Just a Slightly Abnormal Friday

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It's the last Friday of 2006. Normally I reserve Fridays for my simple little lists, posting a picture and a brief comment. I had a problem with it today. See, I've been on holiday all this week and haven't plotted out my posts in advance like I normally do. I've just been getting up, thinking about something to post and then writing it. (Well, aside from yesterday.)

I sat down this morning and tried to think of something where I could use 5 of. I've been debating it for over an hour and still can't come up with anything.

My first instinct was to name the top 5 movies that I enjoyed this year. I looked up
the list of movies that were released in 2006 and discovered something odd.

First, I couldn't find 5 movies that I really, really liked. Second, I realized that there are a lot of flicks that I missed. I don't always do the theater route anymore unless it's something that I can take Midget to see or something I just don't want to miss. I usually end up waiting for stuff to get released on DVD first.

There were only 2 movies that I would hardcore recommend that were released in 2006.


 The movie is a twisted retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story, one where the predator becomes the prey and the original victim turns into a raving sociopath. Most of the scenes revolve around only 2 actors, the dialogue is tight, the horror of the unseen will make you cringe and the ending might even make you smile. Until I see a couple more movies from 2006, this one remains my hands down favorite.


I said it before, I'll say it again: I want some of Juno's fucking eyeliner. That shit was sweat proof, blood proof and gore proof. Again, another movie with few actors. There seems to be better focus and direction the less people that are involved in telling a story. There isn't a huge story behind this one, but the strength of the women vibrates off the screen.

That was it for the movies. Not that there weren't others that were good or entertaining, but they just weren't strong enough for me to think: "Damn, I loved that shit!"

Since I'm not a person who is into making resolutions, I didn't think of 5 things that I would want to do or change in the new year.

I started thinking about listing all of the great things that have happened to me over the course of 2006, but considering that I write about everything that happens to me, none of that info would be new to you.

I tried to think of 5 wishes that I have for the people in my life. I could only really come up with one. My friend Seth's dad has been ill and I wish that he could get better. A classic wish, I suppose, but the only truly heartfelt one that I could come up with.

I don't want to list 5 of the most interesting people that I've met this year because so many people would fall into that category I would inevitably end up leaving someone out. I'd like to think that the people who are important to me understand they are and wouldn't need to see their names in bold print here.

So... a Five for Friday without a Five. It's a first.

Although, just because I don't have a 5 doesn't mean that you can't.

What are the top 5 noteworthy things that happened to you (or that you witnessed) over the course of 2006?

I'll see you in January.

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