That 4 letter word that begins with F, capitalized, underlined and highlighted

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I fucking give up.

I hate going through the effort of trying to take care of something to the extent that I can take care of something, writing letters, explanations, instructions... only to have it go wrong through NO fault of mine and have shit come down on my head because I'm the representative.

I am so utterly, insanely, stupidly angry right now. Over something that shouldn't bother me as much as it does.

But in truth, it's a matter of principle. Of looking like a douchebag idiot by association.

(I've sat here for five minutes, searching for the right words. I don't have them.)

Thanks for taking all of my effort, all of my work, all of my time and my energy and PISSING ALL OVER IT.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.


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I still love you,

I still love you, hun......
But then again, I'm in Maine....
3,000 miles away......
Can't give you a hug....
Can't get you drunk....
Just hold on, sweetheart.....

Hug the midget.

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I hope this isn't about what

I hope this isn't about what I think it is about. If it is, I hope you know that I certainly don't hold anything against you over it. I understand the situation that you are upset about, and the reasons you are upset about it, and just want you to know that I never for a moment was cranky at you over it. I know where my crank should really go. Wait, that didn't sound right. The error was fixed pretty quickly, so no real harm done, I guess.

If this isn't what I think it is about, then forget I said anything :)

Few things are worse than to

Few things are worse than to have something that you have no control over go wrong, and you getting blamed for it. Can't really suggest doing anything other than venting in any way that you can, taking a deep breath, maybe a nap, and then just have a long daydream session of watching whoever blamed it on you run around on fire in your head.

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Deep breath...

And try to relax girl. Shit happens. Shit stinks badly, but it does happen. And blind anger because of it is justifiable too. But...

We all know you aren't even remotely close to being a douchebag idiot. Or look like one, for that matter. You are one of the most thorough people I know, right next to me, so give yourself a break and some credit, mmmkay?

I imagine you probably have already calmed down and are feeling better by now, so this was just a reminder for the next time shit happens... and we know it will. It's inevitable.

Oh, how I hate shit. Piss kinda stinks too :-)

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No plan ever survives contact with the enemy

I've learned that no matter how well you plan something, someone else will always fuck it up for you. And then you will get blamed for it. You just have to learn to flow with the punches.

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Get over it

Shit, that is going to keep happening as long as we live. Do not worry about it. If need be explain to whoever it is what happened, and if they do not take the explanation, then fuck'em

You sound like you need a

You sound like you need a drink

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Nothing bugs me more

than having my good intentions be misinterpreted. If I'm being an asshole and someone calls me out on it, I can deal with that, but if I'm really putting forth my best efforts and I come out looking like a dick then I feel so fucking shitty about it afterwards. Did that even make sense? That was one long, rambling run-on sentence but I'm tired so I just hope I got my point across. I have no idea what you are dealing with, but I'm sorry for whatever you're going through. I also hope you aren't as obsessive as I am because I take days (even weeks) to let go of shit like that.


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Feel Better?

I hate being a douchebag by association. That is the worst way to be a douchebag. At least when it is all you, you can own being that douchebag.

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