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I recently replaced the standard set of black shoelaces that came with my pair of high top black Converse sneakers. I had been pulling on them, lacing the shoes up tighter and tighter until they were to that stretched out point where you need to either replace them with fresh laces or double tie the excess length.

I went with cheap new laces.

For those who remember, it might seem odd that I decided to buy a pair of laces that donated a portion of the proceeds of their sales to breast cancer research. All those cancer charities. All that pink.

But these laces say "Fight Like a Girl."

They're white with the writing in black and pink. They stand out against the black of the canvas of my shoes. They stand out and draw attention to my feet.

Sort of how my hair does for my head right now.

I dyed my hair a bright pink with some blue underneath. At first I did it because I was bored and thought it might be neat. Then I went with the fact that it inadvertently turned out to look like the character of Ramona Flowers from the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. And that was an easy costume to dredge up for Halloween.

Before dying my hair, I had believed I would be Ke$ha for Halloween. Glitter IS my favorite color. Go insane, go insane. Throw some glitter, make it rain.

Now I look like Rainbow Brite.

I kiss short Jewish boys in parking lots.

I wear breast cancer research shoelaces.

I fight like a girl.

And I win.

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