Put a bullet in me

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Myspazz is promoting The Horrors.

Ain't that fucking cute? Seriously fucking shoot me. If you know why, you know why. If you don't, you don't.

Sidenote: Is it possible to OD on natural relaxants? Fuck it, I don't care.

Oooo. I fucking love the word fuck tonight. Fuckity fuck fucking fucker fuck fuck.

You may now return to your previously scheduled programs. Perhaps I should listen to a little John Waite to take my mind off of this shit.




Serenity comes in many

Serenity comes in many forms, sometimes it's a pill, others it's a long, slow, sensuous blowjob. Find some.

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I ain't missing you at all.

I ain't missing you at all.

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You're too fucking much!

You're in a mood aren't you? I hate not knowing what you're talking about...I'm outside the circle I guess...haha! Well, I hope you had a fucking great night girl! I did...my birthday was Awesome! :)


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