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I have penis envy.

Yup, as much as I enjoy my fun-to-play-with boobies and my intense female orgasms, there are days when I wish I could trade them in for a pee-pee.

Penises fascinate me. In the past I wrote about how men have issues with the size of their members where women make generous allowances for them, but I enjoy the penis in all of its shapes and sizes.

The veins, the curve of the head, how it looks like a bloated little mushroom cap of skin, the tiny wrinkled "V" shape right under the opening; All of these things enthrall me. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why my blowjobs are so well received. I love to look at, touch, and turn the skin of the penis into a miniature canvas for my tongue to paint.

I love to watch a man ejaculate, to see the flex of the muscles in his lower belly jerk wildly before he expels his first blast of fluid, to see the cock jump with each successive gush. I am captivated by those 30 or so seconds and strive more to achieve and witness my partner's orgasm than I do my own.

For all of these reasons and more, I wish I had a penis. Not to be a woman and have a penis, although that thought has crossed my mind as well. The concept of being a true hermaphrodite with both sex organs, as we believed was possible when we were uneducated little kids, is an interesting one. To have the option of being penetrated when I so desired and then to be able to penetrate when I'm so inclined sounds like a killer deal to me.

I would give anything to be a man for just a day. Thinking back on all those moments when I quite likely drove my partners crazy with the non-stop requests for them to describe to me what it felt like to fuck me. It's not really something that men can explain to us. You're lucky if you can find a man who is articulate in everyday life, let alone one who can say anything other than nonsensical babble after he's just lost his load.

I want to know what the male orgasm feels like. I want to have a cock so that I can penetrate all of the orifices. I want to rub one out in the shower, get a blowjob, fuck a hot, dripping wet pussy and even get myself some backdoor action. I want to do to someone all of the things that have been done to me so that I can "REALLY" understand what was felt when someone was fucking me.

I even want to discover the joy of pissing while standing up. Unzipping the front of my pants, only pulling out my cock and not having to worry about there not being any toilet paper? Score! You better believe that I am going to attempt writing my name with my urine, yes indeedy.

I don't need to understand what a woman's orgasm is like when I'm with her. Although it would be cool to be fucking a woman while she cums, it wouldn't be a priority. Hell, I'm talking only a day here. I'm not going to trouble myself with making sure that she got her cookies.

But that's because I understand that sex is almost always enjoyable for a woman, even if she doesn't orgasm. While there are times where you get into it in search of that climax, a good deal of the time when you are with your partner, it isn't the ultimate goal.

However, it's always appealed to me that 99% of the time, a man has to orgasm in order for sex to be satisfactory for him. I know of special circumstances and men that don't mind if they don't climax, but those instances are really few and far between. Even if a man proclaims that the woman's orgasm is more important that his own, I know that if he gets her off, there has to be a level of disappointment if he himself can't get off right after that.

So, hopefully before I die, the day will come when someone creates a program that allows us to change sexes for 24 hours. (Shut up, I like my wishful thinking!) Then my only issue would be finding someone I trusted enough to be clean so that I didn't have to deal with the one thing that sucks most about being a man: condoms.

But that's a whole other topic for another day.

Discussion of the Day:

Do you have the desire to change genders for even 24 hours? What would you like to do most during that day if you could make that change? What would you hope to learn?


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Oh sweet Jesus

If the ass wasn't such a nasty contraption I'd totally be Bi, or at least want my girl to get a Strap-On. I'd Love to see what it's like to be a woman. I think I'd run to the nearest athletic locker room filled with testosterone filled men and just let go.

So you wan't a dick, huh?

I think that would be supremely interesting, but I don't know if I'd be comfortable having sex with a man. That is unless of course my friend would be interested in becoming a man for a day. I'd love to experience just what a woman felt when her pussy was streached to capacity, I've had exams that accomplished this but they were less than pleasureable seeing as there was no romantic connection and I don't have a pussy. I would also like to know what it feels like to have life growing inside me. I can't imagine how emotionally euphoric that could be at times.

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