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So, I promised that I was going to be writing something once a week and since my previous post was the previous Friday, I guess I missed that deadline by a pinch.

Truth of the matter is that I was feeling really fucked up yesterday and even though I thought up a good "blog" I just couldn't pull myself out of my own ass long enough to write it.

I'll attempt to get those thoughts down at some point this 3-day weekend. I can't let go of my fucked up thoughts, even if I know I should. I can't let go of irrational feelings, even though I should. It shouldn't affect if I can write or not, but dammit, it affects every aspect of how I function. Or really, my lack of function.

How many of you plod through your days like zombies? Going through the motions, doing what you have to do, doing what needs to get done, shutting off your brain until you're left with nothing but yourself and your thoughts and it feels like you just had the heel of someone's palm come crashing up into your nose, making you hurt and blind and stupid?

Anyhow, I get like that. And strangely, the more understanding people are or try to be just makes it worse.

Because in those cases, you can't BE understanding and have it help. You have to KNOW. You have to have been there.

This is longer than I expected it to be and I'm just whining at this point and putting off that I need to go out and have my eyes checked again.

Catch you later.

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