The pink, she may stay

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Mondays mean that I'm in the mall with my guys. And since it's post 10/31, it means I get to hear Xmas music already. Which gets stuck in my head, I won't lie.

Saw a guy standing outside the Hot Topic, looking as if he was waiting for someone (the store is located near the hallway leading to the restrooms). He had long blonde locks (magnificently groomed, no bangs, hanging down to his waist) and a a manicured goatee. He wore a concert t-shirt and dark jeans but nothing spectacularly out of control.

I walked up to him and said, "You look like a character I'd play in a video game."

He laughed heartily at this and thanked me.

People continue to gape at my pink hair. Most either look away when I catch them staring (and follow up by saying "It's really PINK, isn't it??") or comment that they like my hair. The teens in particular have taken to me. As if it's fabulous that someone over the age of 20 has neon pink hair. That it's a beacon of hope that shines, saying they'll never need to grow up.

And they don't. I want to tell them that there are so many people who never grow up, just grow older. But I bite my tongue. I advise them to never let anyone push them down and make them feel bad for being silly or acing out.

"Trust me," I warn. "I learned the hard way that life's too precious to concern yourself with embarrassing anyone, let alone any person who isn't yourself."

A quick stop into Journey's shoe store and a cheap $5 purchase of a belt buckle (one of my guys, he is OCD with collecting items and belt buckles are one of them), the woman working at the store, a stranger who knew little about me other than our brief 5-10 minute conversation when I was in the store declared, "I really like you."

Without knowing much about me, just commenting on my hair, laughing at a couple of my silly jokes and mentioning her agreement on how sometimes you've got to be beaten down by life to figure out how to stand up for yourself, she decided she liked me. Will most likely never see her again. But fascinated by the statement.

Since last Friday, I have been told similar things by different strangers. People I bothered to talk to, make jokes with. One told me I was the coolest customer he'd met all week. One teen declared in a breathy voice, "You're so rad...."

Is it that I'm good at being superficially entertaining? That could be argued, I'm sure. But that goodness, that radness comes from somewhere.

My core. I just needed to let it radiate out instead of fester inside.

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