I'm Feeling Zoolandish

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The movie Zoolander was released on September 28th, 2001. Why would I be bringing this up? Well, it was one of the first major studio releases after The Towers were hit. Movie studios were pulling their movies off the market left and right, too scared that they were going to offend anyone. Well, at least that was the logic that they explained to the news.

Personally, I think they were only afraid of losing money.

There was a joke that went around after the movie was released (and went on to be quite popular. Gee, who would have guessed that people needed to have a laugh?) where anything thought to be done in suspicious taste was "Zoolandish." Well, I guess I'm feeling a little Zoolandish.

I've been reading a lot of blog posts over the last couple of days and I've noticed that there are a lot of people getting a jump of releasing a written piece early. Some are using this time as an opportunity to say thanks to those who were there on the day that we're what? Celebrating?

See, I guess I just don't get that. The terms being thrown around are "Tribute" and "Anniversary." But what are we marking exactly? If you want to make it all about the people who cleared the path to save lives, then shouldn't we be posting something on 9/12, 9/13, 9/14, 9/15, 9/16.... and so on and so on? It's not like the heroic acts only occurred on 9/11.

People are also taking this an an opportunity to get political. Really dig the screws into Bush and how he fucked up. How we were lied to. How the news coverage that will be plastered all about on 9/11/2006 will be to distract us from the real evil of our government. While I was raised to think and be politically involved, I never have taken to it in a public forum. I sign petitions, I vote, I encourage others to do the same. But writing a blog for the purpose of trying to take on the system just seems... well... stupid.

In the long run what I am most disturbed by is that there are those who will see this as an opportunity to do what the movie studios were afraid to do: make "money."

OK, so I said earlier that they were afraid of losing money. If they'd released movies during the time that our nation was in a panic and staying home, they would have lost money because the traffic would have been low. No one wants to go out when there are scary things going on outside.

But this is the internet. Those who are savvy enough understand that most people are going to be staying home today. They're not going to be going to the movies or grocery shopping or just cruising around. People tend to stay in and be somber around reflective times like this. Which is what many of the major bloggers are counting on.

People will be watching the news on TV and reading the stories on the internet. Tomorrow there will be a clutch of writers scanning the most popular blogs on Myspazz to see which ones got the most traffic. Whose tribute or poem or creative version of what should be said at this time got the most kudos.

Talk about Zoolandish.

This is what our world thrives on, like it or not. Strategy and plotting. Using the good will of something to piggyback on or taking something devastating and finding an angle on which to "spin" it. I'm not immune to my own harsh glare either. Just by my posting something makes me a part of it. Should I have kept my mouth shut? Believe me, I considered it. But I decided against it for one simple reason.

The world never stops. People are going to keep doing whatever it is that they normally do on a regular basis despite everything going on around them.. If that includes fighting for viewership, it's not going to change because of the 5th year marking of an American tragedy.

Now, you can choose to look at everything that I just said in a negative light. Taken at a base level, it is a rather ugly proposition. But let's look at it in the right light.

People are resilient. They have managed to continue going to work and taking care of their families for the last 5 years. Deaths, accidents, tragedies, they happen to us all every day. We might struggle, but ultimately we make it through.

Does that mean that we deserve fanfare? Do we need to have all of our small moves patted on the back? No. We would never ask anyone to do that for us. Most people have a hard time hearing nice things be said about themselves. I know I'm one of them. They ARE nice to hear, but they are not necessary.

Today will come and go. Then what? Tomorrow will be just another day. No 24 hour news coverage. No flashbacks. No more telling of stories. Life will go on. Like it always has.

Like it always will.

** Today I would like to recognize my cousin Marshall Brumana. He is a firefighter and while he was not involved in the events from 5 years ago, he will be involved in regular drama on a day to day basis.

 I would also like to recognize Senior Officer Ken Klopman of Oxnard, California who is in charge of the Regional Roadside Sobriety Checkpoint Program. While many of us think it sucks to be stopped at a DUI checkpoint, it is programs like this that help to keep our communities safe and they need individuals like Officer Klopman to run them.

Thank you gentlemen.

Discussion of the Day:

Who would you like to recognize? I'm also interested in what the thoughts are of those of my readers who do not live in US.

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