Good Mourning

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There is no readmission
Once you step out the door
It no longer revolves
Nope, not anymore.

All or nothing
Let's play it your way
You placed your bet on nothing
And there it shall stay.

It won't be hard for you
No sad late night tears
Why worry about distance
With someone so near

I mourn for my friend
Formerly my foe
I hate this... I love you
More than you will know.

Probably just more melancholy bullshit to follow. Or a bunch of silence. I'm going to try to favor the latter. Sorry everyone. I just don't have it in me anymore. Better to just stop before I stab myself through the palms to force myself to.


What a shame, such beautiful

What a shame, such beautiful hands.

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So many trivial comments here...

I'd rather not be another one on this I'll just leave you with the reassurance that you're in my thoughts and dare I say prayers...I know I say it a lot and sometimes you probably wonder about me, but I love you Zara. :)


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Warm bodies and suicidal tendencies

The line about distance and someone so near makes me think he has someone with him. But that someone, if he chose her over you, because of distance, is just a warm body. And he is so making the wrong choice and will regret it very soon. But I really don't know enough about your stuff to even think I'm anywhere near the truth or that I can comment intelligently.
I'd really like to make fun of this "you crack me up dear" guy, but it would take too long. And I'd really like to cheer you up some, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to. So stay silent if you like, but remember what Mike and Suicidal Tendencies said, "You Can't Bring Me Down".

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That's some really heartfelt

That's some really heartfelt emotion here. I feel so bad that not only are you going through something that I can only imagine feels like total crap, but having so many people reading it and making comments on you having a crappy Monday.

Out of pain comes beauty, and I have to say, I think that poem is beautiful.

LoL you crack me up dear.

LoL you crack me up dear.

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Sounds like somebodies got a case of the Mondays!

Just kidding darlin...its ok.

<3 you.

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Writing helps

'Why worry about distance
With someone so near'

I loved that line.

Sometimes I work just one the one line. I've written something a sentence long, and it helps me to keep going.

I'd love you to help me out. Do you have any stories of love, or, more importantly, lost love? If you could pop by the blog that would be great. I need help to convey love and lost love.


Giorgina Angela

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Mondays are a BITCH!

Don't stop writing - even if you don't share it with us. Sometimes expressing ourselves/writing out our feelings is the best way of dealing with something.

I hope your week goes better.

Come on now, admit that you did have a pretty good Sunday! :p

Take care of yourself, my friend. I'd say cheer-up, but sometimes we need some down-time.

Lesley from Minnesota :)

*I* say

fuck the anti-depressents and fuck 300. That'll cheer you up.

No I mean it.

Huh? What movie?

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Ahhh the joy of

Ahhh the joy of Monday's...hope your week gets better....I say fuck the anti-depressents and go and watch 300 again, men in lil leather pants will surely put a smile on your face (....huh I'm actually thinking about bunking off work to do that myself).

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Damn girl, have you ever

Damn girl, have you ever tried anti-depressants? may want to think about it........

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