in for the kill. While he was working my clit, I felt his other hand sliding over my ass. The next sensation I was greeted with was the presence of a finger in my asshole, gently probing.

It was then that I lost it for a second time, but this orgasm was even more intense than the first. The arm he had around my waist held me up as my knees bucked and tried to give way. I was shouting, although my words were lost to my ears. My body felt like quaking gelatin. I reached up and placed my palms on the wall to help steady myself.

We remained in that pose for some time, the water cleansing us. I felt him go limp inside of me. He slowly withdrew his thumb and helped me to stand. He held onto me tightly, his head at my shoulder, his breath hot and humid on my cheek.

I turned and began to consume his face, my mouth working at his. He returned my kisses just as rapidly and desperately as I delivered them. He stood under the water, oblivious until the warm began to run tepid. I reached down and turned it off, all the while still attached to Geoff at the face.

We stepped out of the shower, still connected. Our bodies dripped a copious amount of water onto the bath mat, soaking it. Even as the water clinging to our skin turned cold and our bodies began to shiver, we did not let up. I reached for a towel hanging on the rack and wrapped it behind me. Geoff worked it vigorously over my skin and then pulled it around to himself.

We fumbled down the hallway and into my bedroom, dropping to the mattress, still damp. Lying atop the bed, both of us staring at the blank ceiling, there were no words spoken. Geoff place a hand on my belly, then urged my body to turn on its side by pressing against me with his own. I complied and felt him mold against me. The last thing I felt was him kissing the back of my neck as we drifted off into sleep.


I woke to a full bladder. Geoff was lightly snoring and his grip on me had loosened, so freeing myself from him was easy. After I'd relieved myself, I started back to the bedroom, but froze in my tracks halfway there.

My cell was singing to me from the living room, 311's "Homebrew." It was the ringtone I'd set for Matt.

I dove into the living room, hoping to pick it up before it woke Geoff. After I breathlessly answered, I heard Matt's bemused voice greet me.

"What were you just doing to get yourself so out of breath?" he laughed.

"Rushing for the phone," I chirped back. "I thought you were going to be working."

"I was. But it's just past closing time. You didn't notice that it was dark out?" I could hear music come on in the background, signaling that Matt had started up his truck.

I glanced at my windows and saw hints of darkness creeping through the blinds. Geoff and I had to have been asleep for hours. "No, I was..." I searched my head for a plausible answer. "...watching movies."

"Oh. Well, I know you were disappointed with me this morning, so I was thinking about stopping by tonight." There was wind rustling at his mouthpiece, indicating that he was driving.

"No!" I said, too sharply, then repeated it again, softer. "No. I've got school tomorrow, and frankly, I'm a little out of it as it is. I should get to sleep pretty soon."

"Well, OK, if you say so," Matt paused. "I just wanted to apologize to you in person."

"For what?"

"For blowing you off. Friday was really intense, and I spent most of Saturday a little shell-shocked, and I got to thinking about it, and when you called I was still a little dazed. But after I heard your voice, and how you withdrew, it threw me off all day." Matt sighed. "You sure I can't come over?"

"Just tell me now, Matt. Please. We might actually need some time apart after you say whatever it is that you are going to say," I bit my lip, hoping I was playing my cards right.

"It's just that the last relationship was all about sex. So, here I was, blown away by what transpired between us, thinking that I might have overdone it, worried that I was going for another repeat of before. Then you call and ask for me to come over under pretty clear terms, and I freaked. It felt like total deja vu."

"Well, I'm not..." I began, but Matt instantly cut me off.

"Yes, I know. That's what I figured out for myself today. That's why I wanted to come over. To apologize. I know you're not like that because you were so patient with me. You were willing to take your time and we got a chance to get to know each other first. I was completely off-base when I was having those feelings this morning, and I didn't give you the credit you deserved."

My heart sunk into my stomach. I could still hear Geoff's snoring trickling out of my bedroom. "God, Matt. You don't need to say all of that."

"Yeah, I do. I'm sorry for putting my own shit off on you, Chloe. You didn't deserve it."

I suddenly heard the purr of Matt's truck outside of my building. I ran over to the window and spied it idling in the street. Panic seized me.

"Look, I'm out front. Are you sure you can't see me, just for a second?" Matt's figure was outlined by the glow of the streetlight.

I sank my head to my hand. My eyes squeezed shut and fought off tears. "No. Please. I'll talk to you tomorrow, OK? I just can't deal with this right now."

Matt was quiet for a moment. "Alright," he sighed. "Chloe?"


"I'm sorry."

"Please, Matt. Don't."

"OK." Then there was a click, and I watched as his truck slowly pulled away.

I placed my cell on the coffee table and headed back into my bedroom. I stood over Geoff and watched his sleeping face for a moment before shaking him awake. He stirred slowly, and looked dopey.

"You need to leave. It's late. You should go home and sleep in your own bed," I said.

He blinked at me, confused. "OK," he unsteadily agreed. "Are you angry at me again?"

"No, I just need my space. I have to work tomorrow morning, you have to work tomorrow. So you should go," I walked out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom where I gathered his clothes. I held them out to him and he took them slowly.

I watched as he pulled up his boxers and pants and then slipped his shirt onto his arms. He yawned thickly and then stood. "But you're not pissed?" he asked again.

"No. Just having one of those moments where I want my space. I'll talk to you soon, I promise." The words felt metallic in my mouth, as if they didn't belong there. All I really wanted to do was crawl under a rock and not come out. But come morning, I was going to have to deal with the situation between both guys. My stomach reeled.

I walked Geoff to the door, and he stopped and turned to kiss me before exiting. His kiss was as sleepy as he was, and gently caressed my mouth. I returned it half-heartedly, but it seemed as if he didn't notice.

After he was out the door, I went back to my bedroom and flung myself across my bed. I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.

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