The Measure of a Man

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I got an interesting e-mail the other day. Well, it didn't start off with this e-mail, it was about 10 e-mails or so in between a new myfriend and myself. There was mention of nicknames, mention of a story of how said nicknames were earned. Pictures were sent. Zara was speechless. Zara is NEVER speechless.

From my experience, whenever a guy is bragging about the size of his dick, he's usually exaggerating. Either that or he's making self-depricating comments in the attempt of talking himself down enough so that when we actually see the goods, we're pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. It might be because men put such a value on their manhood through the size of their unit. It might be because girls are so conflicted in their reactions to the size of their lover's package.

I never outright demand to see pictures of a guy's dick. But if he offers... well, it's fair game. The story that my myfriend was telling had to do with the pictures that he'd taken being spread around our local county, and now that girls knew what they were going to be, um, up against, they were afraid to approach him. So of course I was curious. When he offered to send me the pics, I wasn't going to say no. He's a drummer. Remember how Tommy Lee is a drummer? He puts Tommy to shame. Girls are always talking about the beauty that is Tommy's tripod, so why would they be afraid of him? But there's the hypocrisy that defines a woman.

When women are in female-only company, they'll tell their stories, complain about the lack of fullness, the lack of length, they'll take those two fingers and shrink them down to that little representative inch and cackle loudly. Yet when they have proof that there is a guy out there that is packing, they'll get scared. They'll make excuses not to fuck the guy. The most common thing that I hear is that women assume that a man with a big dick is a player. That he could get any woman he wanted, so why bother. That he'll be a cheater, etc etc etc.

I encountered my first "Extra Large" when I was 18. He was the older brother of my friend's boyfriend and was known for being a little bigger than average. They underestimated when they said "a little bigger than average." This was like seeing porn in action. I was actually confused. He seemed unfazed by it. Thing was... he was one of the nicest guys. He was more willing to give than receive, I suppose from having previous experiences where the girl looked like she was going to bolt for the door. My friends all asked me the next day what it was like. They all looked like they wanted me to say that it was impossibly difficult. That it was painful. That it couldn't compare to being with an average guy. My answer? I told them it was "alright." In reality, it was fucking phenomenal. But I didn't want to be looked at like that freak, that chick who was loose enough to be able to take a large dick.

The reason why it was so good was because of his attitude. He smiled, he took his time, he made me feel comfortable. We did a lot more than just fuck. We connected for that moment. In that time of feeling at ease, I relaxed. It's not just one of my favorite times because of the size of his member, it's one of my all-time favorite times because it was FUCKING FUN. I learned from that experience that sex is more aspects than the actual in and out of the game.

Most men are average sized. The average size of a penis is supposedly now being recorded as 5 inches. That's right boys. It's not 6 inches anymore. Since the operative word in that is "average" that means that there are men who are UNDER 5 inches. I've seen a few. I've fucked a couple. Were they as satisfying as a bigger dick? Usually not. But not for the reason that you think. Most of the time when a guy has a short unit, it's got some thickness to it, which is just as important as length. The reason why it wasn't as good is because they were sitting there making jokes about themselves right in the moment. Telling me that they would be able to sevice me in other ways and not to worry. Total fucking mood killer, when someone adds all that commentary. Just shut up and work your shit. If you're good enough at finessing the situation, I won't notice your lack of size. Well, I won't notice as much.

I tried to explain this once by comparing it to boobs. Boobs come in all different sizes, but all of them look good in some way or another. Penises are the same way. I've seen smaller dicks that have some of the smoothest skin you've ever seen, some that have a beautiful colour, some that have the most unique head shape. There are so many aspects to the dick, it's almost stupid. Perhaps I only notice because I'm the fellatio queen, I don't know. But I can appreciate every different size of penis just like I can appreciate every size of breast. It's all in your attitude. Even if you're only having a one-time-only thing, you should be in a place of comfort, a place of understanding.

So my new myfriend asked after showing me these pics if he needed to add me to the "frightened list." I had to laugh. I laughed partly for all of the girls who had seen these pics and were scared. I laughed that he actually needs to ask this question. I laughed because if anything, I'm far more interested now than I would have been prior. I laughed in frustration because it demonstrated that men and women will never be able to think on the same plane. I laughed because I think more along the lines of a man than men will ever be able to accept because they always assume I think like all the other girls.

Am I frightened? Yeah. Just not of a big dick. Bring that shit on.


Great post

I had to laugh at this Zara. You're writing is always straight to the point and no bullshit that is why I have always loved reading you!


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