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I never would have fancied myself a fan of The White Stripes. Their breakout song (or I should say "video" since that's what helped that song to chart) annoyed the fuck out of me. Then came all of the scene kids throwing their apathetic enthusiasm in the direction of the band. Turning them into some new version of The Carpenters.

You can imagine why I wanted to steer clear.

That was, until I heard the album that Jack White worked on with Loretta Lynn, a legend in her own rite. I don't care if you don't think of yourself as a country fan, listening to Loretta is just something that helped to balance out all of that overprocessed crap that they throw at you and assume that you'll buy that it's "music."

So I borrowed my sister's copy of "Get Behind Me Satan," the last disc that White and his former wife Meg did. And I must admit, I fell madly in love with it. Not enough to go looking them up or know much more about them outside of the fact that White had dated Renee Zellweger at one point and that the song "Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)" is most definitely about their relationship.

Man, if she isn't reeling about that one, she must be one cold-hearted bitch.

Anyhoo... I picked up TWS's new disc yesterday, "Icky Thump" and now am madly in love with it. If I keep playing it on repeat, there's a possibility that it might actually make its way up my 25 most listened to chart. A very good chance.

For those of you who are interested, this is the current 25. Keep in mind that I needed to replace my former Nano and I've only owned the newer one since February of this year. (Or was it late January? That part of the year all melted together for me.)

1) This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race (first 6 songs are all Fall Out Boy, from "Infinity on High")
2) Thanks for the Memories
3) The Take Over, The Break's Over
4) Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
5) I'm Like a Lawyer With the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off
6) Hum Hallelujah
7) Swoop Down (7-13 are from The Horror's "Vent")
8) Briar Patch
9) Dragger's Rant
10) Block of Wood
11) Shake Your Shit
12) Sooner or Later
13) When I Get Home
14) Danny's Song (14 and 15 are from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' "Have a Ball")
15) Nobody Does It Better
16) Birdhouse in Your Soul (They Might Be Giants, from the "Whatever" 90's collection as released by Rhino)
17) Thriller (Fall Out Boy, "Infinity on High")
18) Hope's Blues (18-20 are The Horrors, "Vent")
19) Karen
20) Three Scale Burden
21) Sweet Caroline (21-22 from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' "Have a Ball")
22) Mandy
23) Dance, Dance (Fall Out Boy's "From Under the Cork Tree")
24) Too Far Gone (The Horrors' "Vent")
25) Uptown Girl (Me First and the Gimme Gimees' "Have a Ball")

Why do I always listen to the same shit? Because it sets a fucking soundtrack in my head, that's why. My selection of music is varied and diverse. I really am willing to listen anything at least once. But what I prefer to start off my day with, or escape into my head while I'm writing (most of my columns for are written while I'm listening to Fall Out Boy or The Horrors) help me to set a pace.

And yes, I am VERY excited about the release of Kelly Clarkson's latest album coming up this Tuesday.

I'm tattooed. I have pink hair. I listen to Kelly Clarkson.

Yeah. Do the math. I've got some Stripes to listen to right now.


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You alive

Z you dong alright? I am starting to suffer withdraws, not that you care but, help a man out here. lol

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Back to the math.....

Kelly Clarkson rocks.

I'm a HUUUUGGGEEE chick rocker fan, (Evanescence, Pink, Lita Ford)
Don't give a shit, guys. I love em....

Hug the midget.

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You're the damn girl, Z. You really are...

I really didn't read the blog, .Z. I will after, but you need to know somethin...
You're the shit...
You really are good friendship.
My bullshit issues with alcohol.
My BULLSHIT issues with relationships and soccer moms at work.
(Don't care. The minivan drivin, 2x4 up their asses girls can go fuck themselves if they wanna kill me at my job. Get off your cell phone)
You always understood.

.The words of .... (jesus)... wisdom.... about people that try and fuck with you on a daily basis.

I appreciate the words you write, the stuff you say, who you are..
And I love ya for it...

People like you are hard to come by....

Ok... Im done... I'll read the BILLIONTH blog cuz thats what I do....
If Im gonna brag you up, I guess I gotta get my ass out on the field...

Hug the midget.


You kids and your music...

You kids and your music...

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Icky Thump. Love that

Icky Thump. Love that song.
Try out...The Acadamy Is--We've Got a Big Big Mess

or...the other song running through my head...

Rage Against the Machine--Killing in the Name of.


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MMMMMM Rage, who doesnt love

MMMMMM Rage, who doesnt love some Rage?
Bulls on Parade
People of the Sun
Guerilla Radio
and the cover of Maggies Farm....mmmmmm I love some Rage....

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When it comes to TWS, I am more of an Elephant guy. I have not checked out the new stuff because there had to be a self impose time out on itunes. They just make it so easy.
I tried desperately to not like K.C. Every time you turned around, there was a new song off her first album that was just dog on good. I would hear it and like and then they would say who it was and the self loathing would begin.
This pod of mine goes from Sinatra to Slip Knot. There are few genres not represented. I am trying hard to over come my snobish AI hating ways.
If youre gonna play it, play it loud........!!!

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Sorry never heard of them

I am the stone age when it comes to music, no idea who's who. Way back when, My taste for tunes, where AC/DC, Floyd,Dylan, Sammy, and Marven. Now I just listen to talk radio or country, unless the kids are in the car then its whatever they play.

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I adore this band

Got Icky Thump the day it was released (I'm practically in the stone age...CD's all the wayyy baby!) Listening to that and Queens of the Stone Age 'Era Vulgaris' (their new release), Year Zero (NIN newest release)...and of couse, some Neil Diamond (just for added flavor).

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I don't share in all your musical tastes...

but I respect the fact that other people like stuff that I don't care for (i.e.: Kelly Clarkson). I do dig the White Stripes though. You've inspired me to get on iTunes and listen to (and likely purchase) their latest. My older sister is a music snob of the most annoying kind. Once a band (any band) gains any kind of national recognition, they are too "mainstream" for her taste and she will make fun of anyone for listening to them. Maybe it's a San Francisco thing. About six years ago her (then eight year old) son wanted the Linkin Park CD that was out at that time. She explained to him that it was crap not worth listening to and practically shamed him into not asking for it. I ended up buying it for him behind her back. I say to each his own - music is for sheer enjoyment and my enjoyment doesn't waver depending on who or how many lame people like what I like.


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Jack White is a genius.


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