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The subject format, where I select which type of rant that I'm posting, strikes me as odd now. I used to rant about specific topics because I had a regular audience that I always needed to please. Now, not so much.

The crickets, they keep me good company.

I am abandoning my old fears. the ones where I wouldn't express my desires for time spent to myself or with different people. Doing things that I really want to do and don't have to corroborate with another person if it's acceptable. I am driving into LA and even the scary Hollywood, West Hollywood areas at night - by myself, in the dark, at night - and navigating just fine. My mom's voice in my head about being safe because I am a woman traveling alone is becoming a distant numb sound.

I went to the New Beverly theater in LA/Hollywood last night, this old revival theater that directors such as Quentin Taratino and Edgar Wright helped bring back from extinction. The theater hosts grindhouse and other style double features for a low price, as well as midnight showings of cult favorites.

They have been trying to get SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD to catch on as their own ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW deal, which is funny because I had dressed up as a character from the movie for Halloween and while I still have the pink hair, chose not to dress in costume last night.

Which, I learned the hard way, was a mistake. Those in costumes got special edition comic books signed by the co-writer of the movie, the author of the books it's based on, one of the stars - the delightful Brie Larson (also on "The United States of Tara") and Edgar Wright himself.

Yes, the man who directed SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ and SCOTT PILGRIM was there to introduce the movie, take a few questions and announce that he was running a week-long special "Edgar Wright hasn't seen these films" festival of double features.

Liv was nearly in tears when I told her about it this morning, being a huge fan of Brie. Man, how do you be a mom and do this fun stuff without your kid when you've been doing all this fun stuff with your kid in the past? Granted, I had never taken her to a midnight showing of anything in LA before, but she's always been a part of my activities. And I ENJOY doing stuff without her. Which makes me feel horribly guilty. Because she's a cool kid, a good kid. The hormones though, they suck right now.

I had such a great night. I have so many opportunities to seize. And when I seize them, it feels so satisfactory.

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