You KNOW You're Addicted to Myspace When...

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You KNOW You're Addicted to Myspace When...
* You break up with someone by changing your status.

* You spend more than an hour figuring out clever answers to those 100 question surveys.... and feel it was time well spent in staving off your boredom.

* You display your love, anger, or irritation for someone on your friends list in the answers to those surveys.

* You base the quality of your day on how many comments/views/messages you've received.

* You post bulletins that have nothing to do with anything, other than to say that you're bored/drunk/sleepy/etc.

* Your e-mail inbox is nothing but notifications from myspace telling you that "A friend has posted a new comment!" etc.

* You no longer even check your e-mail box.... you go straight to myspace to collect your messages.

* Towards the end of the work day, your first thought is to get home and check your myspace.

* You greet old friends by asking them if they have a myspace.... and then ragging on them if they say they don't.

* You've got a friend on your list that you refer to as a "Myspace celebrity." (xchrisxchaosx, Cunt, Tila Tequila, etc.)

* You've considered having a bumper sticker made for your car that reads your myspace address.

* You've already had one made.

* Whenever something actually happens to you in real life, your first thought is that you need to remember it so that you can post about it on your myspace blog.

* One of your closest friends lives hundreds to thousands of miles away from you, you've never met them in person, but you never would have met them without myspace.....

* You've yelled the words, "Have you checked your comments yet?" across a distance to a friend.

* You take your lunch break at the computer so that you can catch up on your account.

* You open a second window to check other links so that you don't have to close out your profile.

* You keep people on your favorite list and check to see when they were last on, and then harass them about not leaving you messages.

* You know what Quizilla is.

* You play your own version of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" by clicking on a friend of a friend, and the friend of that person and so on, looking for interesting people.

* You actually subscribe to your friends' blogs.

* You wake up unexpectedly at 4 in the morning and the first thing you do is check your myspace.

* You take the time to write blogs entitled "You know you're addicted to Myspace when...."





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You were here instead of there, I backed out of myspace because other then reading your blog, I found most folks annoying.
(no offense to those reading this, ok maybe a little) The only good thing that came out of myspace, is finding the A.Z.

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Well holy damn!

I have done nearly all of that!

Do they have Myspace Anonymous meetings?

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I do like all of that.

It's worse than crack. I swear it is.

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well then, I'm officially addicted!

I do quite a few of those things, except for the kevin bacon thing, I just refuse to do that, it's kinda stupid if you think about it!

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