Robert Smith Was Wrong

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Boys DO cry.

Sure, you don't see it very often. Sure, they'll never admit that they did, but boys DO cry. I'm not talking about the emo boys either. I'm talking about grown men. And I personally find the sight of a man crying in earnest to be a huge turn-on.

Men are taught from the time that they are little boys that they shouldn't cry. That crying is a sign of weakness. I'll be honest and say that when I see a 5 year old little boy crying hysterically, it grates on my fucking nerves. Then again, seeing any 5 year old crying, boy or girl, pretty much does that to me. Just more so when it's a boy.

I have mostly male friends. They are fun and funny, childish and child-like. Men are far better at being laid-back than most women are. They can laugh off shit that drives women up the wall and into a scene of idiotic drama. Men can experience heartbreak without completely losing their minds. There are a good deal of men that I am friends with that I have never witnessed shedding a tear, not even when attending a funeral with them.

Yet every once in a blue moon I will be witness to a minor crying jag. As much as I would like to think of myself as being not the typical woman, when I do see a man cry, my nuturing instinct kicks in. Actually, it whooshes on like a heater at full blast. I rub their back, throw my arm around their shoulders and coo into their ear. I start to "mommy" them. Perversely enough, in the middle of adminstering this attention, I become very attracted to them.

Perhaps it is in the face of seeing another person's vulnerability take hold, to behold them being open in such a raw manner that this happens. Perhaps my juices get flowing because they are trusting me with this moment of weakness, that their defenses are down and a iron-clad bond is being formed. If you don't think that crying in front of a person forms a bond with them, then I think you cry too much. Allowing myself to cry in front of someone has always been a show of my depth of trust for them. So perhaps it is even that thought, the thought that the man is showing the degree to which he trusts me, that he feels comfortable enough to cry in my presence that is the defining factor for my attraction.

Even still, I wonder if it is the sheer sincerity of the moment that does it. Crying is fairly hard to fake. It can be done, but fake crying is probably easier to spot than the bloodshot eyes of Anna Nicole Smith from 2,000 miles away. If you force crying, it's pretty damn obvious. So seeing those real tears slide down a man's cheeks is breath-taking in its sincerity. And I know that I have a weakness for people who honest with themselves about who they are.

I have fucked many a grieving man. Women have asked me if I thought I was being played, if these men were taking advantage of their situation in order to get some snoo snoo. Knowing these guys before-hand helps me to say with 99 % accuracy that I don't think so. If anything, I was the one taking advantage of their situation, fucking a man in distress because it got me all hot and bothered.

Win-win situation if you ask me. So guys... don't be afraid to cry. I need all the excuses I can find.

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