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Duck & Cover202871 reads
Why Do Women Enjoy Fucking With Men So Much?63725 reads
Why Women Fucking Suck55192 reads
Things Women Should Know About Men40463 reads
You KNOW You're Addicted to Myspace When...34000 reads
The Awesome Guide to Drinking27765 reads
Things Men Should Know About Women19047 reads
Gimme a Boob! Gimme a dick! Gimme it all!18016 reads
My Duplicitous Love of Porn17730 reads
Tie Me Up17256 reads
Shoelaces16287 reads
The pink, she may stay15154 reads
Head. Feels. Sploady.14095 reads
I Daydream of Weenie13893 reads
Lucky Girl13815 reads
Why Women Fucking Suck (The Part that Was Cut Off)13749 reads
Two-fisted liar13194 reads
Asperger's By Proxy12845 reads
I AM This Girl12641 reads
Ain't it Funny...12349 reads

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