How to Subscribe Here and Get Notification of New Postings

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A notification module has been set-up on this website that will allow you to receive notifications whenever there is a new post here on

If you look to the left of the posts, you'll see a list of directives, including "my account."

Click on that and then "my notify settings."

From there you can set it to e-mail you if there is a new posting here as well as to set-up w-mail notification if there is a new comment posted.

Since I keep hearing complaints of not seeing that little "new!" indicator on your Spazz accounts, here's a way to get it in your regular inbox. That is... if any of you actually CHECK your regular inbox anymore.




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I'm lovin it

I've been a member since around this time last year, and I love the changes. It's so much easier to get around on! Keep up the good work.

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I go away for a while

I go away for a while and you change the place around! Thought I was in the wrong house for a moment!! Sheesh!

Nice work. Easy to navigate, and now there's a face to the names!


I love the new format.

Are there plans to add content to people's profiles? It'd be cool to be able to read where readers are from and a little about who they are.

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Not Sure

We're still in the developing stages. Throw out ideas and my guy will see if he can handle them.

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Done and done. Yo.

Done and done.


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I f'in love it!

I just changed my settings and notifications! I'm really liking this format more and more!!

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Test post with new comment picture

Just testing the new pictures ability. Everyone can post their picture in their profile and it will show up in comments.

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Thanks for that new feature.

Thanks for that new feature. I've been popping over daily to check, but this is very useful.

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