Hi Cyndy

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Yes, I see that you're on. And the following is not directed at you.

When you hear a knock at your door, do you just open the door wide and make a grand sweeping gesture of your arm, allowing whomever is on the other side to walk right in?

If you were to come home and discover a stranger taking a shit in the middle of your living room, would you smile and leave the steaming pile on the shag?

I say these things to make a simple point.

It's my house. I'll do whatever the fuck I want. Go back to juvenile hall and play with the other miscreants. You're not welcome here.


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Does this mean

I get to kill someone for ya Z ?? :)

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Go for it.


Most people remember that there was a code of conduct for hosts in times gone by. What is usually forgotten is that there was also a code of conduct for guests as well. You were expected to abide by the hosts rules. I hope that whomever this was aimed at understands that since it is your house they have to follow your rules or they are not allowed back.

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I'm sick of people. You tell

I'm sick of people. You tell them Z!

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No clue...

what brought this on, but very true nonetheless. You need that steaming pile hurled back at someone... you know where I am.

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