I finally made the list

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Brandon had mentioned that I was on his "list" of things to get done. The bastard went and got a "real job" and has lately been really busy with doing stuff that actually gets him paid.

What we're doing currently is disabling the ability for new accounts to get created. This way, people are still given the option of being able to read new posts and if you were a previous account holder, you can comment.


It eliminates new accounts from being created. Which eliminates me having to be the mommy to the fuckheads who didn't get enough loving growing up and just go looking to start shit with other people.

Hope this sounds good, as I would like to think that most of the people who currently have accounts are the only ones who have something intelligent to add.

And if you really are someone who has something of value to add and would like to get an account, I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, you'll have to lurk from afar. Well, aclose to the monitor and afar from me because I'm not all that fond of having my personal space invaded.

Now, the Wii, it calls to me.... (I promise to get something new and exciting to all of you as soon as possible.)


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I am always

the last to know. Glad your back. Missed the site. Was about to give up and remove you from my fav's. Glad I checked.

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Don't know what you've got....

Till its gone for a while. I had wondered why the email alerts had stopped. I didn't take the time to investigate, being at home very infrequently these days and since most hotels charge gnarly rates for internet, I check only the mail that applys to my travels. Whatever the reason for the hiatus may be, I'm pleased to see you're posting again!

I've Been Bad...

Sorry I have not been around much. I guess you were not either. Keeping in touch...a good thing.

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It's been so long since I have visited the site

(sorry for that, I've been busy in my own little just-turned-21-and-need-booze-NOW world) and this is what I get?

Well, I can't wait to read more new things.

Wii stinks like donkey poo. NES still pwns.

Good to see you're back Jess

Good to see you're back


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I'm on my way out the door...

for some delicious Dim Sum in Monterey Park, but before I go, I would like to ask you for some recommendations on Wii games.I'm getting Daniel one for his birthday in a couple weeks and I want to know what games might be fun for us to play together. It is my mission this year to tear him away from the MMO RPG habit (I know - daunting, if not impossible task) and I think finding some interactive games we can play together just might do the trick. It helps that he actually wants a Wii so that might be a good start.

Good to see you back here babe. It's nice to know you can post here without the drama of drooling mouth-breathers spewing their ignorance all over your page.


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I will forever be a Nintendo girl for the Mario. The Wii was actually the "family" Xmas present (read: Midget thinks it was solely for her) that the ManPerson brought with him down on his move. One of the games I asked for was Mario Party 8, a great video-type board game if you ask me.

You've heard me go on and on about my sisters and Midget and I playing together, so now we get to do it with our new daddy figure. And the best part is that all the Game Cube games are playable on the Wii as well.

I've also become, like Brian mentioned below, a bit of a Wii tennis hound. ManPerson also picked up a copy of Wii's version of the old arcade game "Rampage" which should be perfect to go over with Daniel as well. Nostalgia and punching stuff to bits = fun for the whole family.

hey zara

welcome back missed u and your writings so good to hear how your doing

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Two posts in less than two weeks!

And you've got a Wii !?!

I can't wait until my kids are old enough to not only let me play a video game but to also appreciate them so they can play. The upside, of course, is that by then the Wii will be cheap!!!

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Glad to see your site back up! :) *doing the happy dance* Okay - back to the kids, I promised them french toast for breakfast! :) ((BIG HUGS))

Lesley from Minnesota :)

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Thank you Brandon...

For 'doing' Zara. ---> Insert silly/happy/thankful grin here. So glad to see the site back up! Beyond that, as I am of 'pre-coffee' intelligence right now, I'll just happily and simply say thank you to both of you for your hard work and dedication to this site.

And send big, squishy virtual hugs to both of you for your awesomeness. {{{HUGS}}}

I have missed you Zara, been

I have missed you Zara, been such a long time. I look forward to reading more from you and hopefully will have something intelligent to add. Good luck to you and your family in your new space, it is such a wonderful time in your life. Take care my friend, Beth in New York

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I am so glad to know that I

I am so glad to know that I made it into the pre-fuckheads group on here!
Hopefully, at some point, I will actually have something intelligent to add.


So glad to see this back up and running! Have missed your writng Zara!


I'm glad that this is back up

You should have seen the big cheesy grin on my face when I opened my email.
Have you played wii tennis? It's the best Jerry!

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