One Quiet Night

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"When we fuck, what do you feel?"

Her question hangs in the air. She watches as his face draws into an expression of astonishment.

"I know I'm good and all, but do you really think that I would have the right words to give you a proper answer to that question?" He takes another swig of his beer and sets the bottle down on the table. He turns to her, giving her his full attention. "Now... why the fuck would you bring up something like that?"

She shrugs and tries to act nonchalant. She starts biting at the skin on her thumb knuckle, mumbling, "I dunno," around it.

"Bullshit. What brought this on? You needing an ego boost, is that it? You want me to placate your fears, assuage your doubts?" He is drawing closer to her, his face getting close to hers, his tone becoming more taunting. She turns away from him and continues to chew on her thumb. "What is it?"

She drops her hand to her lap and sighs. "I don't mean physically..."

"Ah, the emotional declarations," he cuts her off. "That's what you were looking for. You want me to tell you how my heart bursts with love, how the ceiling explodes and the lights of heaven shine down upon us..."

"You're such a fucker," she grumbles.

He starts to laugh. Her face displays her true annoyance. "OK, OK," he allows. "Keep going."

She whips her body around swiftly to face him. "Do you start wondering if it's ever going to end? How we fit, how we mold? That one day we're going to stop fucking all the time, look up and try and figure out what we saw in each other in the first place?" Her eyes are pleading.

"No," he answers.

Her eyes scan his face. "No?"


"You never worry about getting tired of each other?"

"That's not what you asked me. You asked me what I felt when we fucked. Then you filled in a bunch of nonsense about being worried that the glow will wear away. I don't think about any of that shit." He stared at her lower lip, full and still glistening with the moisture from biting on the thumb.

"Fine. Then answer that question. Do you ever worry about getting tired of each other?"

"No, I'm still working on your first question." His eyes travel down from her face and to her chest, her tits tightly pressed together by the constrictive bra she was wearing. "Although I can't think all that well with the girls in my face."

She moves her hands up and places them against her cleavage. "There."

"No," he replies, pulling her hands down. "Don't."

"I want a serious answer to my question. Stop fucking around."

"The question was a fucking around kind of question." He lowers his head and buries his nose in the tight crease where her tits met. She sighs in exasperation. His tongue swirls around on the taut skin. "I'm thinking," another lick, "about how," lick, "I don't think."

"Well, that's kind of apparent right now," she says, rocking her shoulders and trying to shake his head loose.

He raises his head and looks into her eyes. "I feel like I'm rediscovering Led Zeppelin all over again."

She cocks an eyebrow at him. "MmmK."

"There's this feeling that comes over me every time you let me have at the girls," he starts tugging at her top, trying to get at more skin. She sighs, reaches behind her back and unfastens the hooks of her bra. He yanks at the top and her breasts spill forward. His hands come up to bookend them, pushing them together with force. He bites at the top of her left breast and then smiles widely.

"I feel like I've discovered something that is changing my life, altering my perception of the world around me in such a monumental and yet negligible way at the same time." He squeezes her flesh in his hands, watches the skin of her nipples pucker, then licks at the right nipple. "No, no... that's not right. Nothing like this could ever be negligible in any way."

"You're doing that thing again," she says, bringing her hand to the back of his head and stroking his hair.

"What thing?"

"That thing where you have the opportunity to clearly define something and instead decide to take the scenic route."

"I prefer the scenic route!" he cries, not taking his eyes off of her tits. Suddenly his focus snaps again. He stares into her eyes. "How can I explain that every time that I'm not touching you that I want to be? That every time I am touching you, I don't want to ever stop? That just the thought of touching you gets me harder than a marble slab?"

She purses her lips. "You know... I never said I didn't like it when you took the scenic route."

"Now you're just being an instigator."

"Mmmhmmm," she reaches down into his lap and starts to unbutton the top of his pants. "I have a bad habit of doing that, don't I?" She pops the top button loose and pulls the zipper down. Her hand dives in and fishes out his hard-on. Her thumb rubs the drop of precum around the head.

He leans back down and continues licking her nipples, progressing to biting.

She pulls his head away by lacing her fingers through his head and yanking it back. She guides him back into sitting position, throws a leg over his legs and straddles his lap. She reaches down and grabs him by the base, slowly rubs his head along the slit of her. He grabs her hips and pushes her down onto him.

The grinding is deep, as is their connection. He plants his face back in her cleavage and she holds him there as she rocks back and forth in his lap, relishing the feeling of fullness. She is wet and he is hard. The temperature in the room climbs a couple of degrees. The only sounds are quick breaths, the wet lapping of his tongue, the rumble in her throat.

She is filled with light, blasted from within, the pulses causing her to quiver. He shrinks back and pulls her to him. His breath brings condensation to her chest. He speaks, but his words are lost.

"What?" she pants, tilting his face up to hers.

"You couldn't possibly worry about getting sick of that," he repeats.

"Everything eventually dies off. One day, we will too."

"It's possible. But let me ask you something," he reaches up and cups her head in his hands, keeping her gaze on his face.


"Were you thinking any of that garbage right now?"

She pauses. "No."

"OK then. Shut up about all that shit."

She snorts and shoves his face back into her chest.

"Wait! I'm thinking about something right now!" he protests. She pulls his head back.

"What's that?"

"I was thinking about how much I prefer it when you wear a skirt."

She grumbles as he begins to laugh. "And that's my cue to stop thinking," he remarks and buries his face back where it rightfully belongs.


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Was this a personal experience?

It just seemed to me that, with as much passion in description that story had, that either you experienced it or that you thought about asking that question with someone and never got the chance you wrote what you thought about how the conversation would've gone. Or maybe it's just a story from your brilliant mind...

In any case it was a really great one and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


.Hello Zara, If it wasn't

.Hello Zara,
If it wasn't for your bulletin ,I wouldn't have had the chance to read something that you have written!
This is awesome,I totally loved it and remembered of something like this that had happened to me but in the car watchinf the submariens race!!! ...LOL...
I can't wait to read more!
Take care, Always! Bill
PS- I have missed you so very much!!!!!


"How can I explain that every time that I'm not touching you that I want to be? That every time I am touching you, I don't want to ever stop? That just the thought of touching you gets me harder than a marble slab?"

That would get me goin' too.

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i like the story... but if i was that dude i wouldnt have lasted ten minutes with her.... guess im too serious... and i hate mind games... and take everyone and everything too literally, as most men do...

this type of stuff is why i prefer being single. then you dont have to worry about crap.

it WAS a fun story to read though

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And now on to the senic route!!!!

The thoughtful exploration shall now commence.
My wife thanks you even if she doesn't know why. LOL

Peace, Love, Rise Above

This is good and

This is good and lighthearted, I hope it reflects your current mood and not an unattainable desire that you might be feeling.

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that's amazing...

I just finally took time out of my busy ass day to read this and I'm yet again blown away by your skill. Zara, I was thinking earlier today, I know, it's a dangerous pasttime...but I was doing it, anyways, I can't figure out why you haven't been published yet. I mean, Building Friction could easily make a book, and I know I would buy it...yet it hasn't been published yet, lazy ass slut fuck publishers...sorry, but I have a lot of anger towards them for not having published you yet...

Sex is like art, it's best when you get messy and have a good time!

I am the "baby" of AwesomeZara's BlogTalkRadio Show and I am DAMN proud of it!

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Better get while the getting

Better get while the getting is good. Cause soon enough father time will take it away. Things change, that's for sure. Then what will you do? I hope you don't realize that you traded passion for drama.....

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As always . . .

I love it! :) It's about time you posted some good stuff like this - it's been a while since you have posted a story.



So, I'm at the office and took a 'mental smoke break' (its what reformed smokers do while the rest of you are outside in the smoke pit) to read your post...and daaaaammmmmnnnnn. Did'ja really haveta get us all worked up this early in the morning when we can't do anything about it? I think I'm going to have to relegate your posts to the evening websurfing slot. Nice job though. The me/you typo was a bit distracting, but nice post!

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Is that all there is?

Is that all there is?

That's what people are raving about? Nothing else? Is there anything more? If that is all a mature relationship is I think I will become a hermit.

I'll be voting

Post Haste style.

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Ever so true...

This line: "That thing where you have the opportunity to clearly define something and instead decide to take the scenic route."

Hmmmm...Shall I clearly define how perfectly profound this line and this story is or take the scenic route? I think I'll take the route of brevity and just say this one will stick in my mind. Especially when I am tempted to skirt around what I should express to those who deserve to hear just how I feel about them.

Nice work, Z. Thank you for activating my ol' braincells this're way better than the crappy coffee I am drinking :-)

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Led Zeppelin IS the greatest!

Nice post too by the way.

Zep ...

... get the 'Led' out !!!

Exercise your mind, body & freedoms

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I do know one thing.

I know how I feel when I'm NOT fucking.

It's on the brain quite a bit.

Being single, almost every woman I see becomes catagorized from my perception on what they'd be between the sheets.
Wild. Slow and Sweet. Almost certain deadfuck. Man thrasher. I wanna marry her.
Everybody does it. It just climbs the ladder of brain activity as every fuckless day passes. Days turn into weeks and months and it starts to become a priority right there next to breathing. I probably see over a hundred beautiful women at work everyday and I've mentally fucked them all for a good, melting 3 to 5 seconds.
Is it wrong? Probably..
Is it human nature? Bet your ass it is.
Then, when my sexual reality finally arrives, off the ladder it goes. One woman gets mindfucked 24/7 and I leave the rest of you alone..
Good story, Z. I love happy endings.

Hug the midget.

the age old differences between the sexes !!!

... do the sexes compliment one another or is it an attraction based solely on animal instinct, animal needs and the species based desire to propagate? Sometimes I think it is absolutely amazing that we connect what-so-ever ... obviously we, as female and male, seem to seek different things in a relationship yet as just people (leaving out the sexual differences) all seek something different also ... mmmmm ??? ... thanks for the eroticism, it brightened my day!

Exercise your mind, body & freedoms


I really never know what to say to these kinds of posts. I always feel like a peeping Tom, like a spy, like a perv. Especially when it's so damn real life, like your stories are.
Really nicely done. I'm always amazed at women who can get into the heads of men the way you do. I suppose that might not seem meaningful, coming from a woman. Have any men ever told you that you have a knack for that? I'm curious.

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Absolutely Delicious.

I was a fly on the wall.

I'm hot and bothered now.

I'm gonna go do the jerm...

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That made me laugh the

That made me laugh the entire way through.

Not to mention I found typos!

....I love cheesecake.

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