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Hole in my heart
Ripped wide, bleeding dark.
Puncture my soul
Leave your permanent mark.

Make the sad stop. I thought it had gone away. But it's back and it won't shut up.

I'm going to go try and distract myself now. Perhaps a drill bit to my frontal lobe with do the trick.



Do you remember that

Do you remember that Harrison Ford picture Regarding Henry, at least I think that's what it was called, where the gent got shot? I'll let you borrow a gun if you would like, you just have to remember where to mail it back to.

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Try a large, rusty drill

Try a large, rusty drill bit. I work with some of those. It hurts. A lot.

Then, you can't think about the pain.

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I've thought that myself.... but seems it would cause more problems than it would solve.
Besides, a frontal labotomy would rob us all of a very quirky personality...

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