OK, So I Need a Goal or Something

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When it starts to get humid and stiflingly hot, even into the evenings, I become one weird and restless little duckie. I have never slept well in my life to begin with. There have always been extenuating circumstances as to why, but suffice it to say, this fucks up my sleep to wake ratio a substantial deal.

So, goal.

I have been writing far too little on my personal front. I started writing chapters in a non-fiction book and have fizzled out mainly because the summer time isn't conducive to me getting much of that kind of stuff done when my kid is out of school. Since school is back in session, I am going to attempt to start carving some time out for myself again for regular writing.

I most likely will participate again this upcoming November in the NaNo WriMo. I am going to try for a smaller scope of a story, one that I can finish in 50K words, or at the very least strive to have a fully fleshed out beginning, middle and end.

As for this withered little flower of a website, I am going to start writing weekly entries at the very least. My paying gig leaves too much room for me to flounder as a reputable wannabe writer, so back to the blogging, which has some structure at least.

Get on my ass if I slack off, but otherwise expect to hear from me at least once a week on something petulant or deeply philosophical. Hell, I never know what mood I'm going to be in until I'm swimming in it.


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just in time

for me to show up regularly and read. The link here has always been there, my internet connection back and forth, and as I clicked on this long-neglegted link on my favorites bar, and saw my son's picture, with the words "Membership three years 15 weeks" I realized immediately a few things:

It's been a long time since i was here.
You still have no idea who i am. I mean, there's no "He typed this comment or that blog, or he believes this and that."I go too long in between and start over with new pictures or new names or new accounts.
It's been almost as long since I've really been writing.
Nothing but time has passed in my life.
Everything is different now than three years 15 weeks ago.
I've just recently set the same goal for myself (again).
I still have three friends I type to that I met from those long ago MySpazz blog comments of yours.

And, finally, it is nice to read your words again. You articulate thoughts that seem to be running through my head about the same time. You and a few others I read (past tense and present) challenge me unknowingly, not in self-exploration but in communicating it to others.

Thanks for sharing Zara.


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As far as the writing goes,

As far as the writing goes, professionally or personally: Do it.

RoQkin' out wit ma C*Qk out! Watch, your eye...

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