You Can Keep Your Brotherly Love

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I did a lot of movie watching this weekend. One of the flicks that I watched detailed a strange car crash and the circumstances that followed between two brothers and the surviving female from the crash. The story itself wasn't what caught my attention as much as the fact that the brothers had sex with the same woman. Both knew about it, the sex was going on at the same time and no one seemed to be bothered by it in the slightest.

I circled the block a few times back in my day and while there were a couple of times when I dated different people within the same time frame, I would have never entertained the idea of it being with two brothers. Even if it had been several years time apart, I don't think I could ever bring myself to date siblings. Something about it strikes a great big fucking "no-no" bell in the back of my head.

So why is it that I'm in the minority? Most of the people that I know have dated siblings. Those who haven't usually tell me that they don't think it would be all that big of a deal. Most don't seem bothered in the slightest when I bring up the icky semantics of it. There has been only one friend that I've had who I was able to successfully embarrass with the use of the phrase "sisterfucker." Other than that, most laugh it off.

Funny that most who have dated and/or fucked siblings wouldn't date or fuck someone that their own sibling had tangled with. Obviously that's not always the case, otherwise there wouldn't be willing sisters and brothers who have thrown down with matching partners. Still, I always find the twisted-up expression of a guy to be funny when explaining to me that he would never date a girl that his brother had fucked and yet he just got done telling me that he fucked two different sisters. Most commonly the explanation for that is that "hey, that's their problem to work out."

Myself, I don't think I'll ever be able to get over the details of it. If I were about to let a man penetrate me and knew that he had once fucked my sister, I know my brain would turn on the very real image of that same dick being inside of my sister. Hell, I don't think that I could even KISS a guy who'd also kissed my sister, with the thoughts of where the tongue had been.

EW. Seriously. I just shuddered because the mere idea of it gives me the fucking creeps.

I would imagine that it would have to be harder for two brothers to have fucked the same girl. Right as one is about to start licking his girl's pussy the image of his brother's dick having been in there only so many days/months/years before. If you can put that shit out of your mind, I would like to meet the chick who was able to make you do it, because that has got to be one hot fucking bitch.

Just as much as I know that I could never do someone who was intimate with one of my sisters (not that that's ever been or ever going to be the case, considering how much younger my sisters are than I am) I couldn't fuck two brothers. (Or two sisters, should that opportunity ever arise.) Not that there would be any icky scenarios playing out in my head, but it would make me wonder what the fuck was wrong with them that they would be OK with both having fucked me.

I personally draw the line at not fucking two men who are best friends as well. There's something about crossing that line, it makes me wonder if the two men involved have such little concern for me as a person. Most of the men that I've talked to who are OK with this situation usually don't place great value on their sex partners as being living beings with feelings. I don't know about the rest of you, but that concept just doesn't sit well with me. Even if we're only going to be fucking once and just for the sport of it, you better know that I'm an involved human being and not just a fucking cum receptical.

Perhaps that's where the problem really lies. For as much talking as we do about wanting to be respected and supposedly respecting the people that we bed, are we really? If you don't stop long enough to ponder the possibility that fucking the sister of someone that you've already fucked might cause problems between them, doesn't that equal up to you not really giving a fuck about where you stick your dick? That's not just disrespectful to them, that's disrespectful to yourself.

I'm all for having fun and throwing down... but fucking hell, people! Are we really that fucking lazy that we can't go looking outside of our own incestuous circle? Hell, it's bad enough when we travel within the same circle of friends and have done the 90210 thing, do we really have to resort to fucking siblings? For the love of all that is Awesome, are we really that creatively bankrupt?

Girls, spare a brother and use a BOB. Guys... hell, stick it in a damn hole in the ground rather than a sister. Because a hole in the ground is going to give you less grief than a woman who is psychologically impaired enough to fuck someone her sister did.

Discussion of the Day:

Have you ever dated/fucked two brothers/sisters? Have you ever dated/fucked someone that your brother/sister had? If you haven't, do you see anything wrong with doing so? If you'd be OK with it, would you have any specific stipulations before you would consider it?


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Ahh no I havent... but

My sisters ex-boyfriend hit on me once and tried to convince me to go home with him to "talk". Right. Because I was born yesterday.

I think it's wrong, but only in the moral sense, I mean sharing clothes with a sibling is one thing, but sharing someone who had shared their fluids registers to me a quite gross.

I knew this girl who fucked this guy, contracted an std from him, then fucked his brother a few weeks later and gave the std to that guy, that guy in turn fucked the girls younger sister [who was a virgin] as a means of payback and with her first sexual experience, not only did she get her sisters sloppy seconds, but she got an std as well. She was the laughing stock of high school until the kid that blew his load on a chicks face before she had even touched his dick to give him a blow job.

See situations like that should just be avoided at ALL costs.

The only stipulation is i was to even consider the possibility, was if they only dated, and didn't fuck. And thats only before i would consider the possibility, but knowing my skanky sister there is no chance of that happening lmao

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