The Kind of Facial You Just Can't Get From Mary Kay

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[ Week of Brevity: Day Three

Just to remind everyone, the challenge is this: A week of topics that I have a strong opinion on, limited to one paragraph (No more than 7 sentences). All of my responses to comments must be one sentence. ]


One of my favorite scenes to watch in porn is the facial. That moment when a girl pulls back from giving a blowjob and takes the blast all over her pretty little face. Perhaps it's the realization that a man's ejaculate is proof of his orgasm, seeing the sticky goo drip off of a perfectly made up puss. Perhaps it's just because I'm a fan of receiving a facial from time to time myself, although the majority of the time, I'd much rather consume the output. I might be a rarity, in fact, I'm pretty fucking certain that I am. Facials are something that most women prefer to receive in a salon with a product that isn't so "man made." However, if most knew how much men love to watch their girl's face become their fluid's canvas, I think more women might be inclined to get painted on a little more often.

Discussion of the Day:

Are you a fan of giving/receiving a facial? What is your reasoning for liking (or not liking) it?

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