How to Fuck a Canuck (Unfinished)

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"Tell me how you want me."

You look me up and down slowly. I love how your eyes speak volumes. There is so much hidden behind them, so many doors to unlock. We've only starting scratching the surface of what to do together. Between your imagination and my own, the possibilities are tantilizingly limitless.

"Turn around and bend over," you say to me. I comply, standing directly in front of you and bending at the waist. I can sense you stand up. You run your hand over my bare ass slowly, then give it a solid smack on my right cheek. I close my eyes and take stock of the delicious sting that your hand has left on my flesh.

"You like it when I give you a little smack, don't you?"

"Mmmm Hmmm."

Your hand runs over my other cheek and then delivers a similar blow. My knees soften. Your hand moves to the crack and dives down. I can feel your finger as it enters me slowly. You move it in and out of my already wet cunt. You reach forward with your other arm, run it along my back and then under, cupping one of my breasts. They are hanging like pendulous mounds of flesh, the nipples firm. You're leaning over far enough and I can feel your breath hot on my back. You kiss a deliberate trail along my spine.

Suddenly, you straighten up. "Stand up," you instruct me and I do. "Face me." I turn and look into your eyes.

"Yes. Whatever you want, whatever you need, tell me and I'll do it." I say.

"Good girl," you praise me. "Kneel." I get down on my knees. "Open." I let my mouth fall open, my tongue partially out. You reach down and stroke my face. You thumb comes to a rest on my chin. You slide it onto my tongue and I seal my lips around it, suckling. "Nice. You ready for something bigger?" I nod, your thumb still encased in my mouth.

You are still dressed in your work suit. I'd been waiting for you to return all day, preparing myself for you arrival. My pussy is freshly waxed, smooth and completely bare. I've rubbed scented oil over my skin, leaving myself with a fragrant glow. I couldn't resist teasing my clit a little, calling you on your coffee break and letting you listen to me as I brought myself to the edge and crashed over. It was then that you promised to return home as quickly as possible.

I reach up and unzip your pants. You're already hard, your cock is desperately trying to break free. I give it a helping hand, grab it firmly, look up at you with a smile. "Don't be a tease," you warn me. With that, I take hold from the top and then let my tongue flop out of my mouth again. I run the tip gently around your balls and then to the base. I drag it up slowly, feeling the think vein that runs the length of the underside. At the head, I let my tongue swirl its circumference, as if I were lapping up the melted goodness of an ice cream cone. I slowly cup my lips around the helmet and then lower my head until my nose dusts the skin of your lower stomach.

I hear you groan, then exhale hard. Your hands reach down and grab hold of my head gently. You don't push or pull, you simply rest them there and let them move with me. I am in control of the flow with which my head moves. You've never pressured me to go faster or slower, always just trusted my judgment. So far, it'd never steered you wrong.

I decide on a quick run this time around. Using my left hand to massage your balls and my right to work the shaft, I begin to suck at a frenzied pace. The room is filled with the sounds of my slurping and your moaning. You know that the more vocal you become, the more it spurs me on. My hand it moving up to meet my mouth as it moves down. A little twist of my wrist and my hand is covering the entire length of you, alternating with my mouth. I am salivating more than normal. I have been craving the taste of you all day. I have set my sights on filling my mouth with your cum, and I aim to get as much as I can as fast as I can.

I start to feel the flex in your cock, the one that occurs right before you shoot your load. I dive down deeply, removing my hands from your shaft and balls and reaching around to grab at your ass. As the first shot of delicious man juice slides down my throat, I dig my nails in. I feel your muscles clench. You are shouting, although I make out little of it, aside from the "Oh, FUCK!" The second blast fills my mouth, and the third and fourth ones bring my mouth to capacity. I struggle to swallow it all. A tiny stream bubbles from the corner of my mouth, but I am still buried on you. As I pull back, I flip my tongue out and lick at it. I can't stand missing even a fraction of an ounce of you.

You stumble backward and land with a thud on the bed. I stand up and make my way over. You are lifeless as I undress you, slowly loosening and slipping your tie off from around your neck and then unbuttoning your shirt. I notice a small stain on the lower right corner of your shirt tails. "You have a little fun yourself on your coffee break today?" I ask. You weakly nod. It makes me smile, knowing you pleasured yourself to the sounds of me pleasuring myself. I bite my bottom lip and continue to undress you.


Once I have you completely naked, I instruct you to lie back on the bed and stay still. I climb up over you, straddle your hips and lean over. I kiss you. You return the kiss, your tongue probing my mouth. My hair is spilling down on either side of your face, forming a curtain around it. I pull back and attack your neck, planting slow kisses along its side, down and across your collar bone. I breathe you in, your scent enraptures me. I move back up and kiss your mouth again.

With my hands, I grab yours and move them to my breasts. You knead at the flesh, moving your thumbs over my hardened nipples, then start to pinch them lightly. My mouth breaks from yours and I let a sigh escape me. I can sense a stirring below my crotch. You are rising to attention again. I push backwards and feel your cock pulsing upwards toward me, searching for its rightful place. I angle my hips and let the head drift across my wet slit, up to my clit.

With my right hand, I reach back and grab you around the base. I hold you in place and rub the head of your prick on my clit. It is stiffening, crying out to me, urging me to guide you deep inside of me. I resist the temptation and slide it up and down my slit some more. "Please, baby," you beg in a hushed tone. "I need to be inside of you. Don't tease me."

I push my hips back and slide down onto your cock, feeling it fill me up to the very depths. I leave you in there, not moving, just enjoying the length of you. After some time I begin to rock, slowly moving up and off and then back down again. I look at your face. You've closed your eyes and your mouth is parted open into a wide "O" shape. Your hands are still on my breasts, massaging them.

As I begin to build up a steady tempo, you move your hands to my hips. The muscles within me are contracting and releasing now. I can sense the tingle and my impending rush of fluid. You can as well, from the twitch that I see float across your features. "Drench me, baby," you demand. I start to rock faster, pushing my ass down on you harder, pulling up and them slamming down. My heart is racing. I begin to fondle my tits now, pulling at my nipples, twisting them between my fingers. You feel hot between my legs.

I feel the tingle at its height and pull up just in time to shoot my cum down onto your prick. My juice pours over it, drenching your manhood and thighs. You are breathing out of control, your fingers are digging into the flesh of my hips, trying to pressure me back down on you. I slam back onto you, then lift and release another splash. I am inches away from cumming. I move over you again, take you to the hilt and my muscles clamp down. As I cum, the muscles hold you in place. They are moving in a ripple, gripping from the deepest part of me, on your head and then down to the base.

Your moaning is intense. "I'm gonna fucking cum," you announce. "I'm gonna fucking cum up in your hot pussy." You slap at my side, your head is rocking from side to side. Your hand forms a fist and pounds on my hip as you unleash spurt after spurt deep inside of me.

I lean my head forward and drag my hair across your bare chest, watching you shiver as you begin to descend from your climax. You weakly reach up and pull at me, pull me down over you. Your hands move to my face, cupping it. You bring my mouth to yours and kiss me. I can feel your cock giving its last pulse inside of me. Our juices are mixed and we are hot and sticky with them. Your tongue withdraws from my mouth and runs over my bottom lip.

"You taste so good," you say.

"I bet we taste better," I respond with a wink and begin to dismount...



What a great read Z. Can't wait for part 2. Keep up the good work =)

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