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While waiting for Ned's bus this afternoon, I spied something interesting.

A little black bird was bathing itself in a puddle of dirty rain water that had collected in a pothole.

I don't think I've ever related to something so distinctly before in my life.


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I have.

I saw a spider once who had a few of its legs crushed. It seemed to know where it wanted to go but kept going off in different directions stopping and trying again... I drew someone else's attention to it and before you know it they poured alcohol on it and it squirmed for a second and died.

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You dirty bird

Nice ...

Peace Love & many Smiles...Dawn

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It's amazing...

The things you notice when you stop for a second and look around, huh?


You make me laugh at the

You make me laugh at the oddest things.

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Trying to get clean

Well aren't we all little birds trying to get clean in this dirty little pothole we call the industrialized world. We seem to be oblivious for the most part though, either by choice, indifference, or ignorance.
Peace, Love, Rise Above

Innocence is bliss.

And the bird probably never gave its circumstances a second thought.


What are you trying to say here? You prefer baths to showers?

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Little black birds are beautiful...

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