I Don't Feel Like It

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The writing, that is.

I'll get back around to it again sometime soon. I just need a spark to get me rolling. As for now, please feel free to peruse my older stuff when I was more motivated.

Read: Pressured.

I so love not having the Myspazz blog anymore. I've caught up on reading, interacting with family, finally playing my "The Movies" game.

So what if I suck? Everyone needs a lull from time to time. Deal with it, succubus-es. Succubi?



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The only time I produce

The only time I produce anything worth a tin shit is when I have a deadline. Sometimes not even then.

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Do you know what succubi

Do you know what succubi are? Don't call me a succubus! Grrr...

I miss the blogs... I really do. You were a lot of my inspiration. But oh well, inspiration is everywhere. I do tend to think from time to time, "Hey, it's 7 am! There should be an awesomeblog right about now!" And then I remember, you resorted to being MediocreZara. haha, jk.

I can still remember the day I first came across your blogs. And when i think about it, I can still remember the feelings I had. You were the one who introduced me to blogging for the public, and my first bloggy inspiration. It was so cool. To see so many comments and people reading your stuff. I spent so much time going through your comments and checking out what everyone had to say.

But alas, you have awesomezara.com. You're still here. Yay! I can still read your bullshit! haha.

Ok... so I just sort of splooged out my thoughts.

....I love cheesecake.

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Lull away girl!

With the crazy schedule you have challenged yourself with over the course of the past year...you and your mind deserve some vacation and recreation. Your loyal friends and readers will support you in whatever you do. Fuck the pressure of performing for others...do what makes YOUR heart sing and inspiration will surely follow. As well as lead you to your next creative venture. Happy R&R Missy ;-)

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Nah, you don't suck

You don't suck, you just need to focus on something else for a while. You're supposed to have a life outside the internet. The human interaction and all....it's great. Well, except when it sucks, which happens. I took some time while waiting for a job to start to reconnect with myself, it was great and much needed. So have at it!

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Good for you

Writing should be something you do for fun or fulfullment. Not out of a sense of obligation to others. You're not freaking Ann Landers or something.

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"me" time

You mean you actually have a life outside of the internet??? (joking)

Kudos to you for having "me" time...when I dont get enough of it I usually wanna rip some random person balls/tits off for no apparent reason. Enjoy :)

Peace Love & many Smiles...Dawn

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I probably just sound like a kiss ass, but...

You know me! I always support you taking time for yourself. You're more important to me than your writing is...although I loves readin' me some AZ! ;) I know how it feels to be under that "pressure" to perform or whatever and being not-so-motivated makes it really difficult and just makes you feel shitty for not making those people happy...fuck 'em for a minute...it's Zara time right now! Love ya girl!

Thats odd I was just

Thats odd I was just thinking about you today and here you are. Good to hear from you.

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Maybe having a lull

is a universal thing. Maybe it's the start of the year. Whatever it is, I couldn't give a toss about anything either at the moment. Although, it may have a little more to do with the fact that my boyfriend moved in and we still haven't cleared out the spare room where my desk is, somewhere, lurking under all of his crap.....

Giorgina Angela

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succubi is right


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Wow, are you actually making

Wow, are you actually making it back to real life? Congrats on that. Maybe that will "inspire" the rest of us to do the same. I do miss the blog talk though. It helps me get through work.....:-}

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And for you literal fuckers

No, I am NOT asking you to read something entitled "Pressured."

I'm referring to the fact that my prior motivation was in essence a pressure to perform for people and not let them down.

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But... When you do that,

But... When you do that, doesn't your work have no personal value. You did it for others, to keep them satisfied. Not for yourself, right?

At least that's how I feel when I write or do something so that I don't let someone down.

....I love cheesecake.

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