Scrapped Topic: Ain't No Hype About Being Hyper

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I was a hyper little kid. I ran hard and fast, got into everything that I could get my hands on, and basically made my mother's life hell.

She's given me the curse. You know the one. The Mother's Curse.

Midget does the exact same thing to me. She's loud, she's full of energy that I no longer possess and is like a human version of the Energizer Bunny. The main problem with it is not that I get frustrated over not being able to keep up with her. The problem is that while I no longer possess the same insane amount of physical energy, my mind still runs 10,000 miles a minute.

I was once diagnosed as being borderline for A.D.D. For those of you who don't know what Attention Deficit Disorder is, hell, google the motherfucker. I'm too entrenched in it to be able to explain.

I will tell you what it's like to have your mind working faster than you know how to feasibly process.

I write constantly. I also happen to live in a very loud household. I can't write when I have a multiple voices around me talking about different subjects. My mind wants to latch onto and analyze all of them at the same time. I want to focus on EVERYTHING which leaves me screaming because I can't focus on ANYTHING. It becomes maddening.

My mother once asked me why it was that ended up becoming a smoker. Neither she nor my dad smoked, none of their friends smoked, and although my grandfather smoked, it was always frowned upon in our family. Trying to explain to her that the smoke somehow wound its way around my brain and muted all of the things bouncing off of it fell on deaf ears. She just couldn't understand.

My mother is a brilliant multi-tasker. She can whip out several different things at the same time with little mental stress. I want to start several things, hell, I usually have several things running all at once. While looking at profiles to decide who's going to make the friendship approval cut, I'm flipping over to the comment section on my post for the day, responding, reading e-mail, listening to Midget and her woes, getting bitched at by my mom and writing topic ideas in a notebook.

Problem is that something in that mix is going to suffer. I then get flooded with an overwhelming amount of guilt that I wasn't able to make that one thing perfect. I WANT to be able to do everything at once. It's a bio-chemical reaction within me to at the very least ATTEMPT to do it all at once. Logically, of course, I can't. That's about the time that I go outside to have a smoke.

Only problem is, I very rarely can have a smoke by myself anymore. I might be physically by myself, but I'll bring my cell outside with me, along with a notebook and a pen. My mind is starting to fear solitude. It's as if it knows that something bad will occur when left to its own devices.

When I was younger, I used to tear things apart to gain a little introspection. I would open up a radio and inspect all of its parts. Not because I wanted to figure out how to put it back together, but just to see what was inside. I also loved to set shit on fire. Watching paper curl at the edges and turn black was enough to put me into a quiet place, free of my mind and its screaming.

I'm beginning to lose that ability. Maybe it's age. There aren't many things that I haven't torn apart by now, so there's very few options to get excited over. Plus, I've started to have guilt over my destructive tendencies. Perhaps that's my cue that I'm focusing better, because in the past I would completely zone out while doing my disassembly.

I just wish it actually FELT like I was focusing.

In the jumbled chaos, I also repress feelings that I should be expressing in small, healthy doses. The parts of my life that I have no control over, rather than figuring out a way to deal with them properly, I shove aside until they are built up so high, I flip out. I lose it intensely, feel borderline psychotic, then just as quickly as it came on, I get over it. My mind can't even properly focus on my own depression.

So, what's the solution? Should there even BE a solution? I often feel insane, but it is my insanity that keeps me motivated and inspired. My even keels are when I lose my drive. I hear bi-polar artists talk about how they can't be creative on medication. I don't mean to diminish the disorder, but I would liken what goes on in my head with that. I'm crazy... but that's what keeps you interested.

Discussion of the Day:

What kinds of things do you do to keep yourself feeling "sane"?


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don't laugh to hard

but what I do is just throw my hands in the air, look up and say God this is to much I can't do it, so I am turning it all over to you.
Then I will read or play something on the computer. Now that my kids are already and I am sober shit seems to be easier, if I just let go of the crap.

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Relax Zed. Everyting she gonna be awlroight..

Normally I read other posts before I respond to a rant. I really hate being that guy that just repeated a previous comment..

You're fine, Z. Not crazy, not stricken with ADD or ADSD or ADDIDAS or any other damned disorder. I'm no doctor. I'm not an-oh-so learned pissychologist either, but I have observed a few things..

Ever notice that hyper kids that disassemble everything and ask hundreds of questions a day are also REALLY bright? Yah! You don't often see ADD kids with a limp tongue hanging out one side of their mouth and a stream of drool flowing from the other. Think of it this way.. Its like the engine in your car. *BTW, I really, really love the fact that you can and PREFER to drive a manual trans!*
Lets say that you engage the trans to get moving and then dump the clutch WITHOUT releasing the gas pedal. The engine starts over-reving because there is no load on it. It needs to have something to push. Likewise, your brain needs something to chew on. Something new to LEARN. Hyper kids are desperately seeking things to learn. Its what a childs' mind is designed to do. If they have something in front of them that is a fascinating challenge, they are ominously quiet- until they've figured out the puzzle.

It seems to me that the human mind is a learning machine. The way it gets used changes periodically to suit what we think is best, but consider this. We as humans are not happy when the learning process slows or stops. We feel like we're in a rut. A slump, if you will, and we begin to feel depressed. Ever notice how a new relationship is exciting and fun? You're learning about a new person AND learning new things about how people work. A new relationship isn't very fun if you can figure out the new person in two days. How about a new job? Pretty cool if its something you haven't tried before. You get introduced to new tools and skills and methods for applying them. That stuff rocks! The trick to all these things is to keep the balance between slipping the clutch and stalling the engine. You might say that the horsepower of the car equals the IQ of the brain.

Now,.. How about that feeling of impatience you get when you deal with someone who lacks an equivalent mental capacity to yours? In most cases I've seen, the more impatient person is typically the brighter mind, whether or not they choose to use it. Bitchy? Sometimes, but people are often bitchy because they're feeling impatient, because they are sick of waiting for everyone else to catch-the-fuk-up!!

I could be wrong about this stuff. It does happen often enough to make me a humble guy.

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I could never understand

how you did it whilst you were on myspace, or how you're doing it now, even. I don't have a child, but trying to do the normal day-to-day things, like keeping the house tidy, feeding the animals, feeding yourself, plus going to work, is very hard to fit in with writing. If I want to post a blog, well, that's my evening pretty much gone and there's no time to write anything else. I also can't write one thing at a time, either, so nothing ever gets finished. And then I thought it'd be a good idea to start writing a movie script....

I'm a big one for not dealing with issues because I simply can't deal with them. I'm a big one for putting things aside, as well. When I was going through my divorce and my ex took all my money and every man and his dog were chasing me for his debts, I simply started not opening my mail. It became quite a severe mental problem after a while, but it was my way of dealing with things. If I don't see things, I don't have to deal with them. And yes, medication did help....

Giorgina Angela

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The joys of ADD

I know the joys of ADD too well.

When I need to restore my sanity I turn to video games. I have always found they are the one thing that can completely focus me. Even then if a cut scene or a loading screen come up I'll refresh my email or my blog subscriptions to see if anything new just came in.

Books used to be able to do the same for me, but I can't read a book anymore since I started writing. I see a character stumbling through something and I see the mistakes he is making. 'My character could solve that problem. It's so obvious,' and I'm off to plotting out my own writing, the book forgotten. I still read read audio books during my long commute, they take just enough of my attention so that I'm able to actually focus on my driving more.

I read because when I fill

I read because when I fill my mind with others words I can't hear the cacophony of thoughts in my own mind.

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Good question....hmm...

My mind is jumping all over constantly. If I am trying to get thoughts out by writing something down, I canNOT focus when people are in the room at all and there is a lot of talking ect. It makes me crazy because I feel there are already a 1000 things flying through my mind.

To have a small feeling of sanity I will:
1. Go up to my quiet room. Some days I even just sit/lay in the quiet and center myself again.
2. I love fire as well. Fire puts me into a trance. I almost burned our house down at 4 from lighting fires in the closet.
3. I love the water. To be next to any body of water brings my mind complete peace.
4. Sitting in my woods and just listening.


Sanity?? PFFT!

Sanity is COMPLETELY over-rated. I enjoy my 'craziness' and all the wonders of it. I am like you in a way that I want to do and be a part of everything out there..and I get distracted when there are millions of things and voices going on around me. I just scream and run out of the room for a moment, gather my bearings and run back, dive head first and put my hands into it all.

I worry when I DON'T have any desire to do something...however, I know when to draw the line and when to force myself off of the couch and make my ass work. I'll be working on some literary masterpiece and running it through the ringer for the umpteenth time...yaking with friends on the 'net and on my cell and realize that I had a brilliant idea for something else and start scribbling away or describing it to my friends. I start to worry and be scared if I hole myself up for longer than 1 week because then I know that sanity is starting to win.


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I think

I think too much about everything. If I gave in to this I'd sit around thinking about things all day and never get anything done. Allowing myself a little time each day on my own somewhere quiet to think about whatever I want to keeps me sane. Or as close to sane as I'll ever be anyway.

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Focus? Forgettabout it... ;-)

Personally I gave into my insanity long ago. I don't worry, I multitask, spin, run and chase. I comment and speak, write and draw, lead and try to learn without my smart-ass remarks coming out faster than my thoughts can process the consequences of my words.
I just wish I could be more consistent. I focus from time to time, like when I type responses, make lectures, or draw things for my wife or write in my journals. I do it... but not often enough.
Personally I think you're focused - hyper-focused. The combination of words isn't the best of grammar but it does make for a way to accept what you are and what you do.
My wife & I were watching & commenting about the little jokes we talk about, always whispering to one another, "Why aren't we millionaires?" And it's true but living as we live is more fun right now. Since we don't have a Midget of our own, just our dogs, all we can do is wait for the moment that comes along. Whether I finally have a comic bought or a story sold or some art taken into a book and published, all I can do is take it one scatter-brained day at a time.
Sanity is for wimps; just watch the level of self-medication you use. And may I ask: "What do you smoke?"
Much Love,


"Hey... it's a kind of magic."

Long time no hear

Glad to see your still writing.

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I smoke.

And I love it.

Music, lots of music.

And good booze. Right now, that's all I've got. Cigs, booze, and tunes...

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You said it right there...

"I often feel insane, but it is my insanity that keeps me motivated and inspired."

I don't think there's anything WRONG with you...I mean, I'm sure the ADD sucks and it feels like you're insane sometimes because of the lack of focus and whatnot, but it makes you who you are. Meds would undoubtibly make you less creative and more of a "Zombie".

I escape reality to keep myself sane and guess doesn't work, because as soon as I wake up or come down...there it is again...reality...waiting to drive me crazy again.

Does that make sense?


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Craziness is relative...

You know, if it wasn't for crazy people, the world would be frickin' boring as shit. I was told a few years back that I have Adult ADD. No surprise...I have a ten track mind. What I find interesting is that I was able to adapt to my "disability" without ever knowing I had one. I would have been "suffering" from it throughout my childhood without benefit of either label or medication. I turned out okay, and frankly, I think I'm far more interesting for it. I tend to believe that it's the bright ones who are told they've got ADD...we're too curious for the non gifted masses, and because of their feelings of inferiority, they've given us multi thinkers a bad name. They just can't keep up. Poor things! Just this week I was told I'm probably suffering from Postpartum Depression...which I was happy to find out because I really did think I was going crazy. I obviously am, but at least I know what it is so I can deal with it. To keep myself sane, I have to give myself at least an hour of my own time. It isn't easy to find every day, but I do try. In that hour, I smoke ciggy's with impunity, I read a few pages of a book, I work on some of my art projects, maybe spin out a blog, I take a shower or duck out with my girlfriends to smoke doobs. We do what we gotta do, right?

As an aside, I find I am less creative when I'm on my meds too...granted, when I'm off my meds, I'm less motivated and don't create anything anyhow. Can't win for losing. I've had Major Depression for years now (so no surprise with the PPD), but the medication completely cramps my style. Keeps me sane and on the straight and narrow, but I feel like a total Stepford Wife on the shit. I stay on it when I need it, and when the doc's give me an okay, I take a break from it.

I'm sorry I hurt your brain. I forgot to smoke a bone first. BRB

I can certainly relate to the overclocked brain delima. Sometimes it can make you strong and other times it can isolate you. During times of crisis everyone around you is blitzed on adreniline. Which brings their CPU clock up to yours every day. While they feel anxiety and fear, you appear calm. Because you are. You are the one guy who knows how to kill the Wormhole caused by the miscalibrated warp engines and save the Enterprise. Actually many people knew how. But they were paralyzed. And you are now Mr. Goto.
But if you don't have any regularly scheduled catastrophies to avert, life can suck. Because your brain can hurt some normally clocked brains if they try to fully comprehend a complex task as your partner or assistant.
Unless you spark up a fatty.
This was a huge epiphany. Up until 15 the school system was very anxious about me.They never met a friendly student who fiercly rejected authority. I was a thought criminal. Until I understood that some herbal with my coffee and people didn't wince as much when interacting with me. Life improved bigtime. Like from Black and White to Color. Except now I was a real criminal. Which the village determined acceptable. Even my stauch conservative father remarked on the evil weed's amazing synchronizing affect on me. I was now clocked as they were.

I have since discovered other ways to achieve tranquilty, but they all have drawbacks as well.
Interestingly, Nicotine is finding new friends in the Head Shrinking industry. Turns out that the Nicotine receptor sights are commonly wired with some endorphin release wiring. They have determined that Tobacco can change an asshole into Ned Flanders. For some assholes, not all of course. So I started smoking a pipe. A Tobacco pipe.

Don't worry

It's always good to go a little crazy, so when the time for sanity comes, you value it and hold on to it. I have a similar view on love--when you find out what love isn't, it's easier to recognize what love is.

I do have a number of ways that I maintain my balance, but first I worked really hard to set the foundation. This may sound strange, but I used my house as a metaphor for my life...and with a Ba Gua map (ala Feng Shui) I "mapped my goals into my surroundings" and was able to sort through the garbage in my brain. This helped me to clarify the elements I wanted to make up my life, and taught me how to focus my energy. It would be worth my time to explain more ( if it would be worth your time to stop by and leave a comment.

Also, nicotine causes an adrenaline rush, which is part of the cycle you're caught in. And, if you enjoy hot drinks, Green or White Tea energize in a balanced, healthy way.

adhd ...

ADHD ... Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ... right up my alley! I too was a hyperactive child and adult. I used the past tense due to the fact that as I have aged the ADHD is not quite as controlling as it was at one time. In fact, for the first 15 months of my life I rarely slept, which just about drove my mother to the insane asylum. They kept giving me downers but they wouldn't work ... later they discovered that if they gave me an upper I would calm down. Keep in mind that this was the early 50's and ADHD was yet to be 'discovered'. So Zara, it sounds to me that you may be more adhd and that you may have in fact been more than borderline. I teach special ed (maybe because of my own experiences) and I find many very creative students among the LD/ADHD kids. I would like to provide you with some assurance that things should get better! :) I have learned relaxation techniques to help, which has led me to be able to concentrate on just one thing for a period of time. with homework I may go crazy at it for an hour or two but then I have trained myself to get up and do something else for a short period and then get back to the work ... but music (jazz/mellow) and physical activity such as basketball and my daily exercise routines help loads. I still only sleep 4 - 5 hours a night though. We are all different and you need to experiment to see what works for you ... I truly wish you luck!

Exercise your mind, body & freedoms

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My son is exactly like you

My son is exactly like you described yourself and Midget to be. Sometimes I worry that he is going to end up an ADD kid. But, he can sit still and pay attention when something interests him. He's 2. He is supposed to run around and tear shit up.
To keep myself sane, I make lists or play The Sims 2. I clean too. It helps me zone out and just be able to focus on the task at hand.
I like making lists. Lists of things that I need to do. Lists of things I want. It's comforting somehow.

OCD or insanity?

Obsession is my solution to that overwhelmed feeling. When I was younger I'd play video games 10 hours straight, train for sports or cross country religiously. Now I have dancing; at one stage I was dancing at least 15 hours a week. Instead of avoiding insanity I just restrict it, so it doesn't affect the rest of my life.

Sane???? What is that.

Wow I was not a loud kid. I did take things apart but never half the shit my kids do. I have two small boys 3 and 1. They give me such a headache everyday. They run all the time and scream for nothing. They are ruff and love to brake things. I do smoke alot of cigarettes. But my stress busters come after they go to sleep. Roll a nice jay and have sex. THey are screaming now and it's driving me crazy.

Well Kudos anyway....I miss you on myspace.

Creative = Crazy?

I’ve always felt that highly creative and prolific people are wired differently – like, closer to crazy - than most. What ever it is about the mind that drives it to create something from nothing also seems to tend to drive it closer to the edge. This makes meds a potential problem. If you truly have ADD, Ritalin can help improve concentration, but any time you start screwing too much with your brain chemistry, I think you also risk impacting the creative spark.

When I feel stressed (which isn’t too often, I’m lucky that way) or just that i'm lacking focus, a bit of exercise is always a plus (just a bit tho – I’m laaaazy). Getting outside and just going for a walk really clears my head, and if I can find the discipline to do it every day then do I find myself in a calmer frame of mind overall. My sister does yoga every morning and swears by it. Also meditation can be very soothing – training yourself to empty your mind, while NOT easy, is a good practice.

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Puff the Magic Cigarette

No, not the wacky weed, but just a good ol' cig. I so hear you on that, Z. It's wonderfully therapeutic.

I used to fear solitude all the time. I was seriously afraid to be alone with my thoughts; the uncertainty of where they might lead me was just too much. I eventually overcame the intense fear I had of actually listening to myself, although it haunts me every now and then.

Playing cards keeps me sane. It's always a mental challenge to be able to read my opponents and beat them.

Even keels are great, but the insanity of life is what makes them that way. I think it's all about balance.


My sanity hangs by a thread,

My sanity hangs by a thread, it often seems. I smoke when I need a break. Also, listening to music brings me down a few notches when I'm feeling overwhelmed and I just need to calm down.

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It's an A.D.D. kind of world....

Well, I used to think I was A.D.D. as well. Couldn't focus on any one thing. I've always had so much running through my head. Since then, my Mother has become a special ed. teacher and assures me... I'm just a nut. I used to write and draw constantly. Now, I still draw, but my writing has taken a different form. I no longer write stories or poems, I respond to emails and blogs. I write out my homework... when I get a free minute... usually in the hour after I drop off my son at the sitter's and right before school. I miss the sanity of writing out what's in my head. Putting it on paper seems to focus it better.
I can relate to the pyro tendencies. When I was in junior high and high school really, I always played with fire. I always had lighters and matches on me. (I started smoking cigarettes at 12) After accidently setting fire to my room, I think for the third time, I discovered that we had beautiful hard wood floors under the carpet. I quickly pulled up all the carpeting in my room and disposed of the evidence. My Mom was mad that I pulled up the carpeting but was delighted about the wood flooring. So, she never knew that I burned a 3' hole in the carpet, and very nearly could have killed myself and burned down our home. After that, I was much more careful when "playing" with fire.
I was the subject of ridicule in school and never felt I had any friends at all. Kids are cruel and I was an easy target. I became a very defensive child, getting in fights mainly because... you can say what you want about me but don't you dare talk about my family. They figured out quickly that I would ignore the taunts directed at me but I was fiercely defensive of my family. I was angry and very creative... I felt that making people scared of me was better than having them laugh at me. My teachers always said "She's so smart, if only she'd apply that brain to her school work." I was bored in class. I felt like the other kids were morons and some of the teachers too! It seemed like school was ridiculously easy. And that everyone around me could benefit more from it than I could. I felt like I already knew everything.
Okay, so I'm getting way off the point I was trying to make. Now that I am older and have a new perspective, I see that we are all a lot more similar than we think. It's still hard to focus. There are still so many things demanding my attention all at the same time.
I no longer smoke cigarretes. I have not had a drag off of a cigarette since May of 2005. I still look fondly at people smoking around me. I remember the hand to mouth feel of the cigarette and the utter joy of inhaling the smoke. The inner peace I felt at that moment remains in my memory.
Focus. Obviously not my strong point. I've often compared my brain to that of a ferret's..... easily distracted... oohhhh.... shiny. Everything makes me crazy. The demands that life places on me make me want to scream, and sometimes... I do. My son is the king of riding my last nerve. That particular tone that he gets that could break glass or make my eardrums bleed when he gets to whining.... How do you focus? I don't know. I try to breath deeply, "zen" myself, and talk calmly to the boy. I can relate to feeling psycho. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely holding on to the edge of sanity. But, other times, I feel like I have a firm grip..... only for it to be ripped away from me. grrrr...

So.... I feel ya.
I appreciate the opportunity to have found you. Myspace may suck when it comes to the blogs but I'm really glad to have found a person out there who I can relate so well to. I do like the new format. I think it's much easier to read than the origional and I look forward to exploring more. I do agree that it's not fully "you" yet, maybe color changes... what not... the pastel blue just doesn't "feel" like you yet... But, I dig it. You're my hero.

I had the same battle (or,

I had the same battle (or, rather, my parents did) as a child. School physicians, family practitioners, and psychiatrists all made strong recomendations for me to be placed on a 'new drug' that was being used to treat hyperactivity.....

wait a sec, we're having an earthquake... I'll be back. Ok, that's over. It was a small one. I was saying before the earth interupted me, every professional I encountered as a child wanted to put me on Ritalin. My mom looked at them like they were crazy because they wanted to "'treat' the symptoms of being a kid," as she put it.

Damn it, Earth! I'm typing! Stop with the quaking already! I think we may actually be building up to a decent earthquake with all this trembling. Hmm...

Anyhow. If sweet mother earth would be so kind as to stop interupting, I'll finish this ramble.

The key, as my mom later explained it, was simply to find the few things that could keep my attention for longer than a few minutes, and encourage me to pursue those activities. Which is why I love to read, and I love to draw... those two activities alone were the foundation which allowed me to function in a day to day enviornment. I could actually focus and allow myself to unwind while engaged in art projects or while reading an interesting book.

Ok, I'm thinking I should get out of my 114 year old house since the earth wont stop all this rocking and rolling. Talk to you all later.

Aren't we all jumbled messes

Aren't we all jumbled messes inside? I'd be worried about someone who wasn't.

I have several methods. The easiest is to find a dark, quiet room and just sit. I usually have to wait until everyone else is in bed, but it's worth the wait. I'll often find a hiking trail too, and take off for a while. Once I'm three miles from everything and can't get back easily, my mind lets go for a while. This takes a long time, though, and isn't quite as convenient. But it's my favorite way of decompressing.


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In order to keep myself

In order to keep myself "sane", I try to read, write, or watch movies. The writing is a good way for me to focus on a certain topic and it helps to release my thoughts and emotions. Reading calms me down and allows me to become entranced with another place, another time, and another person's life. The same goes with movies. Anything that can help me escape my own personal reality, even if for only 2 hours, makes me feel good.

two ways

i have got to sing or read. every friday i go to my local bar and sing kareoke. like tonite, i'll be refreshing for a hellish week and feel normal agian. and the rest of the week i read. doesnt matter what i read so long as i'm reading.

Cry me a river

I typically try to not think to keep myself sane. Or I just cry. There, I said it, I am a cryer...I can't help it. Once the tears start flowin...I feel so much better. Then again there are those days where I cry for several days in a row, or I start crying for no good reason...Those days suck, but here I am, sane as anybody else out there...

May your Sox be as Red as mine...

My Sox Are Red

Maintain or Regain Sanity

As we grow older we do reach moments in our lives when we begin to feel unfocused or that we're losing control but it's usually just a "bad patch" LOL! I usually get to a a quiet place and take advantage of some alone time. Another thing to do would be to hop in the vehicle for a drive while loudly playing and singing along with a favorite CD. It's all about what makes you happy:) ~Ant~

I Don't Think...

I honestly don't think anyone out there feels 100% sane at any given time. I know I don't. I can multitask pretty well, but I can't seem to focus if I'm only doing one or two things.
I don't really like the new layout. It doesn't glow with your true awesomeness, you should personalize it more and then maybe it will feel like your page, other than that, good blog!!:)

Sanity? You've got to be kidding!

I think sanity was just a figment of someones imagination. I have 3 daughters, 2 of whom are always on the go. Never stop moving, always have to do something. I hardly ever get time to myself. As soon as I sit down (finally), I have to get right back up again....never stops. How do I try and stay sane? I smoke, write, I've gone on many long walks (all by my lonesome), and when I can, I get a babysitter!
Welcome to the club! We're all insane here.

Keeping myself sane...

Well, I usually crank up the tunes in my car (I just got a new-to-me Infiniti so the nice comfy ride helps my stress level TONS compared to my truck) because that's when I usually stress out the most. I listen to everything. Most of the time, when I'm really stressed out, I crank up some rock and just jam out. I don't pay attention to people next to me, I just play steering wheel drums and belt out the lyrics like a pro. It really really helps!! Otherwise, I'd be out of the car in someone's face every five minutes. HAHA!!! Love the new layout!! Rock on!!!

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Malibu..Snow..ADD..Nuclear Winter...

I was thought to have ADD when I was very young, only to find out a year later I was just bored with the school's curriculum. I only become distracted when I lose interest in a subject, I can easily do two or three things at the same time.

By the way I thought you were leaving myspace? I have a feeling you will post again. I am currently in Malibu (long story, e mail me if you are really interested: at my myspace address: The snow was surreal. A light dusting and everyone behaved like it was nuclear winter...

So I hope Midget and you are well...

Eulalie C.P. Cholmondeley

ADD & ADHD people fascinate me

Dan in Vegas

I'm in no way a multi-tasker (although being an aspiring teacher I know I'll need to figure that shit out quick if I'm going to be successful). I don't ever feel "not" sane. Shit just rolls right off me. If anything I need wake up calls when something serious is about to go down so I can put on my "what are you looking at" face.

If I'm ever really "put out" I'll smoke as well.

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I drink.

No've mentioned it before....I like to color with my kids to feel grounded. Or clean. and drink. haha! i hate to clean, but just going through the steps to REALLY clean something, quiets my brain a bit.

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Haha. *nods head*

I clean when I am pissed. If I am cleaning like a mad-woman, my family generally finds a reason to get the hell outta the house...'cause they KNOW. LOL.

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I have always wondered if I

I have always wondered if I have ADD.
My problem...
I cant read a book, I mean I am literate and I am a very well spoken person...I just have problems reading, aloud and to myself. I try to concentrate but I cant. As I read my mind strolls to other places, sometimes I have to read certain paragraphs 3 or more times to get what I just read. Doesnt matter if Im in a completey silent place or in a room or noises.

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Sudoku Rocks!

I think everyone's mind goes a mile a minute. If it doesn't maybe they just have a low IQ. Anyway Sudoku seems to help me relax. Numbers are very quieting for me. Numbers always remain the same, they never add up differently than they always did. I concentrate on that and all else falls away.

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Exercise, my dear

I have bouts of hyperactivity too and I can't focus on ANYTHING. I am a true Gemini in that sense. The one thing that really helps me is working out. I go to the gym every day and sweat all of my frustrations out. If I am pissed off, nothing makes me feel better than punishing my body. The amazing amount of endorphins you release does wonders for your happiness levels too. I am not a fitness guru, but I know that I feel 1000 times better about life now that I exercise. I am so whipped from the gym that it allows me to calm down and focus better. Besides that, I write a LOT. Writing is great therapy as I am sure you know. I love the new layout and I love that you are still writing, but free of myspazz drama. =)

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If anyone knows what sane is...let me know!

I don't really know how I stay sane. I always joke and say that my son is my parents curse and my husbands parents curse, all wrapped up into one kid. He is off the wall. When he is good, he is an absolute angel, but he never, ever stops moving. The only time he will sit is when he first wakes up in the morning.

When I get stressed to the point where I can take no more, I barracade myself in my room, close my eyes and go to sleep. When I can't do that, I smoke, just like you. And then I have to hear it from friends and family, what a bad influence I am and how I shouldn't smoke because my kids need me. Trust me, if I didn't smoke, my kids would be afraid of me.

~ Christie

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I hit people and or

I hit people and or bags.......if it wasn't for boxing I would have lost my mind a few years back. Nothing slows my thoughts like sparring, all I have to focus on is hitting the person in front of me and not getting my ass knock out.

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What is sane? And just who gets the privledge of defining it? Sanity is over-rated, me thinks.

So far, I like the new page Z... I haven't had a whole lot of time to pick the differences apart yet, though. Just seeing the obvious/face value-I likey.


I must be nuts!!!

It's funny that you bring up bipolar disorder because my mother and boyfriend often tell me that they think I have it. The only thing that seems to calm me is to draw, paint, or take picures. The only problem now is that I have two small children and doing any of these things is so hard because they demand most of my attention. The only other thing I found that helps me relax is doing word searches and crossword puzzles. I must be out of my mind or the biggest nerd in the world.

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Diet & Exercise!

I suffer from hypoglycemia, which shares many of the same symptoms as ADHD. Reducing my sugar and carbohydrate intake and increasing my protein and my exercise routine usually manages to balance any mood swings that I'm having without having to resort to medication.

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Almost forgot - I like the layout!

Almost forgot - I like the layout!

I bite my nails, it seems to

I bite my nails, it seems to be my only relief, or I curl up with a book and shut the world out. Those are the only things I can come up with. I can't keep up with my kids either. I wonder where the energy has gone?

PA Beth

love the new layout! PA Beth

love the new layout!

PA Beth

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Can someone please turn off the voices in my head?!

I follow the Britney Lohan-Hilton method for sanity: Xanax and lots of it!

I know how you feel. My mind is always going a mile a minute. I can not concentrate long enough to finish a project (this is especially sucky at work!)

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