I Prefer Carpet Under My Feet and Not in My Face

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[ Week of Brevity: Day Three, Take Two

Just to remind everyone, the challenge is this: A week of topics that I have a strong opinion on, limited to one paragraph (No more than 7 sentences). All of my responses to comments must be one sentence. ]

Why I Could Never Be a Good Lesbian

Quite simply, I've tried licking pussy and I just didn't like it. Women, with their genitals being mostly inverted, have this dark and eerie quality to them when your head is down below. Somewhere in the middle of my one and only cunnilingus expedition I began to feel like the spelunkers from the movie The Descent. I kept expecting blind albino monsters to come crawling out from the depths of her pussy. My lesbian friends informed me that I simply chose the wrong woman with which to initiate my feminine oral adventures, but I must beg to differ. My love for the breast will go on unabated, my eventual appreciation for anyone's pussy other than my own will not. I like the things in my life to be upfront and quite frankly, there's nothing more upfront than my sexual organ of choice, the cock.

Discussion of the Day:

I suppose this could best be handled by my heterosexual male and lesbian readers, but what the fuck is so appealing about licking pussy? How the hell do you go through with it? For the heterosexual female readers, is this something that you've ever considered doing at all?


You gonna eat that?

I think that the tactile sensations are nice and I enjoy the smell and taste of a clean pussy, but I have to agree the satisfaction that I'm able to give to a woman makes me happy. I love it when you ladies come all over my face and don't care about what time it is, how loud you are, if you soaked the bed, or if I'm able to breath because you are cumming so hard. Additionaly the pussy is visually attractive to me. It really is a thing of beauty; would not a rose of by any other name smell just as sweet? It's a shame that so many of you are selfconscious, so many of you have beautiful pussies.

Don't get me wrong I love

Don't get me wrong I love going down on my girl, but the main satisfaction comes from the pleasure given. To have fingers in your hair pressing your mouth against her moistness;grindinggrinding...there's nothing like it.


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