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I once wrote about how I'm not a fan of cyber sex. Sure, with my grasp of language, I'm usually labeled an expert at it, but I just don't get off on the written word. At least not when I'm sitting at a computer screen and expected to reciprocate in a conversation while typing with one hand down my pants.

I'm a much more visual creature. I like to look at a dirty picture. I'm a particular connoisseur of porn. Something about seeing a girl deep throating a fine male specimen makes me feel rather jolly. Boobs are another favorite of mine. Go figure.

Several times I have been invited to view someone's webcam. I've always found it interesting how some of the most docile creatures are those most willing to get themselves off on camera for me (or for anyone at all). Some of the biggest talkers are the ones who would never open themselves up to that kind of scrutiny. I would be one of them.

I've had it requested of me that I get a webcam several times. I can't bring myself to getting one, even if I tried to delude myself with the reasoning that it would be for innocent purposes. (Yeah, right.) I was taught by my mom at a young age to "never leave any proof." There are no nude pictures or racy videotapes in my past.

That changed somewhat when I got my digital camera earlier this year. I started wondering what certain parts looked like to someone else's point of view. So I started with cleavage shots. I then took a few others, all for personal use. I eventually shared a few of those shots with one person. I've made it known that there are some in existence, but I'm also fucking stubborn as hell, so good luck in getting those from me.

But as wild as I thought I'd gotten (not very, in reality), it in no way compares to what I receive. I've been pleasantly shocked at how willing people are to share illicit photos of themselves. I ended up creating a couple of folders in my picture gallery for all of the submissions I've received.

Penises are a great thing. I'll admit that I'm highly curious when thinking about the size of a guy's dick. Most of the time, I don't really have to ask for a picture. As long as the conversation stays somewhat sexual in nature, eventually even the most timid male will offer to send me a shot or two. There in lies the need for folder number one, entitled: Willies.

Boobs are my second favorite part of human anatomy. (Sorry ladies, as much as I love boobs, the penis intrigues me more, mainly because I don't have one.) I can look up boob pictures just about anywhere. Hell, I can even take pictures of my own, but I'm not enough of a egotistical fuck to get off on them. Yet there seems to always be a never-ending supply of females who are willing to send me boob pictures.

What surprises me most, however, is when a woman is willing to masturbate on webcam for me. I'm not referring to one of the fembots who make money for said shows. I'm talking about regular, everyday women who offer to whip out their BOBs and show me how they make their kittens purr. It doesn't do much for me but I must admit, I just can't turn down an offered show.

With a camera placed close to our genitals, our hands and/or battery operated devices working furiously, we don't really look all that sexy. Watching on a TV monitor serves to only heighten my curiosity as to why such jerky motions do the trick. Half the time we look like we're grating a block of cheese.

I get aroused when seeing a lover masturbate in front of me. Perhaps it's the physical closeness, the ability to reach out and touch them when I feel the timing is right. Perhaps it's being able to consume the final product. (There's nothing like a good facial, let me tell you.) Perhaps it's a whole lot of things that have to do with being with the one you're at the very least in lust with. It's just better in person.

But please don't stop offering the free shows. While not my first choice, they're still delectable on their own level. Especially when you turn on the sound. Auditory arousal... now that's a whole other cat o' nine tails.

And Here's My Favorite Unsolicited Photo That I've Received. Care to Guess What It Is?

Discussion of the Day:

Do you get any enjoyment out of watching a person masturbate? Has anyone ever shocked you by offering you nude pictures or a webcam show?

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