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I don't write on this site much anymore and sadly, it's mostly due to the fact that I only have a couple of people who are still haunting its corpse and I just don't want to deal with their bullshit.

You know where you can find me if you're looking for the basic writing that I get paid to do.

As far as the other writing I'm doing, well... anyone who cared to see it isn't going to because of those few people who ruined it for everyone else.

I'm concentrating on understanding that what I can do is of value. I'm not giving it away for free to ungrateful asstwats any more. Again, blame this only on the handful of asstwats who had to destroy what they believe they partially own because they helped build the audience.

I thank Brandon for keeping the site up and running for me. I like to go back and laugh over the old stuff I wrote that everyone loved but I can now read through and see was total shit. Gotta get back into the groove of writing shit, I suppose, if I wanna be all popular and famous and whatnot again.



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browse it browse it go

i would love to read your stuff again. alas, I do not know where to find you. I still get tickled when i get an Awesome Zara alert in my inbox. it has been a while since the inbox has had anything, almost forgot about it altogether. hope all is well and you get to be all popular and famous and whatnot again.


I Hope I'm Not One of the Ones Who Ruined It for You...

...but I really don't know you well enough to know. But every time I get an e-mail from the Awesome One, I check it out.

site location request from a reader

Hi Zara,
I certainly hope that I don't qualify as haunting the corpse, (or an asstwat, lol) but somehow, I missed the memo about where you & your lovely rants moved, so here I stayed. (I also deleted my MySpace profile quite some time ago.) I noticed you all but ceased writing here, and the email notifications became fewer & farther between. I would love to get reacquainted with your writing again. If you are not inclined to tell me where your online presence currently resides, so be it, it's your writing, it belongs to you, and it's your choice alone. Your rants were always an enjoyable read. I generally ignored the asstwats.

Dianna G. Walker

loved reading your stuff

Dear Zara,
I have missed you and your thoughts. I have had many changes in my life,,and maybe that has been why you also need to write again?? I would love to read things that you think now,, I bet your life has taught you many things also.

This is Beth in New York,,and guess what,,my daughter, the one that was just a teenager and discovering she was gay at the time,,well, she just married on September 29th and she married the nicest most beautiful young woman with many tattoos..kinda ironic lol. Life has a way of working itself out. The things that seem so "oh my god" just smooth themselves out after a bit, or maybe I did. That is likely it and we are ok. Her dad, my ex, well, that is a whole other issue. But just thought I would tell you. The last time I talked to you and was so upset, that is what we spoke of and you were so kind to me. I am never forgetting of those that are helpful to an older mom in help of a little kindness.

Hope the world has been good to you Zara,,
your friend,

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