Oddly Enough

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I've discovered that Steve Perry is emmensely effective in distracting me from the sad.

Go Steve Perry!



You're on a Journey binge? What the hell's going on in your life, woman? Though, I have to say, Journey's one of those groups that everybody secretly likes. They're all in denial now but that Don't Stop Believin' album was huuuge. Nowadays you can't find anyone who admits they bought the record.

Shit, I hope that's the Steve Perry you were talking about.

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She's Mine - by Me & Steve Perry

Now Steve Perry cn hold a note, such as when he's singing "She's Mine", "The Girl Can't Help It" or "Who's Crying Now". I just got the Journey live DVD and I see the bad '80's wardrobe we all once wore. I remember the blazer & jeans & sneakers. -lol- Hope you get a smile out of that image...



"Hey... it's a kind of magic."


The man is so damn good ...he's got a stunt double! Looks like him, sounds like him AND his name is Steve? (Mucho creepy) it's too bad there isn't another man that bears a freakish resemblance to Michael Huchence on this planet! -ha

Peace + Love + Blessings + Mad Respect =

Well, then, here is wishing

Well, then, here is wishing you lots of Steve Perry when you need him.

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Steve Perry by himself or Steve Perry with Journey? What about Journey w/o Steve? That new guy sounds a lot like him. Does that drive away the sad? Or is it his incredibly prominent nose that distracts you? Questions abound....

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It's the nose. I dig the

It's the nose. I dig the nose.

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