Tie Me Up

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She is asleep when you arrive home. Stretched out over the length of the couch, one arm curled over the top of her head, the other arm clutching a book to her naked stomach. She appears to have taken a bath or shower before settling in with her book, as her hair is still damp. She is naked save for a pair of light pink panties. Her nipples jut out from her chest, stiffened from the cool air.

You tilt your head and take in the vision of her. Her lips are drawn together softly, her nostrils flare slightly as she exhales through them. Her eyes dart behind her closed eyelids, rapidly engrossed in a moment of REM bliss. You wonder what she is dreaming about.

You known only what you have been daydreaming about all through your work day. Imagining yourself ramming her deep with your cock, impaling her upon it, making her cry out in a combination of bliss and borderline pain. She can tolerate so much, you thrive on discovering what her limits are.

You loosen your tie, not taking your eyes off of her body. The idea comes to you as you slip the loop from your neck. She is not a light sleeper and even when you've woken her up with your antics in the past, she has not roused easily. Moving in closer to her, you kneel at the side of the couch and take in her blissful face one last time.

Gently removing the book from her possession, you lift her left arm to meet the right one over her head. Joining her hands and holding them together before slipping the loop of your tie around them. It takes some maneuvering to hold them and tighten the loop at the same time, but you manage to do so before she wakes.

Her lids flutter and blink sleepily. She registers your face before she takes note of what exactly it is that you have done. A sly smile slithers across her bow of a mouth and her tongue dips forward, the bubblegum pink sight of it appearing and disappearing swiftly.

She is jolted to awareness as you yank her upward and throw her over your shoulder, then head towards the end of the hallway. She lightly thrashes, more out of confusion than resistance. Arriving at the coat hook you installed near the front door, you hang her by her bound wrists.

She must stand on her tip toes to hold herself in place. Her eyes look confused and show vague signs of fear for the first time. She wriggles and tries to free herself, but the tie holds tight. You jab a finger into her stomach and shake your head at her. The bottomless blue pools of her eyes stare uncertain at you. She relaxes as much as her position with allow.

You appraise her body, appreciating the way her raised arms manipulate the flesh of her breasts. They take on a tear-drop shape, the hollows inside of her armpits are lined with the strain of her ligaments. Her nipples stare straight at you, as if to point you out. "That's him! He did it!" You feel a stirring in your pants at the thought of this.

The curve of her stomach invites you in. Her panties have been pulled down slightly from her hips during her relocation from the couch. You reach forward and hook a finger in their waistband, drawing them away from her skin. Her crotch is always smooth. You yearn to see more, but resist in just pulling them down. You let the material snap back against her skin.

She is murmuring now. The words don't make sense in your head. You know that it is a definitive message asking for her release, but you are not ready to allow her down. You turn and slowly descend down the hallway. Her voice raises at this point. The words are clearer. She is begging to be let down.

Anything. She is saying that she will do anything. This makes you smile.

You get to the kitchen and pull open a drawer. Rummaging around, you come up with a pair of scissors and a roll of duct tape. You feel the weight of them in your hands, idling listening to whining, which is growing ever louder. You start back down the hallway towards her.

She quiets when you appear in her line of vision. Her arms are trembling slightly. She's been attempting to work herself loose, but to no avail. Her features light up when you move in close. She has not noticed your new tools. She is still gazing lovingly at you when the sound of the duct tape rips free from its roll. Her eyelids snap wide open and the protests are about to start as you slap a strip of the silver adhesive across her mouth.

The noise continues, dulled and muffled by the tape. The protests cause more heat to flow to your cock, which is growing eager. You close your eyes and bite back on the desire. Slowly, you tell yourself. Take it all in slowly.

You wave the scissors in front of her face and her complaining grinds to a halt. Your fingers draw them open and closed, an opening and closing of a metal curtain with which you stare at her concerned expression through. You bring your arm down, continuing the opening and closing as you work down the length of her body. You graze the tips over the skin of her bare stomach, coming to her panties.

You appraise that the light pink color has grown darker at the pinnacle of the triangle. She is wet and the proof of it makes your heart race. You run the tips of the scissors inside of her panties, sliding them over the skin of her lower belly. She flinches slightly at the coolness but relaxes to it as the metal warms. What a delight it is to watch the silver disappear and reappear, as if the scissors are fucking her on a purely visual level.

Without warning, you reach forward with your free hand and yank the material up into her pussy. Her lips strain around the silk, engorged and glistening. She sucks in air hard through her nostrils. You look up and watch them flare in rapid succession. Her eyes are wide and surprised. You run the scissors inside of the material horizontally, close to her bared lips, knowing that they are not far from her clit. The material dampens more.

With a quick snip, you cut the panties free from her slit. The material is still balanced on the fullness of her hips, but the important portion is exposed. You drop the scissors to the floor and the clink they make upon hitting the tile echoes in your ears.

There is not a single hair on her pussy. It is the only time that you feel deviant in your activities with her. This childlike image, these smooth, delicate pussy lips vibrating with the scent of sex. You bring your nose close and delve it into her folds, sniffing her, breathing in that smell, closing your eyes and allowing the wave of memories to wash over your brain. There is no other food that smells nearly as delicious as she does.

She squirms above you, twisting her torso. Her resistance is dimming. You know she is fighting more out of the pain in her hands than in her desire to be free of your attention. Your eyes travel over the length of her body and stare up at her face. It is flushed and glowing with a thin film of sweat. Her chin is trembling delicately.

You jam the middle finger of your left hand deep up into her cunt and watch as she writhes. The muffled complaining returns and she struggles to get her head at angle with which to watch you. She pushes her ass back against the wall, drifts to the side, then to the opposite side, attempts to shake you loose. You push up harder into her. The juices flow down your hand.

As her body melts down onto your hand, you withdraw and stand. She stops moving, stares into your eyes. You bring your hand up to her face and wipe your finger across her lower lip and nose. It leaves a slimy snail trail that twinkles under the light. She closes her eyes and inhales her own scent, her expression blissful.

You yank free the tape from her mouth, intending to allow her a taste of her sex. She stares hard at you, knowing what is next. As you hold up your finger, her lips form an "O." You slide your finger in between them, sliding it in and out smoothly. When you remove your digit, there is a small smile on her face. You smirk back.

The inhalation and expectoration were so rapid, you had no way to prepare for them. As her saliva drips down your cheek, you restrain yourself from bringing your hands to her throat. That would make this her game. Instead, you reapply the tape smile, wiping off the spit with the back of your hand before whipping it across her cheek.

You know you caught the hint of smile before she dropped as much as her restraints would allow. She starts whimpering, her nose a clotted mass of sniffles. You lift her from her armpits, help her to straighten out. You kiss her over the tape where her lips should be exposed. She stares back at your face, open-eyed.

Your hands drift down to her chest, cupping her tits and bringing them together. You squeeze them tightly. Her skin bulges out between your fingers. You cram them as close together as possible, to where her nipples are slightly more than an inch apart in distance. Your tongue flops from your mouth and drags across them.

The nipples harden even more, tightened pencil eraser portions of skin. They are puckered and wrinkled. You look at them lovingly before bringing your head in again and trapping the left one between your teeth. This is not a delicate move, you are truly biting her and she writhes in front of you. You pinch the other nipple while chewing on the first, flicking at it with your tongue as you do. You alternate activities and give each side equal doses of this rough treatment.

Reaching down for her honey pot again, you find that she is even wetter than prior. The insides of her legs are coated with her excitement. You run your hands down the outside of her legs and pull them up. She fixes them around your hips and holds on. The strain in her face softens as the strain on her hands is alleviated in this position.

You unzip your pants and let your cock loose. It springs forward, seeking its bullseye. There is some jostling as you maneuver for entry. There is one last wordless exchange between the two of you, a staring into one another's eyes as you drive home your position within her.

She loses her breath in that instant and has difficulty regaining it as you pummel into her, smashing her up against the wall. Her legs wind tighter around your torso, holding on as if her existence depended on it. You are merciless, ramming without tact or delicacy. Her pussy flexes tighter around your prick, grabbing at it, struggling to hold onto it. It sucks you in and out as much as you invade it of your own free will. The sensation is intense and you bring your head forward and bite onto her shoulder to bring focus to yourself.

There is a yelp behind the tape. When you draw your head back, you see that your bite has punctured her skin. A thin stream of brightly oxygenated blood streams down her shoulder. You jump back from her at that moment, your cock breaking free of its warm and moist home. The drop in temperature causes your rigidity to falter.

She is shaking her head from side to side, begging you to come back to her. She fights to bring you closer, extending one of her legs and trying to hook you in with her foot. The pain is nothing new to her, but it is the blood that stops you. She consoles you with the look in her eyes. Her brows drawn tightly together, the murmuring behind the tape takes on a cooing sound.

You take a hesitant step closer. She nods quickly, little rapid-fire motions of her head. Your hand comes up, drifting toward the wound you have inflicted upon her. She jerks back from you and narrows her brows tightly, suddenly changing from a nodding to a consternated shaking.

There is a moment when you think you witness a light bulb appearing over her head. She yanks on her restraints, struggling with great difficulty to turn her back to you. She succeeds with great effort, exposing her ass to you, high and taut. Her head wrenched to the side, she nods hard, only once. You understand the gesture completely.

You cock begins to fill with blood once more. Its skin has grown tacky from exposure to the air. You cup a hand between her legs and hook your first two fingers inside of her cunt, scooping out her juices. You draw the fingers along the tight puckered entrance to her back door, prepping it for violation.

The juices remaining on your fingers you stroke over your shaft, lubing yourself up while bringing your cock back to full erectness. She is perched on her tip toes, throwing her ass towards you. You work the head in slowly, feeling the muscles tighten around you.

She moans deeply and wiggles her approval. You wedge yourself in, a fraction at a time, sensing as she relaxes to accommodate you. When you are finally up to the hilt, you close your eyes and focus on the rapture that overwhelms you when you are tightly encased in her welcoming ass.

You start to fuck her slowly, allowing her to gradually adjust to the penetration. You never want to intentionally hurt her. You want only to fuck her until you are spent. To lay out blast after blast of your hot cum, delivering it to any orifice or surface that pleases you for that day.

In the midst of the passion, you rip the tape from her mouth. She is screaming, the words not being spoken whole. Segments of words that should make sense but instead serve only to urge you on. The growling in her throat rumbles with a intensity that floods your ears. Her ass tightens even more around your cock, nearly squeezing the life from it.

She comes like a thrashing animal caught in a trap. You see that her wrists are red and swollen from their binding and the strain that has been put on them. The pain you've inflicted causes you momentary pause. You are snapped back into focus as she senses your hesitation and bellows her first comprehensible declaration.

"Fuck my ass, you worthless motherfucker!"

The words spur you into action and you begin pounding in earnest, with each thrust her body is slammed up against the wall, the sound of her skin slapping against it ringing up and down the hallway.

She is repeating one sentence one, in a voice deep and low, unleashed into your left ear. You have rested your chin on uninjured shoulder and her breath is hot on your face.

"You better cum hard," she threatens.

The words reverberate through your mind until you feel the hitch, the pull in your balls and the impending splatter. You pull out of her ass and spray across her cheeks. The cum flows plentifully from you, the muscles in your lower stomach contracting painfully as you are drained. You pant hard, fighting to stay on your feet as your legs wobble. She is hissing a satisfied, "Yessssssssss."

You take the last ounce of energy in your body and use it to lower her from her hook. She slides down to the floor and sighs as she stretches out over the cool tiles. The blood on her shoulder is coagulating quickly. Her nipples remain rock-hard. Her legs are kicking languidly, her toes pointing sharply.

You watch in odd fascination. What you have done has hurt her and would have certainly humiliated other women and yet she lies beneath you, happier than a cat with a bowl of cold milk and a mouse on the side. You do not understand her and sincerely believe you never will.

And that is what you love the most about her.

"Bath?" you ask.

She smiles and raises her still bound hands to you, middle fingers extended.

"Fine," you reply. "Have it your way." You reach down and yank her to her feet, then drape her over your shoulder and head for the bathroom. She struggles the entire way.


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You never cease to amaze me. I am so very excited. I'll be right back. ;p

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Your descriptions are excellent. It takes a great writer to make the reader see everything exactly as it plays out. It's like I'm there 8)

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wonderful, I mean...Awesome

of course...I do wonder, are any of these bouts of Awesome Erotica based on personal experience?

Sex is like art, it's best when you get messy and have a good time!

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