Sometimes, just sometimes...

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... people can be OK.

I had just picked up the Midget from school and hadn't driven more than a block when I saw a small old Mexican man fall to the ground as he was pushing his large blue recycle bin to the curb. The bin had fallen on top of him and his limbs were flailing underneath as he tried to right himself.

I pulled the car over immediately and jumped out to help. I lifted the trashcan off of him and asked if he was OK. Suddenly there was another motorist who'd gotten out of his car to come over and help too. We asked him if he knew what day it was and if anything felt broken. He responded in fragmented English, but appeared to be in good standing.

I waited with him while the other man ran to the house to check for anyone else home. In the meantime, another motorist stopped as well and was asking if everything was OK. Normally, if I'd have driven by even a couple minutes later and seen a bunch of people standing around some old man, I might have thought they were all being pests.

But for some reason today I just felt proud that people still care enough to stop. Not one person or even two. But that people notice and want to help because they genuinely care. As much of a misanthrope as I'd like to play myself off to be, I just can't see a person in need of help and keep driving.

And apparently... I'm not alone. And that felt good today.


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Just when I thought evrybody sucked.

Isn't it awesome just when you think the majority of people are beyond redemption something like this happens and renews your hope in the basic good nature of the human race.
Was that a run-on sentence? lol. Oh freakin' well I'm tired. 4 straight month's of 80hr weeks will do that to ya. Sorry I'm late to read/comment please refer to previous sentence. lol.
Still enjoy your writing. I'll be stopping by again as soon as I can.

Peace, Love, Rise Above

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