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I am friends with a good number of manwhores. Sure, I've previously written about women and what makes them whores, but I suppose I should examine the manwhore aspect.

Manwhores are the kind of men who enjoy sex with several different women. They don't make promises that they're not intending to keep and they're not real big sweet talkers either. Manwhores believe all the compliments that they tell you. They know how to make you feel good, even if only for a night.

But that's the only thing that manwhores are good for. One night.

I don't like to refer to men as sluts. I don't think the term is applicable to men. See, a slut is more something that women have cornered the market on. Sluts fuck not because they like to, but because they think that it's going to gain them love, respect and/or acceptance.

Men don't need to worry about these things. It's not like you'll ever see a man saying, "OK, I'll sleep with you on the first date, but only if you take me out tomorrow!" Men aren't the deciding vote in whether or not sex goes down. Therefore, men aren't sluts, casting out their net in hopes of catching some unsuspecting prey.

Men are much like the women of this world who are whores. They like to fuck, they're relatively intelligent and capable of holding a conversation for those brief moments when sex isn't occurring, they tend to be quite charming and are normally pleasant to look at.

Where female whores and male whores differ is that a female whore can easily be reformed. If she finds a man that she is interested in dating, many of her wiles will fall to the wayside for him. In fact, most female whores don't want to sleep around. They'd rather unleash all of their sexual energy on one person at a time.

Male whores however, whether due to the archaic idea that men are built with a need to spread their seed or due to a learned response to love based on bad experiences in his life, will just keep fucking new people without a second thought. It doesn't just take someone special to rein them in, it takes someone phefuckingnomenal.

It's not like the deal is a manwhore or an angel, though. There are all different types of men in the spectrum. I'll narrow it down to three for the sake of the argument.

Manwhores are on one end of the scale, "good guys" are on the other. Being a good guy isn't a curse or a negative label. A good guy is a man who is looking for a commitment, doesn't want to sleep around, thinks you're a little tainted if you sleep around and generally has a strong set of fairly conservative values when it comes to love.

A good guy is the kind of man that women want to get into a long term relationship with. A good guy is the type that we want to marry. I'm NOT saying that we do. Many women fuck up and think that they can reform certain men into being their good guy. There's even a 1% part of the population that pulls it off. But in the long run, we realize we're better off finding one that's good to begin with.

That means that we'll put the good guy through hell. We'll make them wait for the first fuck, won't let them slide in respecting us, treat them as if they're criminals if they want to go out with their friends. Why? Because a good guy will let us. That's why he's so good. Congrats, good guys! In the end, you really will get the girl. You just have to decide if it was worth it.

The middle set of guys is a cross between the man whore and the good guy. Not brave enough to have the balls to tell a woman that he's only in it for the fucking, the middleman will play it up like he's a good guy in for the long haul. The majority of men are middlemen. They're just as conflicted as women as to what they want out of relationships as women are. Sometimes all they want to do is fuck. Sometimes they really do want to cuddle. What makes them stand out from the other designations is their unwillingness to commit to a side.

Women tend to date a lot of middlemen. We're never as fucked over by the manwhores as we are by the noncommittal guy who says he loves us one day and then tells us he needs space the next. What they don't realize is that women don't run hot and cold. We run hot OR cold. We're either crazy about you or we couldn't give a fuck.

Which is why the manwhore has his place. See, a manwhore is all about running hot in the bedroom, but knows how to distance himself emotionally. The signs are clear. He's in it for the short run, he lets you know this and you understand it.

Sure, there are times when it seems appealing to want to change a manwhore. He's good looking, he knows how to talk to you and he's a great lay. But you don't date him. And Awesome-forbid, you never try to make anything serious work with him. You simply enjoy his services and send him out back into the population for others to appreciate.

I love my manwhore friends for their honesty. I love them for their sense of humor, their enlightening conversations and even their dazzling smiles. I love being friends with them and know that if push came to shove, I could count on one of them to be a streak breaker.

I just could never be IN love with any of them.

Discussion of the Day:

What is your definition of a manwhore? Which is worse in your opinion: being the eternal good guy or being a manwhore?


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Holly Crap, Well I have been

Holly Crap,
Well I have been all 3 and now sex is too much like work, unless I am with the right person. If I have the chance to be with some young hot airhead or sit in and read, I sit in and read 99% of the time.

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I'm a manwhore and damn proud of it

Yes, I can run very hot, sunspot hot, in the bedroom. But mention wanting to meet your mother and I'll be out of there so fast it will leave a vacuum! Come over and bring me some beer and Chinese food once a week and I'll give you a hell of a ride in the bed, on the couch, up on the kitchen counter. But, ask about going on a cruise together for a week - I'm sure I'll have to be out of town on business.

So, take what you get and be thankful for it. I know I am.

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Guess I'm fucked for now...

I've always been the good guy. It's not my fault. It's genetic and it's permanent. Always been the great guy, "he's-a-good-friend". good guy. I had stacks of pictures of the best girls in high school. You think I tapped any of them? Noooooo... "You're a great friend." "I don't date my friends.. " But they had no problem sucking down the football team and crying about it after.
Jesus.... It still makes me feel like the really sweet, most unattractive motherfucker in the world.
So out of desperation, I always settled for less than what I really wanted. Usually the ones lacking sanity. And now from what I see, I have to wait for the manwhores to get done taking perfectly decent women (possibly 2 or 3 that might find me attractive) and fucking with their heads so much that 3/4 of them have to take pills to get through life now. (the other 1/4 love manwhores to begin with so I fold on them. I could break this down more, but, why should I?)
Just what I wanna carry through the door. A schizo, pill poppin manwhore leftover with rejection issues. All because I was taught to respect women.
Guess I'm fucked for now.....

Hug the midget.

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I used to be a pussy, er, I

I used to be a pussy, er, I mean a good guy, but my divorce taught me a lesson. I unleashed my inner manwhore, and found I was quite good at it. But then you know what happened: I met THE woman. The one by whom all others must measure. Now the time spent whoring has given me the ability to be in a relationship without being a pussy. Well, at least not as much as I used to be :)

To answer your question, I'd go with manwhore. Honesty is the key. And the thing you left out it, you can be friends with your manwhore. Which is a very difficult thing to be with a good guy. With them, you're either dating them or ignoring them. Yannow?

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(no subject)

Lemme know when you're ready for that "streak breaker"

(hey girlie)

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The Choice

Neither one is good in all honesty; for being a man-whore means friends with benefits, or that you'll have a chance at uncommitted-sex. But that doesn't always mean it's when you want it. Women make booty-calls too. As the nice guy needs to grow a pair. He's not waiting for a committment or 'Miss Right' before he gives her a MRS.. he's just scared!

I loathed being good and my wife knew me when I was an man-whore jerk-off. Now I am just trying to be 'balanced'... caring and warm without need to grope or wish about the wicked sounds others' make from time to time.

That's all I can say!



"Hey... it's a kind of magic."

Good at being me.

I'm all for straight forward no bullshit communication, and when it comes to relationships, I find that each one (and each woman) I encounter requires a slightly different approach. I wouldn't say that I AM a manwhore, but that I am more than willing TO BE a manwhore, should I encounter a woman who's reciprocative of that sort of thing.

I normally end up in long term pris...err, relationships, and in between relationships, I go wild with whoring it up as much as possible. I've just recently been through the whore phase (post-divorce) and am now willing to consider, should the Awesomeness allow for me to encounter a worthy woman, a (**inhale**) relationship (**exhale**).

I'm now taking applications for the position of "girlfriend", please apply in person.

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I've been alternately ALL three categories in your list. Currently, I'm swinging back and forth like a yo-yo between "good guy" and "manwhore." With my wife passing away slightly over a year ago, women weren't on the docket for about 10 all!!! Then, ran into a lady that took the dullness off my eyes and brought out the manwhore in me. Didn't want a relationship, just a good time and some good sex. That whole way of being went on for a couple of months. Now, I'm at the "good guy" stage...but I guess without some of the conservative traits you mentioned. I'm in no position to comment or make moral judgements about sleeping around by a lady...hell, that's what I was doing. I've never been able to do the "middleman" way for very long...something about the inherent lack of balls for being consistent, not really sure. But you hit the whole good guy/indifferent guy/manwhore thing right on the nose AZ. (And I love the "Awesome-forbid" comment...pure genius...I prostrate myself at your feet. LOL)

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I don't like labels...

.. but you have to admit they do fit with certain people. Maybe it's because I've not been in the dating 'game', but I simply can't answer your question. Which is worse? I think there's nothing bad than being a good guy. A good guy is the guys we want, so he will always win, hands down.

What man whores have to learn is to be upfront with what they way. Fuck, and that's it.

But I'm confused by this all, because I don't like any game that has rules that deals with my life. If I started going out with a guy who was a game-player ie - I won't call her until tuesday, I'm only in it for the sex but I'll make sure I pretend I'm not, well, I'll work it out and he'll be out the door. I'm too busy to be involved in that kind of lark.

Giorgina Angela

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Yet another post that doesn't really concern me. Most of my male friends are either gay - so definitely manwhores lol, or at some point liked me now accept I'm gay but hang around just in case, so I don't get to close to them. But honestly as far as the slut vs. whore thing, you're completely wrong. I think a lot of men are sluts. Oh, but I guess fags don't count as men to you? Jab jab... She comes out swinging.
;P You know I adore you.

Just an observation...

Maybe I don't know enough manwhores to make this statement cover ALL of them - there are exceptions to every rule - but the ones that I know all have a common trait. Yes they are 'easy on the eyes' to the average person - but they also have a low self-esteem from some bad break-up in their past. If they can't have (insert name here), then they don't want a serious relationship with ANY other woman just on the off chance that (insert name here) changes her mind and some day wants to take him back. Call me crazy, but I think a lot of guys out there believe in the Fairy Tale romance thing even more than the girls do.

The flaw in this strategy (as I've told several of my manwhore friends) is that even if (insert name here) came back and said "Oh I soooo screwed ARE the man of my dreams and I want you back!"...most likely two things exist here.

1.) Ms. (insert name here) is probably a great girl - almost angelic - which is what made said manwhore so in love with her in the first place - he honestly WAS the Good guy for her...but she left him to pursure Mr. Bad Guy - stupid move girlfriend. and...
2.) that if Ms (insert name here) did wise up when Mr. Bad Guy cheated on her (which is what Bad Guys do) and came to her senses, Mr. Manwhore had been screwing everything that walked while she was away...leaving him now impossible for her to accept once she finds out what he did while she was off with Mr. Bad Guy. Now he's turned into Mr. Untouchable...ewwww...gross...possibly has every walking disease on the planet since he was most likely drunk as he was doing his screwing so as to forget Ms. (insert name here). Viscious cycle, eh?

Bottom line, DON'T screw other people over. BE NICE. Be COMPASSIONATE when you have to dump someone.

Thats really good.

Wish i could repost some of this, because its really good. I believe it's true. But i realize that pisses you off, so i won't.

I consider myself one of the good guys, btw.


I think there one in the same.

I think a manwhore is a one time good guy who got burnt one too many times. I think everyone can agree that once you have been hurt one time two many, it is easier to go out and get fucked physically than to go out and get fucked emotionally. My man is a one time manwhore who now has two beatiful childern and is a great father, lover, and best friend. Always remember that people can change.

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Everyone's fucked over a good guy & we've all fucked a bad boy

For as long as I can remember I've been attracted to nerds... for some reason I find them trustworthy... whether or not they are is another story...

I've had flings with the bad boys but have never bothered to reform them - either because they were just too pretty to be faithful or it just seemed like too much work edging on the side of hopeless.

That being said I have dated really nice guys whom I took advantage of, walked all over and generally had where I wanted... but where's the challenge?

You can't be with someone who doesn't respect themselves enough to stand up for themselves. Yes we want nice guys for a long term relationship...
BUT those nice guys also have to know when to fight back against there spouse - to not just back down whenever she wants you to, be brave enough to stand up for you when the situation calls for it while encompassing all the other great nice guy qualities... you have to have an even keel.

I like to think that my boyfriend's a bad boy nerd... he tells me when I'm out of line and he's stepped up to the plate when it came to defending my honor... Gallant ain't it?

Great topic Z - sorry I've been awol. I'm back baby!

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They all suck!

Manwhores are great for fucking, but not much else. Good guys are great as friends, but often too boring sexually. Yeah. I need a good guy who is kinky as fuck! Where are THOSE guys? I think there is only one and I just found out he is dating someone else. Alas, my life sucks. lol You know, a lot of men seem to equate a woman with a kinky, ravenous sexual appetite with being loose. This infuriates me! Just because I am willing to partake in certain sexual acts does NOT mean I am willing to partake in them with YOU. Grrrrrrr. Men suck. I am just gonna pretend to be nice and sweet and innocent from now on. Guys seem to dig that illusion.

What about those of us who

What about those of us who just want to be real? I could appreciate a woman who will tell me exactly what she's thinking and exactly what she wants, as long as she can deal with me doing the same. I'd love to find a woman who can balance out the kink and the geek in me but I can't seem to. I either find ones who move me emotionally that are white bread boring in the romantic sense, or total freaks who can't mesh with me intellectually. I've learned to settle for friends (read: no sex) who I can sit and talk with, but everyonce in a while a guy just needs to blitzkreig a poor unsuspecting kitty, I feel the Germanic blood coursing through me lately.

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I AGREE. Stupid boys.


Stupid boys.

It all depends...

There is something I feel I much point out, most guys, depending on the woman they are relating too can be a 'manwhore', 'nice guy', or 'middleman'. To some woman, I'm going to be a manwhore because even though I find them hot (either physically/personally, usually both) but know that anything long term ain't gonna work, or at least not without more grief than that particular woman is worth. If I meet a girl that I just think is soooo dreamy, she'll get the nice guy. These are the women that for whatever reason you put on a pedestal as soon as you meet them, these are the girls that us guys assign the highest value too because we are very attracted AND we can see things working out, so we work hard and be as 'nice' as possible.

Most women, are going to make you feel something in the middle that is just going to take a while to figure out. Maybe she's obviously somebody that would not be good for anything more than a fun weekend, or maybe she's obviously the kind of girl that you can really see yourself growing old with, but chances are, she's going to end up somewhere in the middle.

It's silly to think that a guy that is a 'manwhore' to you, isn't going to be a nice guy or middle man to somebody else. Vice-versa, that 'nice-guy' has probably had his nights of 'whore-dom' and both guys have had women that were somewhere in the middle.

It would be nice if us guys would fit neatly into three different catergories, but it just isn't true, not only are each of us different people but we will interact with each person we are attracted too a little differently too. That 'manwhore' that banged you hard and then left somewher between 4am and sunrise, might be a guy that some other girl won't date because he's too 'nice'. That 'nice guy' whose bringing you flowers today may have left some other girl's apartment between 4am and sunrise that day. That 'middleman' who just plain isn't sure about your ass yet, might have some girls in the wings that he is sure of, but either can't get or doesn't really want (ie: ain't worth the grief)


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Nothing better than a good manwhore....

I have been friends with man-whores my entire life. Most of my male friends are pretty whorish. I seem to relate better with them. I can swap stories with the best of them. Having been a bit whorish myself. But... that was in the past. I'd like to think that as we inevitably age... we mature. No, maybe not all... But, most of us. We realize that while the sex can be momentarily fulfilling, it doesn't last much past the memory of the orgasm. We wash off the sweat and... stuff... and the memory of the great sex is what we've got. As I get older, I crave more. I crave a companion as well as a fuck buddy. I want to giggle while walking hand in hand through the mall. I want to share stories and insight on life.

Ok, once again, I've deviated from the topic. But I hope you get my point.

I like "good guys". My Dad was one. But I tend to be a little bored. That is until I met my Jerm. HE is a good guy! He has done so much for his ex, and I'd like to kick her in the teeth for being such a stupid bitch... but, I suppose her loss is my find. See... I have a good guy, who's a little jaded. He appreciates what I have to give. He loves me for the freak I am and shows me that he loves the woman and Mother that I am. Here's the kicker though. He's got the "bad boy" appearance. Just looking at him makes my tummy tingle and my groin ignite on fire. He is my man-whore. Always ready, willing and more than able.

And when he sees I'm a little down... not feeling so great about myself... you know... just feeling in a slump...
he brightens my day... with a movie, a thoughtful gift, even flowers sometimes. Now, I'm not a real girly girl... I've never had a guy give me flowers. Never imagined I would want them, seemed frivolous. But, I'm telling you, I turned to goo. Putty in his hands. I felt sexy, loved and appreciated.

Ok, so. I think the man whores and the good guys and the middle men all have the "opportunity" to be the perfect man for someone. It does take a bit selflessness... Which may automatically count some assholes out, for the moment. But as we all get older, I think we start realizing the value of sharing our minds (as well as bodies) with someone who loves and understands us.

Ok, so, I guess I'm all gooey and in love or some such shit. Cause a little over a year ago, my response would have been quite different. Having never expected to meet someone who fits my puzzle and understands my mind. Ultimately, I think we need to understand ourselves. Anything worth anything is going to take some work. Whether it's losing weight, getting a job, raising a happy, healthy and Polite child, or maintaining a happy healthy relationship with your significant "other". We all have to work at it. If it was easy, we wouldn't appreciate it.

So, finally, to answer your question... I think it is worse to be an "unhappy" good guy or an "unhappy" manwhore than anything else. If you can't make yourself happy, then you can't include anyone else in your life and expect to suddenly find "happiness". Be happy just the way you are and life will throw more joy at you than you could imagine.

Can you tell I had sex this morning? Sheesh! All this gooey sentimentality.... think I'll go gag myself with a candy cane.

I'm a good guy.

I'm a good guy. At least that's what my wife tells me. It was also worth being the good guy. She told me to say that, too.

Sex with lots of women is overrated. Unless you're able to achieve it. Then it's fun.


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While I consider myself a

While I consider myself a good man, I also have to deal with the fact that I'm (by your definition) a bit of a manwhore. While looking for the elusive "ONE", I have no problem sowing my seed in as many willing recepticles as possible. I don't lie and cheat to get in there, and I never use the love word unless I mean it. I refuse to be catagorized.

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Run, guys

"That means that we'll put the good guy through hell. We'll make them wait for the first fuck, won't let them slide in respecting us, treat them as if they're criminals if they want to go out with their friends. Why? Because a good guy will let us. That's why he's so good. Congrats, good guys! In the end, you really will get the girl. You just have to decide if it was worth it."

Laughing my ass off...RUN MEN, RUUUUNNNN!!!!!!

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I agree...

I agree with your definition of a manwhore.

Being the good guy and the manwhore both have their negative sides. Being the manwhore means more risk for disease, loneliness, the occasional psycho chick stalking you or wanting revenge for making her thing you love her when all you wanted was to get your dick wet...

Being the eternal good guy means 90% of the women out there don't want you until they have had their share of man whores and failed relationships trying to change a manwhore or middleman into an eternal good guy. Then they come crawling back to the good guys.

I'm all for people finally finding the person that makes them happy in a relationship, but why do the good guys put up with women not wanting them until they were treated like crap for a while? You said it yourself, "A good guy is the type that we want to marry." However, they are also the kind of guy most women don't want to date. On the continuum between eternal good guy and manwhore, I use to be pretty close to the eternal good guy and it worked to my disadvantage in relationships. I also ran into the situation where women I knew would say to me that I'm the type of guy women want to marry, but not date. How do they expect to find these great husbands or just a great guy to have a relationship with if they don't want to date the type of guys that make great husbands or relationship partners? After a while, I changed my ways and started going out and having fun and didn’t care if the woman thought that the night of fun was more than just sex. For some reason they were more interested if I slept with them, then ignored them for a week or two than if I didn’t sleep with them and called them back 3 days later. Its one thing most of us guys don’t understand, but figure out eventually.

In my opinion, when you are younger, being the eternal good guy is worse and when you are older, being the manwhore is worse. The eternal good guys aren't appreciated by most women until the women grow up. The manwhores have a lot of fun when they are younger, but start to get lonely and have other issues when they get older. I know guys of both types and being a middleman has worked out the best for me. It reducs my frustration and allows me to still have the chance of meetign a women that is truly looking for that good guy.

As I get older, I find myself acting more like myself, which is close to that eternal good guy. Just last month, a very attractive woman who is about 10 years younger than me was, as my female friends say, “practically throwing herself at me” and I just ignored it. She was interested in me for more than sex, but I didn’t feel the same way about her. Yea, she has a lot of physical beauty and sure I’d love to fuck her brains out a few times, but I just wasn’t interested in her emotionally or intellectually. Five years ago, I would have had some fun with her and then when spending time with her got to be annoying, I would have moved on. These days, I just don’t bother. I’d rather find a woman who I want to spend time with and do more than just get laid. However its also taken women around my age that long to figure out that they are wasting time with a lot of guys that don’t treat them right from the start and also figuring out who is lying to them just to get in their pants.

Both are just as bad

Essh....being a 'manwhore' is just as bad as being 'the eternal good guy'. Being a manwhore, the dudes just look for that next notch..that next conquest...and the good guy, please! he is the same thing, only he will put up the front and act like he is a goody goody.

Gimme the middle man and I'll slap something into him!


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Potato, Potatoe

There are many different degrees of man-whore. I have to disagree with you there. The lines are not so set on what distinguishes the good guy from the "middle man" from the man-whore. I know some man-whores who want to be a good guy but are completely incapable of doing so on their own. These usually have a vendetta against a women that is spewed forth upon every woman that is a potential victory. One of my neighbors is a prime example of such. Then there are the more contemporary man-whores. Those that fit perfectly into your little schematic. Also there are the nymphomaniacs. We usually associate such with women, which I do find odd, but they also do exist in the ranks of men. It is usually dismissed because of the generalization of a typical man's sex drive.

Which is worse?? Well, I would have to say being any form of man whore. Name one that you know who is really happy with himself or proud of himself outside of his sexual conquests. Fuck that, I'd rather try to live what's left of the American dream.

**To each their own, as long as I agree with it.**

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Who would want a manwhore when they stop being one?

I found a book that my (ex) husband had where he actually kept the names of all the women he screwed. The number was sooooo gross. I'm no saint myself, but DAMN. Even if a guy stops being a manwhore, would any decent woman want EVERYONE'S sloppy seconds? I know I didn't, I just wished I knew what a whore he was before I wasted years on him.

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I agree comptetely on this definition of a man whore, good guy and middleman. I hate manwhores. I cannot have sex without emotion, therefore I don't get it. Being a good guy is a nice change, only I don't want to date an area rug, someone who will let me push them around 'test' them and be a complete bitch to.
All I want, and I think it sounds simple... Is a nice man, who can commit, likes to be out with the guys, has his own identity, lets me keep mine, is completely trustworthy and yet has his own spine. Funny though, that is sometimes too much to ask for.

my ex is a manwhore

I've recently discovered that my ex is a manwhore. I mean it in the true sense of the word whore though. He actually fucks women to have them buy and/or pay for things for him. He's even resorted to selling drugs and instead of payment, he'll be happy to accept a fuck from a nasty crack whore.

Makes me pretty sick to know I wasted 11 years with him. He told a mutual friend he was faithful for the first 7 years. UCK! All I can say is I better not come down with any diseases because I will make sure the rest of his life is miserable!

So, in response to Z, a manwhore to me is someone who gets favors, money or gifts in exchange for sex. I think that is much worse than being an eternal good guy.

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Good guys do exist!

And for all the women who complain that all the good guys are taken or there simply aren't couldn't be more wrong! There are plenty of good guys. Sometimes, you may even confuse them for the "not so good" guys, but they are actually good deep down. I tried to change a manwhore into a good guy and that DID NOT work, but if you have a guy that isn't great, but is clearly heading in the direction of being a great guy, that's when you should put in the effort. Confused?
To sum it up: Good guys DO exist. Not ALL men are in it just for the sex. Sometimes, you may THINK someone isn't a good guy, but actually is and that IS worth the time & effort. That is NOT the same as changing a manwhore though. A manwhore will ONLY change when THEY choose to.

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My definition of a manwhore

My definition of a manwhore is my ex of course! Somone who is very selfish and self-centered. Very immature when it comes to relationships and that's why they can't sustain a healthy one. They are only in it for themselves and don't really stop and consider anyone else's true feelings. All they care about is getting what they want when they want it. I don't think being any type of "guy" is bad. Feel free to be what you want, just don't lie about it. Don't portray yourself as if you are a good guy if you are not. Empty promises and false hope to a woman can be very hurtful and harmful to her. All manwhores, the guys in the middle just need to realize that as it may be okay to make their own decisions with the way they lead their lives, it simply isn't fair to disrupt the lives of others.

a manwhore is someone who

a manwhore is someone who does not want love but wants sex, now don't get me wrong not having sex and making your man wait will only make him look at porn because hey men have needs, and if you make a man wait long enough he will get tired of it, that to me is a fucked up game, it's like that abstince bs we are taught in school by teachers who fuck all the time, it's human nature, but seriously good guys probally don't want sex because they don't know how to do it right, while man whores do, and they can please people for more than one night if that's what you want pleasure not intimancy, i don't understand what is so perverted about wanting sex, in a relationship not just running around fucking random people, sex is how we were born, but i'll just end it with this pointless quote "sex without pain is like food without taste" - Marquis de sade

As I've always said... trade love for sex, women trade sex for love. This applies to all, manwhores or not, femwhores or not. Its been true since the beginning of our species. To look for something deeper is a fantasy.


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My definition of a manwhore?

My definition of a manwhore? Michael. (he knows I adore and love him. psh.)

I believe that women get fucked over and hurt more often and on a greater scale by the middlemen.
I know personally. From just this past week. Bad break-up.

Lets just say that kiki is hurting right now and kind of wants to slaughter every middleman ever.
The middlemen are the worst.


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I pretty much wrote this for Michael. I adore him, but... yup.

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Id take those didgets...

Interested in giving up any phone numbers of manwhores you know...

Im joking....
Actually I know plenty of them myself :)

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Good wins out in the end

Manwhore - I view this term as the physical equivalent of the slut, but as for the derogatory aspect of the word, a manwhore is above a slut. They sleep around, but they get what they want out of it. Sluts rarely do, or may think that they do, but it was only a temporary, artifical fix for what they're really after (love, respect, acceptance as Zara pointed out).

If I call a man a man-whore, I typically mean it as a compliment, and there is even a undertone of respect, since they're achieving every man's dream.

Hmmm....the eternal good guy probably wins out in the long run, but I believe it's a long, hard road. I know several "good guys" who date lotsa cool girls, but the girls get bored and move on for someone more exciting. I did this myself. But ultimately, the good guy is going to have his soul mate and be sitting in the rocking chair holding hands with a woman who's adored him for the last 50 years because he's treated her so well. The man-whore will probably either be alone or sentenced to a life with a bitter, resentful spouse.

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Some compliment eh?? To each

Some compliment eh??

To each their own, as long as I agree with it.

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You got a rubber or what???

The perfect definition or example I know of a manwhore is my ex-husband. Not too bad on the eyes (and knew it), seemed to have the endless need to plant his seed in various places, and then bragged about his actions to his other manwhore friends.
But...I am still truely attracted to manwhores or badboys. Guess Im not tanted enough yet.

As for me Im the definition of a fem-whore. I dont want a commintement, they scare the fuck outta me. I dont mind one night stands, as long as we use protection. And I will tell all my friends about it the next day.

And I love my manwhore guy friends. They seem to get me more than any female friend I have ever had.

Great blog Zara & love the new site...

Peace Love & many Smiles...Dawn

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